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Info camp 2012_wolfe_t

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Info camp 2012_wolfe_t

  1. 1. InfoCamp Seattle 2012You Say Tomato, I Say Aardvark:Taxonomy/ Folksonomy Smackdown By Tracy Wolfe
  2. 2. Taxonomy vs. FolksonomyControlled vs. uncontrolledGenerated by a professional or by the userSubjectivity of wordsInteresting related projects
  3. 3. Exercise 1Look at these six images and write down the first five descriptive words that pop into your head for each of them.We’ll take ten minutes to apply tags.
  4. 4. Image 1
  5. 5. Image 2
  6. 6. Image 3
  7. 7. Image 4
  8. 8. Image 5
  9. 9. Image 6
  10. 10. Let’s CompareWe’ll take a few minutes to identify commonalities and discrepancies in tags applied to the 6 images…
  11. 11. Controlled Vocabulary
  12. 12. Combining Taxonomy & TaggingAndromeda Yelton “I think librarians often assume that, because they are based in rules, controlled vocabulary offers guarantees about metadata completeness or correctness, and tagging cannot."
  13. 13. Steve Museumhttp://www.steve.museum/The Steve Museum Project researches social tagging and museum collections; develops open source software tools for tagging collections and managing tags; and engages in discussion and outreach with members of the community who are interested in implementing social tagging for their own collections.
  14. 14. Philadelphia Museum of Arthttp://www.philamuseum.org/collections/socialTaggin Users can add their own tags to the online collection. Each item has a base record of necessary information like the title, artist, date, collection, etc. However, by allowing users to add tags, the museum can find out how people really search for these items, encourage interaction with the collection, and make the whole experience a little social.
  15. 15. Digitalkoothttp://www.digitalkoot.fi/en/splashIn conjunction with Microtask, a company dedicated to distributed work via the internet, the National Library of Finland dreamed up two games - Mole Bridge and Mole Hunt - both focused on correcting errors in OCR.
  16. 16. Libraries and User Tagshttp://www.bibliocommons.com/www.spl.orghttp://www.serialssolutions.com/aquabrowser/http://denverlibrary.org/
  17. 17. “Professional” CrowdsourcingAmazon Mechanical Turkhttps://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcomeclickworker http://www.clickworker.com/en/2011/08/25/english- george-eastman-house-taps-clickworker-for-iconic- global-crowdsourcing-project/ microtask http://www.microtask.com/
  18. 18. Harvesting the Power of the CrowdBrainstorm hybrid uses and solutionsDiscuss automated metadata
  19. 19. Contact or Follow Mehttp://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyguza@Mod_Librarianwww.tracyguza.comhttp://modlibrarian.posterous.com/Tracy.Guza@corbis.com