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Traklight Montreal LES Chapter Crowdfunding Presentation

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Tips for Crowdfunding using equity or rewards based and case study.

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Traklight Montreal LES Chapter Crowdfunding Presentation

  1. 1. PRACTICE SAFE CROWDFUNDING® MARY JUETTEN @maryjuetten @traklight
  2. 2. Mary Juetten Founder & CEO Traklight @traklight @maryjuetten mejuetten@traklight.com • CEI Incubator Graduate • Forbes, ABA Legal Tech Today, StartupGrind Contributor • 30 years business experience • J.D., CPA, CA • CfIRA, CFPA since 2012 • MSNBC, AZ PBS, SXSW V2V, LAUNCH Speaker • SUCCESS Magazine Start Small, Win Big 2013 winner Slides available on slideshare.net/Traklight Additional resources – Traklight.com Resource page Free Business Risk Assessment
  3. 3. Find your Crowd Prepare, prepare, prepare Read, read, read *Applies for all fundraising TOP THREE TIPS FOR CROWDFUNDING*
  4. 4. Identify IP Protect IP Pick a Platform Build Social Capital Create a Pitch Fundraising Approach
  5. 5. Identify and Protect IP When? = Before you go public Why? = how it works online, business plan onlinebus
  6. 6. PpPick a Platform: Crow Crowdfunding Federal Securities Equity is not yet legal instead: 20ish states enacted | 20ish - Reg A+ (June 19,2015)S
  7. 7. Fundraising options
  8. 8. Pick a Platform: Rewards Based
  9. 9. PreSell | Market Validation
  10. 10. Rewards: Be Realistic No cap
  11. 11. Build Social Capital Success is directly related to social capital • Quality not quantity • Content is king • Start early
  12. 12. Ignorance Is NOT A Defense Be Careful: Video, Copy, Music, Photos, etc
  13. 13. Read, Read, Read Read license and permission to use
  14. 14. A Tale of 2 Campaigns Genetic Art - T shirts - Portraits Channels - Obsessed pet owner - Animal organizations Convert steel shipping containers into medical clinics - cooling/heating installed - most of medical equipment needs/electric and sink - durable, quickly installed Channels - General PR & Mother’s Day launch
  15. 15. Lessons Learned
  16. 16. 2nd attempt = success