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What is TrapWire and what capabilities does it offer?

Here’s how advanced software tools offered by TrapWire© saves lives and secures assets.

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What is TrapWire and what capabilities does it offer?

  1. 1. A TrapWire publication ‘LEFT OF BOOM’ Here’s how advanced software tools offered by TrapWire© saves lives and secures assets. • What is TrapWire and what capabilities does it offer? • How is the system currently being used? • Can my organization benefit from this threat detection system?
  2. 2. • Analysis of terrorism and widespread criminal activity reveals distinct patterns of preparatory actions preceding the crime. • Indicators of such preparation are often seen, but rarely reported until after the event. • Opportunities to prevent these crimes are missed because the dots aren’t collected, analyzed and connected in advance. THE PROBLEM
  3. 3.  How does the TrapWire “Intelligent Security Method” help Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies, critical infrastructure and “soft targets” address this problem? We’re glad you asked… • TrapWire uses cloud-based incident reporting, Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics to detect threat patterns in the planning stages. • These patterns typically reveal threats affecting multiple organizations across time and distance. • Client-controlled information sharing tools allow organizations to collaborate on shared threats in a secure and encrypted common ops environment. AN INTELLIGENT SOLUTION
  4. 4.  How does TrapWire protect people and assets? • TrapWire offers an easy-to-use structured data reporting format for suspicious incidents and criminal activity. • Reports are immediately compared to all previous reporting, thereby detecting threat patterns across time and organizations. • When threats are detected, automatic alerts are immediately sent to client-designated personnel at each affected location. • With an easy-to-read dashboard, interactive maps and mobile apps, users can collect, view and analyze reports affecting their organization, enabling them to stay a step ahead of the threat. • Each client controls what, when and with whom their information is shared. As one TrapWire customer explained, “I’ll gladly trade my one piece of the puzzle to see the entire picture!” CAPABILITIES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  5. 5. The TrapWire System is a proven technology that enhances its customers’ security posture. ENHANCED SECURITY • FedRAMP accredited for system security, procedures, and controls. • All information encrypted in transit and at rest. • System has undergone and passed a privacy impact assessment at DHS. Trusted by thousands of users across military, law enforcement, and private sectors.
  6. 6. Originally designed to protect critical government sites from terrorist attacks, TrapWire has now been proven effective in a variety of security environments, including: WHO BENEFITS? • Protecting private sector critical infrastructure from terrorists, criminals, insider threats, and attempts to steal company intellectual property. • Securing “soft targets,” including hotels, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and other locations that simply cannot take the “Fort Knox” approach. • Helping federal, state and local law enforcement track a variety of criminal activity, including organized crime, drug cartels, human trafficking operations, and child predators. • If you need to know who is targeting your organization or personnel, TrapWire can help you turn dots on a map into true leads, and move from reaction to prevention!
  7. 7. With TrapWire in your toolbelt, you will detect and thwart threats. SITUATION REPORT • System users on the TrapWire National Network have created tens of thousands of threat reports, generating thousands of detected threat patterns and investigations. • Thousands of reports have been voluntarily shared across the network, improving each organization’s threat situational awareness. • Effective Private-Public Partnerships have been formed, enabling the private sector to help Fusion Centers and law enforcement organizations address a broad set of threats. • Take control of YOUR security --- move from reaction to prevention!
  8. 8. TrapWire is one of the leading providers of threat detection software currently in use across the U.S. Contact us to learn how you can join our network of thousands of protected sites. TO LEARN MORE To learn more about this innovative approach, click here!