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HOTEL13-Polle de maagt

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Presentatie Sociale Media toepassingen door Polle de Maagt op het hotel'13 congres.

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HOTEL13-Polle de maagt

  1. 1. Kudos to Thije, Rogier, Jasper and Bonnie for this image.Wake up. Here’s your new opportunity to be awesome.Being part of the conversation.@polledemaagt for Hotel ’13bncsportinglokeren.be
  2. 2. And I’m gettingmarried to themost beautifulgirl in the worldthis saturday.My name is Polle.I knew Jan was going to refer to this ...
  3. 3. 1982 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Moved toAmsterdamMoved toGhentGot marriedto MariekeQuit schoolBorn in Tilburg(NL)as Polle deMaagtStrategic Plannerat BoondoggleMarketing Consultantat InSites ConsultingTrendwatcherat TrendwolvesPrime Ministerat Ministry ofWorld DominationSocial media consultant(yeah, don’t we all ...)Freelance webdesigner(yeah, didn’t we all ... )Multimedia / 3D Designat College of MultimediaCommunicationsat Fontys UniversityEindhovenCommunicationsat Tilburg UniversityFirst Marathon(NYC 2005)A brief history of the stuff I did.
  4. 4. Out of the last600 days, I spent232in hotels.(And another 73 in my apartmentin Amsterdam)
  5. 5. So bad, I even asked my girlfriend to marry me ... in a hotel.*The Marriott Hotel in Ghent, room 401.
  6. 6. But in general:Hotels are the mostdreadful places on earth.
  7. 7. I understand.Your hotel isn’t.The others are.
  8. 8. 2012, NH Hotel Utrecht.Free internet? 10 euros for 50MB upload.
  9. 9. The creditcard story.The booking fee story.
  10. 10. MARRIOTT, HILTON 55%
  11. 11. I believe that makes meone of the top 10%reviewers on TripAdvisor.New loyalty?
  12. 12. My obsession with hospitality (andhow to improve this) started 3 yearsago with two small businesses.
  13. 13. 2010, Firenze Italy.A B&B with social media impact.]
  14. 14. Would this work?Would this make a difference intheir tips?2011, Londen UK.A tipping approach with business impact.
  15. 15. And then I decided to do a smallexperiment of my own.
  16. 16. HATE IT? LOVE IT?|
  17. 17. Why is this so important?
  18. 18. Travel is social by definition.Bron: Facebook Publishing Garage Travel Report 2013.
  19. 19. 85% of the international leisure travelers uses his/her smartphone abroad.Travel is mobile by definition.Flickr, by johnno_oz
  20. 20. Being part of the conversation.Photo: Wasbar
  21. 21. Kudos to Thije, Rogier, Jasper and Bonnie for this image.Sorry for sticking my nose into your twitter feed.bncsportinglokeren.be
  22. 22. Bron: Facebook Publishing Garage Travel Report 2013.Sorry. There is no free ride.
  23. 23. Consumers expect more every day.
  24. 24. More than 80 dedicated employees.A 30min response and 12h solution24/7 service in 7 world languages(soon more)A new opportunity to be the best.
  25. 25. So, now what?!
  26. 26. 1) Why does your hotel exist?
  27. 27. 1) Why does your hotel exist?OR: WHAT WILL BE THE TWEET?
  28. 28. Euh ...
  29. 29. we like bikesand we like youand the rest of the worldto ride bikesand like them tooFoto: Rolling Orange Bikes
  30. 30. we like bikesand we like youand the rest of the worldto ride bikesand like them tooFoto: Rolling Orange Bikes
  31. 31. “Don’t expect too much, but it’s clean, cheap and thedrunk Germans are actually quite funny.”
  32. 32. “Decent and close to the Antwerp Central Station.”
  33. 33. Travel like a human.
  34. 34. 2) What are you doing to be worthtalking about?
  36. 36. Not everything has to be perfect.
  37. 37. Wasbar (Gent) is closed on mondays.
  38. 38. IKEA no-nonsense en ‘for the many people’.
  39. 39. Blurb.com makes thecustomer satisfaction(well, NPS) actionable.
  41. 41. 3) How are you facilitating theseconversations?
  42. 42. Businesscards worth instagramming.Moo.com
  43. 43. Belgium’s member-gets-member based telecom provider.Coolblue’s general terms and conditions.
  44. 44. This email is automagically generated, but please dont trash it just yet!Not so long ago in a country not so far away, there was a somewhat skinny and nerdish boy with a babyface who fell madly in lovewith the most beautiful girl in the world. The only problem was that the girl lived in another country, with a funny different dialect,crappy roads and no government. However, the girls beauty and kindness was so overwhelming that he had no other choice thanto quit his job and emigrate.. He even wrote a blogpost about it (yes, thats how modern lovestories go). And on a magical day,almost 1,5 years ago the boy (as soon as he realised Kate Upton was out of his league) asked the girl if she wanted to be his wife forever and ever ever. And she said yes. And this saturday, they are getting married.Well, that boy is Polle and that girl is Marieke. To celebrate this modern lovestory, Polle and Marieke are leaving on honeymoon this monday and wont be coming back untilJune 6th. A well deserved break from #worlddomination.That all, however, has a downside. Polle wont be able to read his email too much, so you might experience a substantial delay inemail replies.As the best honeymoons are made up from instagram, twitter and facebook-free moments, you wont be able to follow their trailsvia twitter, facebook, instagram or blogs. If you really want to read something cool, try one of Polles favorite books.Thank you,RobotPolle.P.S. To all burglars: yes, we have a house-sitter. Dont bother trying. Fix your out of office. Try mine - polle@polledemaagt.com
  46. 46. Final words.
  47. 47. Trip Planner, @KLMfares and othersNew social tools that generate salesINDIRECT RETURNIN BRAND, PREFERENCE,RELATIONSHIPSDIRECT RETURNIN MONEYEXTERNAL(OUTSIDE KLM)KLM Web RelationsCost efficient, service is sales.Employee pride & ideasSocial makes employees happy.Happy employees make happycustomers.Campaigns (e.g. KLM Surprise)We have great campaigns that workto generate likes and likeability.Products (e.g. Meet & Seat)Dealmakers in the long term.Is it worth the money? Hell, yeah!INTERNAL(INSIDE KLM)Social offerSocial drives direct salesBusiness improvementsFrom consumer interactions.
  48. 48. 48AFTER THIS SESSION.DO SOMETHING WITHIN*Yes, my mentor Steven van Belleghem taught me that.
  49. 49. Polle de Maagtpolle@polledemaagt.comwww.polledemaagt.comLET ME KNOW WHAT YOU DID.