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Trend Hunter 2010 Trend Reports Sample1

Essential resources for the forward-thinking innovator, Trend Hunter's 2010 Trend Reports and PRO database are the ultimate tools for unlocking emerging opportunities! You'll get 700+ consumer insights and patterns, the results from analyzing 60,000+ crowdsourced ideas on TrendHunter.com, the world’s largest trend spotting network. Visit TrendHunter.com/PRO to spark a revolution!

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Trend Hunter 2010 Trend Reports Sample1

  1. 1. TREND HUNTER 2010 TREND REPORT SAMPLE Crowdsourced Insight The TREND HUNTER 2010 Trend Report is packed full of delicious trends collected from around the globe by the world’s largest trend spotting network at TrendHunter.com. As a bonus, we’ve included Unlocking Cool TM , a guide on how to unleash your innovation potential & infect your products with cool. Enjoy! TM
  2. 2. COPYRIGHT Please share only with your immediate teams CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM The TREND HUNTER 2010 Trend Report and Exploiting Chaos are for your immediate team’s use only. Please do not distribute, publish or present outside your team. Trademarks & Copyright 'Trend Hunter' and ‘Exploiting Chaos' are registered trademarks of Trend Hunter Magazine. Trend Hunter and its corporate graphics are copyright © Trend Hunter Inc. Images posted in our articles are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. Images posted are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.) If you believe that any content appearing on Trend Hunter infringes on your copyright, please contact us and the infringing material will be removed as soon as possible.
  3. 3. TREND HUNTER 2010 TREND REPORT <ul><li>Background About Trend Hunter and This Report </li></ul><ul><li>Sample Trend Clusters Chosen From 250+ Patterns of Inspiration in the 2010 Trend Report </li></ul>CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM
  4. 4. CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT Leveraging over 50,000 articles and 125,000,000 views of data, we’ve developed a system for identifying meaningful patterns 55,000 Micro Trends 250+ Clusters of Inspiration 2,000+ Filtered Micro-Trends 29,000 Trend Hunters CROWD SOURCED World’s Largest Trend Network CROWD FILTERED Over 100,000,000 Page Views INSIGHT Inspirational Ideas
  5. 5. UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Our Trend Report has several distinctions to help inspire potential 1. Crowdsourced 2. Crowd Filtered 3. Hyperlinked 4. Acclaimed Content 5. Measured CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM
  6. 6. VIEW IN PRESENTAITON MODE In PowerPoint presentation mode, you can click into any of the listed examples, linking to 2,000+ micro-trends, galleries and videos <ul><li>Details </li></ul><ul><li>Galleries </li></ul><ul><li>Videos </li></ul><ul><li>Product Links </li></ul><ul><li>Comments </li></ul>
  7. 7. HOW TO READ Each of the micro-trends includes useful information including discovery date and the relative traffic score Vogue Knitting 12843 June / 8.0 Discovery Date This may be before or after the product has been released, but discovery is a useful measure because it reflects when the web community took notice. Traffic Score Out of 10, this is a measure of traffic relative to other posts on Trend Hunter during the same month. >5 : Above Average >7 : Hot >9 : On Fire Hyperlinked Picture Click on any picture (in PRESENTATION MODE) to open the full article. This can include galleries, videos, and product links Trend ID Open any trend using its id: TrendHunter.com/id/XXXX
  8. 8. TREND HUNTER 2010 TREND REPORT <ul><li>Background About Trend Hunter and This Report </li></ul><ul><li>Sample Trend Clusters Chosen From 250+ Patterns of Inspiration in the 2010 Trend Report </li></ul>CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM
  9. 9. Pop-Uptailing Retailers use temporary concepts to create fast brand awareness : : : : : : : : : : Alcoholic Architecture Pop-Up T-Shirt Shops Street but Chic Pop-Up Shops Social Experience Art Pirate Pop-Up Shops Instantaneous Wedding Establishments 40410 45931 50449 49414 51451 45156 Apr / 5.5 Jun / 5.4 Aug / 4.4 Jul / 4.1 Aug / 3.1 Jun / 3.1 Pop Culture Pop-Up Shops High Fashion Pyramids Mobile Retail Displays Gold-Plated Pop-Up Bars Movie-Inspired Retail Displays Pop-Up Art Bars 56020 46387 55492 46481 53802 45236 Oct / 8.2 Jun / 6.6 Oct / 6.3 Jun / 6.3 Sep / 6.1 Jun / 5.6 Implications - As products come and go and business partnerships form and dissolve, forming a non-permanent real-life presence has become a logical, effective way to create awareness. Temporary methods that 'pop up' without notice attract costumers with the appeal of exclusivity, newness, and an enticing element of surprise. Business Cluster Pop: 5.4
  10. 10. Unservice Self-serve establishments save money by giving customers control Implications - Forward-thinking business are putting some of their labor into the hands of customers, not only saving companies money, but also empowering customers by giving them a sense of independence and creative control. Among demographics that value customization and autonomy, unservice is a win-win for all. Self-Service Hotels 52500 Sep / 8.4 : : : Self Serve Nightclubs Convenient Canine Cleaning In-Store Online Shopping 41721 35344 54561 May / 7.7 Feb / 7.0 Sep / 5.4 : Self-Serve Pubs 50066 Aug / 4.3 Business Cluster Pop: 6.6
  11. 11. Peacocking Neon statement fashion proves subtly is overrated & boldness is in : : : : : : : : : Fluorescent Fashion Kid Couture Timepieces Neon Printed Eyewear Personalized Neon Clocks Neon Menswear 43585 44880 43767 39302 44535 May / 6.3 Jun / 6.0 May / 5.3 Apr / 4.9 Jun / 4.8 Kaleidoscope Kissers Electric Fashiontography Neon Men's Fashion Contorted Shoetography Neon 90's TV Fashion Neon Fashiontography 44626 41076 38348 42448 44150 44566 Jun / 10.0 Apr / 10.0 Mar / 9.8 May / 8.6 Jun / 8.3 Jun / 6.8 Implications - The neon movement celebrates bright and bold in-your-face color. These neon styles are all about &quot;peacocking&quot; and prove you don't have to spend a lot of money to say &quot;Look at me!&quot; Bold wardrobes are all what you wear, not who you wear. These fashions express that subtly is out, and big and bold is in. Fashion Cluster Pop: 7.4
  12. 12. Youvertising Letting consumers aid in marketing and branding products : : : : : : : : : : Crowdsourced Commercials Crowd-Powered Consumerism Crowdsourced Car Wraps Brain-Based Market Research Short Attention Span Marketing Crowdsourcing Big-Name Beers 33936 49823 53547 39205 39164 39165 Jan / 5.4 Aug / 5.2 Sep / 4.8 Mar / 4.7 Mar / 3.7 Mar / 3.3 Crowdsourcing Billboards Soft Drink Social Marketing Crowdsourced McAdvertising Crowdsourcing Window Displays Crowdsourcing Company Recipes Personalized Consumer Magazines 40206 55558 55311 33734 39286 38258 Apr / 9.8 Oct / 7.4 Oct / 6.3 Jan / 6.0 Apr / 5.9 Mar / 5.8 Implications - Consumer-reliant advertising describes companies that are involving the customer in the marketing process. When consumers have an input on a product and feel they have contributed to the advertising process, they feel a kinship with the brand; crowdsourcing fuels brand loyalty. Marketing Cluster Pop: 5.7
  13. 13. Glamorized Awkward Online caricaturing is considered en vogue : : : : : : : : : : Heinous Hair Fails Cruel Viral Laughs Fat Mocking Ads Irreverent Appearance Mocking Comical Canine Cruelty Endorsement Mockeries 56158 56323 53731 54295 51726 48134 Oct / 7.3 Oct / 6.9 Sep / 5.8 Sep / 5.0 Aug / 4.8 Jul / 3.4 Blogs for Brutal Tattoos Awful Fashion Blogs Vintage Awkward Family Photos Blogs for Brutal Parents Mocking ESL Signs Money for Being Mean 49045 54228 56175 50359 23676 52841 Jul / 10.0 Sep / 10.0 Oct / 10.0 Aug / 8.8 2008 / 8.3 Sep / 8.0 Implications - The glamorization of schadenfreude in the media has spurred much of Western culture to laugh freely at the misfortunes and follies of others, and the Internet is helping this phenomenon pick up steam. While political correctness stands strong in many areas, the public is finding amusement in the edge of political incorrectness. Pop Culture Cluster Pop: 7.4
  14. 14. Tangible Personalization (UPDATE) Customization adds a deeper feeling of ownership : : : : : : : : : : Personalized Shower Curtains Billion-Dollar Business Cards Personalized Robot Replicas Ultrasounds as Modern Art Luxury Home Narcissism You as a Doll 44283 50706 35245 37244 37323 53251 Jun / 5.7 Aug / 5.7 Feb / 5.5 Mar / 5.2 Mar / 4.7 Sep / 4.1 Photoshop Fame Faking Personalized LEGO Figurines Personalized Illustrated Wallpaper You as An Action Figure Self-Trolling Personalized Wine Glasses 50157 39061 34703 49866 50154 50622 Aug / 8.5 Mar / 8.1 Jan / 8.1 Aug / 7.8 Aug / 6.9 Aug / 6.9 Implications - The personalization of goods offers a superlative novelty factor as it adds profound relevance to individual consumers. Adding a custom touch, particularly with products that have become popular or widely used, can make items more covetable than those offered by the competition by offering a feeling of augmented ownership. Art Cluster Pop: 6.4
  15. 15. Rental Culture (UPDATE) The credit-crunch compromise for consumerism : : : : : : : : : Renting People Renting Fine Art Credit Crunch Cycling Promos Rental Car Rallies Civilian Rental Bling 44706 39859 45703 44157 51635 Jun / 4.6 Apr / 4.0 Jun / 3.7 Jun / 3.3 Aug / 3.0 Celebrity Home Rentals $2 An Hour Rental Cars Grandmas for Rent Rockin' Instrument Rentals Baby Toy Rentals Mobile Phone Rentals 39774 33093 37182 43928 55804 35648 Apr / 6.9 Jan / 5.7 Mar / 5.6 May / 5.5 Oct / 5.3 Feb / 5.3 Implications - Rental culture become a notable trend in 2008, but the recession has turned temporary ownership into a huge business opportunity. Whether it's a trial before investing in something pricey, a taste of something unaffordable, or the ability to fake status, rentals cater to those who want it all, but can't afford it. Business Cluster Pop: 4.8
  16. 16. Life Swapping Bartering and trading for a comfortable lifestyle on a budget : : : : : : : : Credit Crunch Art Swapping Free Book Exchanges Cashing in On Gift Cards Creative House Swaps 39323 40073 53846 49029 Apr / 5.0 Apr / 4.6 Sep / 3.1 Jul / 3.0 Bartering Brides Beer Bartering Facebook House Swaps Abandoning Currency Virtual Closet Swaps Credit Crunch Hair Selling 56166 40304 56004 35357 54998 35683 Oct / 6.6 Apr / 6.3 Oct / 5.5 Feb / 5.4 Oct / 5.1 Feb / 5.1 Implications - Credit-crunched citizens unwilling to compromise their lifestyles are swapping, bartering and trading their way to desired goods and services. Offering customers the ability to trade instead of pay offers a new way to connect with budgeting customers and can be applied on small or large scales. Business Cluster Pop: 5
  17. 17. Next Besting Budget alternatives to pricey originals : : : : : : : : : : Credit Crunch Costume Jewelry Affordable Global Fashion Fashion Pricing by Age Retailers Selling Scraps Cheaper Kiddie Couture Credit Crunch Co-Branding 38877 40899 37783 51714 44937 38854 Mar / 6.1 Apr / 5.8 Mar / 5.2 Aug / 4.7 Jun / 4.6 Mar / 4.4 Fashionable Clothes For Free Affordable Foot Couture Budget-Friendly High Fashion Convertible Couture Couture Prop Shops Fast Home Fashion 39842 53816 35486 28308 48517 38675 Apr / 9.3 Sep / 9.0 Feb / 8.2 2008 / 7.3 Jul / 7.2 Mar / 6.1 Implications - The recession has restricted the ability for some to indulge in certain goods, but a variety of alternatives are popping up to semi-satisfy those desires. Consumers are becoming more creative and open-minded, actively seeking ways around restrictions and becoming open to budget-friendly compromises. Business Cluster Pop: 6.5
  18. 18. TABLE OF CONTENTS - 1/2 Below are half the clusters profiled in the 2010 Trend Report Ecommuting Love-Hateness Miniportable Art Vintography Designer Conservation Half Formal Eclectacles Showgirl Glam Corporate Cozy Sculpted Ritual EcoTecture Crafty Paperation Death of Sexploitation Becoming Beige Unconventional Curation Modern Punk Brightification Fauxnatural Interiors Alternative Cooking Biker Evolved Nostalgia Geek Emotionology Bestaurants Embracism Pendurance Mainstream Geekhood 21st Century '80s Downsizing Play Punk Couture Colorized Reality 60s Couture Novel-ty Print EnviroWear The Pursuit of Sleep Scentsationalism Trashion Budget Avant-Gardism Retro Space-Age Camouflaging Awkward Nostalgic Communication Cougarfication Patriotic Resurgance Faux Food Kinetic Power Brand Infusion Flash Mobbing Character-centric Branding Peacocking Emphasized Reality Steampunk Design Pity Journaling 2.0 Greenpliances Carefree Nostylgia Subculture Adoption Frugal Foodies Gender Bent Beauty Fake Pets DIY Decor Redesigning Expectations Not-So-Tricky Picky Colorploitation Inclusive Innovation Homemade Play Vampire Marketing Meat à la Mode Derelictorials Techlets Unmistakable Teenfluences Androgenous Expression Revivial Marketing Glamtastic Couture Collapsible Design Accommodating Reality Reviving Constriction Logo Love Peek-a-Boo Couture Fear Marketing Techtastic Decor Breaking Toeboos Back to Brick Geomitecture Pandemic Pandemonia Concrete Greenery Haute Athleticism Bagvertising Bolder Tattoocations Mega Manes Recession Recyclovations Customer as Designer Payment Progression Celetributes Superseding the Smartphone 80s Eccentric Geeklarations Ecotistical Toys Photobloggertainment Charitable Shockovations Tangible Personalization Return to the Cave Miniaturization Evolved Packaging Modernized Formalwear Glamorized Unexpected Success Bargain Sentimental Aggressive Couture Cartoonized Reality Resentimental Entrepreneur FREEconomics Farmed Creationism Disease Mocking Supercharged Tourism Perishable Investing Craft Culture Nomadic Living Budget Couture Faux Real Humanization of Celebrities Scarytales Advancycles Blooming Design New World Naked Compact Design Illusionary Escapism Compact Living Edible Accessories Minimalisticouture Sartorial Rebellion Comfortable Uncomfort Greenchitecture (UPDATE) Quotastic Motivation
  19. 19. TABLE OF CONTENTS - 2/2 Yes… You will get plenty of new ideas from this report! Funwrapping Shortened Social Standards Glamorized Awkward GreenRoutine Faux Baby Sneakytecture Form Over Food Adverstunts Misleadvertising In-Car Connectivity Toychitecture Urban Gardening (UPDATE) Auto-Tuned Fame Therapeutic Deprecation Twitter Mania Pheromone-Infusion Robot Relationships Ecopolitan Developments Artificial Aging Collaborative Communities Reflexive Reflection Geek-Enabled Humor Shockertainment Brandaptation (UPDATE) Happytecture and Gladesign Juxtaposed Connection Vintage Ethics Amusement Evolved Selling Mystique Funderwear Fauxnerability Voice Control Crowdsourced Entrepreneur Automotive Minisizing Symbiotic Design Playfulized Routine Mind Control Gaming Eccentric Expressionism Embraced Aging Childhood Nostalgia Human Dollification Techcessories Emotiboards Adult Envy Sarcastic Surveillance Adultizing Innocence Mainstream Hipster Fusionclusion Commuter Targeting Preview Culture Snazzvertising Practical Fashionability Subcultivation Real Life Fantasy Neon Distraction Untabooing Life Swapping Moderntique Ritzycling Depressive Chic Directvertising Touchnology Star Mocking Rental Culture (UPDATE) Social Selling Privatized Urban Art Relaxation Recycled Prodependency Discreet Consumerism Fashionable Frugality Body Mod 2.0 Pop-Uptailing Roboticare Social Jobbing Freebie Frenzy Lettered Living Artvertising The Pursuit of Happy Unservice Escapism Through Futurism Compact Envy (UPDATE) Vending Ubiquity (UPDATE) Funployment Next Besting Wealth Exhibitionism Golden Goods Wordvertising Metropolitan Foraging Faceless Recognition Narcissistic Indulgence Crowdvertising Experiential Tourism Sex Factor Resurgence Nostalgia Marketing Subculture Revenge Cottage Creatives Realvertising Fuel Stations 2.0 Edible Couture Adult Fairytales Viral Vintage Virtual Globetrotting Quick Fix Comfort Portable Nutrition Statement Splurges Youvertising DIY Healthcare Rise of Headwear Digital Sentiment Cyborg Creationism Esoteric Cuisine Urban Exodus Rise of the Tease Tapped-In Telecommuting Paparazzi Parodies Dual Functionality Tech-Aided Training Nomadabodes Repurposed Refuse Sea-Sourced Sustainability Androidoration Permanent Geek Creative Convergence Self-Improvement Gadgets Bollywood Mania
  20. 20. GET THE FULL REPORT This sample is an excerpt of TREND HUNTER Pro and the full 2010 Trend Report… Buy the full report to inspire your next idea. Join some of the world's leading companies (and maybe even your competitors) who use Trend Hunter's unrivaled methodology to better understand trends and emerging opportunities. As Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi puts it, “Trend Hunter gets you out of the blocks fast.”
  21. 21. TREND KEYNOTES Let Jeremy Gutsche ignite your group with a keynote or workshop about viral trends and breakthrough innovation. Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA Founder of TrendHunter.com, Author of Exploiting Chaos, Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche is an innovation expert, cutting edge speaker, author of Exploiting Chaos and founder of TrendHunter.com, the world's largest network for trend spotting and innovation. He has been described as &quot;a new breed of trend spotter&quot; by The Guardian, &quot;an eagle eye&quot; by Global TV, an &quot;Oracle&quot; by the Globe and Mail and &quot;on the forefront of cool&quot; by MTV. At age 28, he was one of Capital One's youngest Business Directors and innovation leads. With a relentless focus on innovation, he led his team to grow a $1 billion portfolio of market leading products. He holds an MBA from Queen's University, studied innovation at Stanford, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a former Management Consultant. He speaks globally about viral trends and a cutting edge approach to methodical innovation. Routinely sourced by the media, Gutsche’s broad appeal ranges from the Economist and the Financial Times to Entertainment Tonight and MTV. . Watch at JeremyGutsche.com
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