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How to be awesome 3

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How to be awesome 3

  1. 1. How to be awesome... the art of fulfillment Paul Ricken 0031 6 53675546 info@paulricken.nl http://www.squidoo.com/awesome-lifes Secrets and more Creates awesome lives for, with and through everyone.
  2. 2. How to be awesome... the art of fulfillment Paul Ricken 0031 6 53675546 info@paulricken.nl http://www.squidoo.com/awesome-lifes Creates awesome lives for, with and through everyone. Secrets form Napoleon Hill, Brendon Burchard, Anthony Robbins, David Hawkins, Wayne Dyer, seth godin, myself and many more.....
  3. 3. Willingly suspend your disbelieve when reading this presentation..... will you take that challenge?
  4. 4. ‘you can’t get wet from the word water’ So, don’t label this presentation. otherwise you will negate it.
  5. 5. So, take a deep breath, put on your favorite music and enjoy reading. Be sure to take your time......
  6. 6. Your mind is the Main spiritual force, gift of the creator, the only power men completely can control ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve, regardless how many times you have failed in the past’ Dale Carnegie
  7. 7. Creative vision, two forms of imagination 1. Synthetic; consists of organizing and putting together of recognized ideas, concepts and facts arranged in a new combination. 2. Creative; sixt sense, serves as an exclusive medium, based in subconsciousness of the brain in which basically new ideas or facts are revealed. It doesn’t matter if your idea is synthetic or creative. When it aligns with your purpose and you have faith and believe in that, every idea is great.
  8. 8. ‘It’s better to fail originally, than to fail with an imitation’
  9. 9. First envelope ‘The richness and fulfillment you enjoy when you use and take possession of your mind’ 1. Sound health 2. Peace of mind 3. Labor of love of your own choice 4. Freedom from fear and worry 5. Positive mental attitude 6. Immaterial and material richness of your own choice and quantity Life gives you the oppORtunity to choose between these two envelopes
  10. 10. second envelope ‘The penalties you must pay if you neglect taking possessing of your mind and direct it’ 1. Ill health 2. Fear and worry 3. Indecision and doubt 4. Frustration and discouragement through life 5. Poverty and want 6. Flock of evils; hatred, superstition, envy, jealousy, anger and so on.
  11. 11. Which one did you choose? If you chose the first one, keep on reading...
  12. 12. Know exactly what you want from life! (Purpose) (clear picture in your mind) 1. Set up a goal bigger than you have ever achieved. 2. Where and who do you want to be and what do you want to do and how do you want to feel in 3 years. 3. How much money do you want to make? 4. What precisely will you do to achieve that? 5. Form a power mind alliance with your associates, at least one person in your family, at least one person to whom you sell one of your services and at least one person you admire and trust. step 1
  13. 13. ‘Some people dream of great things, other people stay awake and achieve their dreams’
  14. 14. Have a notebook 1. Write down your major clear desire (description; position or thing)) in your life, your idea of success and fulfillment. ‘Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind or what others do’. 2. What do you want to return and give in your life? Write it down and be specific. And begin giving. 3. Memorize both, repeat them at least a dozen times each day. 4. Show gratitude in a prayer for the above. Count your blessings. (with humble sincerity) step 2
  15. 15. ‘I ask for more wisdom to use what is given to me to control my own mind to what ever ends I desire’.
  16. 16. POWER Mind principle; It consist of two or more people in the attainment of a mutually beneficial purpose. collaboration and Working in perfect harmony. It’s A strong Protection against failure. You may borrow experience, education, knowledge, consciousness, influence and perhaps the capital of other people. You can accomplish more in one year than JUST on your own. step 3
  17. 17. Effort, effort, Effort, effort, effort, effort, effort, effort, effort put a lot of in it
  18. 18. success only.... when you Take others along with you. When you Plan it. and....You have to earn it. Success = the knowledge FROM which you get out of live what you want without violating others and by helping others to acquire it.
  19. 19. ‘If you hesitate your fear will grow, if you dare your courage will grow’
  20. 20. habit of ‘going the extra mile’. QQMA; - Quality service - Quantity service - Mental attitude in which you deliver service step 4
  21. 21. Benefits from this habit 1. Brings you to the favourable attention of those who can and will provide you with opportunities to promote yourself into a better circumstance. 2. It will place back of you at great natural law of increasing bigger returns through which the service you deliver will bring back greater than ever achieved earnings. 3. Will make you indispensable in chosen occupation, place you in a position you will be able to write your own ticket. 4. Help you excel in your line of work, you endeavour to do a better job than previously. 5. You will achieve contrast with others who don’t go the next mile. 6. Will give you preference over other people when work is slack or less jobs are available. 7. Will improve your personality. Doing your very best and doing it in a pleasing mental attitude. .
  22. 22. 8. Will help you develop a keen and alert imagination of continuously finding better ways to give better service. 9. Inspire to move on, on your own personal initiative in stead of waiting for others to tell you what to do. Stimulates Selfreliance. 10. It gives you more courage without the fear of critism of others. 11. It helps you to master the destructive power of procrastination. 12. It influences people to respect your integrity and inspires them to go out of your way and to collobarate with you in a friendly spirit. 13. It helps you develop definiteness of purpose. It stops you from drifting through life without knowing what you want and where you are going. 14. It provides you with the one and only excuse to ask for a higher pay or a better position. Because you are doing more than you are paid for. 15. Conditions your mind to maintain a power mind alliance with others.
  23. 23. 1. Start now in whatever occupation you are engaged to render some useful service to someone near you which you are not expected to deliver and ask nothing in return from it. And keep doing that. 2. Render this service in a pleasing mental attitude which will show that you enjoy doing it. 3. Follow this practice 7 days in succession. Notice the changed atmosphere and energy. result; Much more fulfilled and more liked by everyone. Go the extra mile now!
  24. 24. ‘If it seems like you have everything under control, you are simply not going fast enough’
  25. 25. Applied faith mental attitude in which you will clear your mind of fear and doubts and direct your mind to whatever it is you want out of life. you Must cultivate it before it will take possession of your mind. break the seal of the first envelope. step 5
  26. 26. Main difference between AWESOME people and the people who fail all the time AWESOME people have one trade. ‘capacity for believe’ .....They see the donut around the hole..... ......People who fail, see the hole in the donut......
  27. 27. ‘You are born with the power to control and direct your mind’
  28. 28. Applied faith. 1. Know what you want and believe that you will and can get it. 2. Show and express gratitude many times daily for having received what you want even before you actually get physical possession of it. Possession starts in the mind. 3. Keep your mind open for hunches from within and when you are inspired to action, do not wait but get into action. 4. Remember men’s faith is tested many times by defeats, accept your defeats as nothing more than a challenge to keep on trying. step 5
  29. 29. Applied faith. 5. Burning desire of things or circumstances you want is the starting point of applied faith, be definite, believe and act. Keep on acting. 6. When doubt creeps into your mind, remember faith is not something you get, faith is something you already have. You maybe are using it in revearsed gear by bleeding in the circumstances and things you do not want. 7. Faith is limited only by your own capacity to believe. believe and you shall receive. step 5
  30. 30. Pleasing attitude ....trades.... 1. Your mental attiude must be positive to attract people to you. They pick it up through the energy you spread. They sense it like telepathy. Your tone of your voice, expression on your face, courtesy or consideration for people or the lack of it. 2. Flexibility of your mental attitude. The degree to which you adjust yourself to situations. You can not control the attitude of others, you can control your reactions to their attitude. And you can control your perception of situations and circumstances. step 6
  31. 31. Pleasing attitude ....trades.... 3. Ability to control and direct your emotion of enthusiasm. You must be able to turn it on and off. Like turning water on and off. Uncontrolled enthusiasm makes people boresome and it can influence people in ways they do not wish to be influenced. 4. Sincerety of purpose. Insincerety is easily recognized by other people and rejected. 5. Be aware of your words, tone of voice and non verbal communication. Non verbal communication is responsible for 55% of the effect you cause. Tone of voice is responsible for 38%. step 6
  32. 32. habits that destroy pleasing attitude 1. Breaking in and running away with the conversation when others are speaking. 2. Sarcasm, expressed by insinuations and wise remarks which are not so wise. 3. Vanity expressed by words or actions. 4. Indifference in listening. it’s more important to genuinely listen than to talk. 5. Intent to flatter. 6. Habit of finding fault with the world at large or people in general. 7. Openly and directly challenging those with whom you don’t agree and there is no obvious reason to do so.
  33. 33. habits that destroy pleasing attitude 8. Unsollicited giving advice. makes you an intolerable bore. 9. Speaking of one’s physical illness, worries or problems. in stead of manage to talk of things which are intresting to others. 10. Showing superiority for using words and topics unknown to others. In stead; negotiate with them on their own level on terms they understand. 11. Envy of those who are awesome. Truly great men and women are generous, sympathetic and radiant in connection with good fortunes of others. 12. Showing of with clothes. They should be appropriate and properly worn.
  34. 34. Self discipline 1. Thinking first and then speaking. Master your tongue. Say things that benefits you and that it doesn’t hurt others. 2. Excercise to stop your common tendency to get back at others; everything you do to or for another will come back at you. When you injure other persons it will come back at you. 3. Excercise selfdiscipline over all of your emotions; fear, sex, love, hate. They can make you or break you. 4. Mental attitude needs discipline and control at all times. It can drive away friends, destroy opportunities to get ahead, brings on physical and mental illness and makes peace of mind impossible. step 7
  35. 35. Self discipline 5. Emotion of sex. Switching the mind of thoughts of physical expression to thoughts of some other nature. Through sex desire men can develop (transmutate) courage, creative ability, will- power, imagination and persistence. directed to the most important purpose of your life. 6. Proper habits of eating and movement. 7. Excercise your selfdiscipline in religion and politics. Live and let live. 8. Use a practical system for productivity. Selfdiscipline transforms sorrow into faith. step 7
  36. 36. ‘You can earn money with everything, your challenge is not to do that’
  37. 37. Keep a positive mental attitude 1. Learn to adjust yourself to the state of mind of other people and their difficulties to get along peacefully. Avoid small incidents of controversy when possible. 2. Establish a definite fixed system at the beginning of each day to keep conditioning positive mind. 3. The art of selling. Ask leading questions to answers and reactions you desire. Do not permit yourself to draw yourself into arguments or unimportant subjects. 4. Adopt a good hearted laugh if you become irritated or angry. Start each day with good hearted laughing. Get in front of the mirror naked and smile sincerely because you are great. 5. Start each day with an expression of gratitude. For all the adversities, defeats and failures and search for the benefits you received from it. Give expression of thanks to the gifts and blessings your will receive that day. step 8
  38. 38. Keep a positive mental attitude 6. Learn to concentrate on the can do portion of your problems. There is always something you can do that will help you. And do it. 7. Learn to transmute all unpleasant circumstances to immediate actions. Keep busy with that for 5 minutes. 8. Recognize that every circumstance (pleasant or not pleasant) is a profitable experience. Strengths grow out of your struggles. 9. Look upon your life as a continuous learning experience. 10. Selfimprovement. Don’t reshape the world to the pattern of your own mind, reshape yourself. step 8
  39. 39. Keep a positive mental attitude 11. Express gratitude twice daily that you have complete control of your mind. 12. Go out to express your compliments to others and their qualities. 13. Accept all of your critism to yourself and use it for self examination to determine how much of it is justified. 14. Do not accept anything from life or from others you don’t desire. Passive resistence; Gandhi. 15. Two kinds of circumstances in life that cause you to worry; those you can do something about, those you can do nothing about. Use passive resistence and refuse to permit to worry you. step 8
  40. 40. Keep a positive mental attitude 16. Keep your mind internally engaged in thinking of that what you desire in life, your major purpose in life. No time remains for things you don’t desire or do not want = great masterkey of success. 17. When you feel sorry for yourself, look for someone who is worse than you. And help that person. Make it a habit. What you do for another you will do for yourself. 18. Choose a person that you would like to be. Emulate that person in everything you do. 19. Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing, musical, friendly sound. 20. ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve’. Put this sentence on your mirror or other prominent place. step 8
  41. 41. There are two kinds of men ....those who can not do as they are told and those who can do nothing else....
  42. 42. personal initiative .....A winner never quits, a quiter never wins..... step 8
  43. 43. people with personal initiative 1. Has a definite purpose and plan to achieve it. 2. Has a committed group of people aligned to the purpose. A power mind alliance. 3. Necessary persistence to go on. In spite of obstacles. And they have the will to win. 4. Makes decisions properly on the necessary facts and is able to change them slowly if at all. 5. Follows the habit of doing more than is paid for and does it in a pleasing, positive mental atittude. 7. Accepts full responsibility for anything they do. And never passes the buck when things go wrong. 8. Take friendly critism wthout feeling offended. step 9
  44. 44. people with personal initiative 9. Knows what the 9 motives are which inspire all human endeavours. And never request anything from anyone without giving the other person an adequate motive to do so. 10. Never expresses an opinion unless he has thought the subject through. And states how he came by this opinion. 11. Listens much and waits to say anything that benefits others or himself. 12. Concentrates on one thing at a time. 13. Well observation of small details. Knows every detail of his job. 14. Never tells anyone anything without telling why it should be done and how it can be done best. 15. Mental attitude is positive at all times when communicating with other people. 16. Gives direct answers to your questions. Even if he has to tell you that he does not know the correct answer. 17. Never postpones things to tomorrow. you are a leader in your field if you act upon all of them step 9
  45. 45. Adversity transformed into successstep 10
  46. 46. ....convert adversity into important assets.... Examples; franklin roosevelt (paralyzed legs but still became president of the US) Nelson Mandela (in prison for 28 years but still believed even more, that he could achieve his purpose) nick vujicic (travels around the world without legs and hands to inspire kids that anything is possible)
  47. 47. ....convert adversity into important assets.... Go back to your moments of adversity (experiences in life) and study them and look for the one thing, that one seed, that one equivalent benefit. You will find yourself richer than you believed to be. .....Nothing can be called a failure, unless you accept it as a failure....
  48. 48. But it is not easy... every day you become easily upset when you read the following questions; What is the first thing you think when you see the long queue lined up in a supermarket in front of the cashier? What is the first thing you think when you are driving into a traffic jam? What is the first thing you think when you see the enevelope of the taxservice? What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning and it is still dark and it poors with rain? What is the first thing you think when your boss says; ‘we should have a talk now..’ Stop being upset, you build adversity and you poison your mind and wellbeing.
  49. 49. Say goodbye to your wounds. when a snake bites you, you don’t dy from the bite. You dy from the poison. Wounds from the past that you carry along, is poison for you to direct your attitude to what you really want. And don’t forget that’s what’s inside of you, will come out. What do you choose, poison or fresh juice? So, can you forgive? So, can you care? So, can you give unconditional love? So, can you show trust? So, can you give joy? So, can you have peace in your mind?
  50. 50. ‘what happened to me in the past is keeping me from what i want to do today’ = conditioned belief that’s what’s keeping us from what we want deeply, from waking up to deeper levels of living.
  51. 51. ‘The wake’ is the trail that is left behind. the present moment energy (your thoughts) produced by the engine. that’s what’s driving the boat. the trail can’t push the boat in the right direction. Only the present moment energy can! You can!
  52. 52. Why is this happening to me; i lived in a fosterhome, my mom forgot my name constantly, my dad hit me, I got fired and so on. these are excuses (conditoned beliefs) to avoid taking power of your mind. It results in negative thoughts of how you see the world.
  53. 53. Your conditioned beliefs will grow into paradigms. Paradigms that are contraproductive thoughts. You make up distorted representations of reality. You belief those representations until you look at them carefully and transform them into positive thoughts.
  54. 54. Your levels of consciousness ! shame Guilt Apathy Grief Fear Desire Anger Pride Courage Neutrality Willingness Acceptance Reason love Joy Peace Enlightment Take a look at your levels of consciousness. What are you afraid of? What are you prepared to do? What do you feel sad about? What do you love? And so on. After that, took a good look. What do you belief of what you have written down. What helps you and what can you leave behind?
  55. 55. The secret of your performance. There are 3 levels; 1. How you perform in situations is depending on how these situations occur to you. So, it’s how you interpret, perceive and experience those situations. So, you don’t act according to how situations are. Your mental attitude or the way you perceive the world and yourself determines your actions and poor or great performance. 2. The way situations occur to you in words. In your own words. Look at the words in situations your perform poorly. What do they tell you? What do you believe that is contraproductive? 3. Future based language changes how situations occur to you (the language of commitment, purpose, declaration, promises, requests, what you stand for). Examples; declaration of independence, martin luther king. step 11
  56. 56. Clear thinking 7 rules 1. Never accept the opinions of other people without checking or knowing the facts they are based upon. Ask; ‘How do you know?’ 2. Remember that free advice from anyone should be really save before acting upon that. 3. Be alarmed if anyone is talking about others in a negative, slanderous and jugdmental way. What you hear is biased and a misstatement. 4. If you ask others for information do not disclose about what it should be because people are tending to give an answer to please you. 5. Everything in the universe which exists can be proven. Prove is available. 6. Develop your intuition in distinguishing what is true and what is false. 7. Follow the habit consistently of asking the question; ‘How do you Know?’ Investigate like scientists in order to get the facts right step 12
  57. 57. Clear thinking Warning... ‘Your own emotions are the greatets threat of being an excellent clear thinker’
  58. 58. use the Law of Cosmic supporting force The law that gives definiteness of actions to everything that moves throughout the entire universe. It keeps the stars and planets in their places and it fixes the life patterns of every living thing, from the insects to large animals. Except for mankind. We can control our mind and moreover our habits and establish it’s own patterns. If you embrace your negative habits and thoughts the cosmic energy will support you. It also does the same thing with your positive thought. The thoughts you have in getting what you desire to do and be. The force will reward you for your positive thoughts or will punish you for your negative thoughts. What do you choose? step 13
  59. 59. Law of Cosmic supporting force1. The law fixes the habits of protons and elektrones so that their relationship and chemical behaviour follow the same pattern. Man however can set up habits of it’s own choice. 2. The law fixes the pattern of every form of vegetation which grows from the ground. Each thing reproduces at his own pattern. Grain makes new grain. 2 x O en 1 x H always produces water. 3. The law goes into immediate action when the human mind is focussed on a major purpose in life. The law atracts to the individual the material and immaterial equivalent of that major purpose. And it works the other way as well. 4. Aims and purposes expressed openly under the emotion of sex will immediate be picked up by the cosmic supporting force. 5. You are on the ‘Path’ (fulfillment thought pattern) when you can say; ‘I know precisely what I want from life, and I have faith I shall get it’ keep your mind focussed on your ‘Path’, don’t let anything distract you. create fixations in your mind to direct your mind on what you want from life. The cosmic supporting force makes it permanent. step 13
  60. 60. ‘As you think...so shall you be’
  61. 61. ‘You can never die, you are an eternal soul’
  62. 62. ‘reach your higher level of consciousness’ Keep your picture vivid of what you want from life
  63. 63. ‘the ancestor to every action is a thought’
  64. 64. your body weighs the same alive and dead. Your life weighs nothing at all. What you think weighs nothing at all. So, what you shall be weighs nothing at all. You are weightless. We become what we think about.
  65. 65. how do you Start the day? ....with three questions.... 1. What am I excited about? What am I enthusiastic about? What could I create from what I am excited about? (and don’t start the day by opening your email, take a walk, move around, take a long shower, excercise and take a good breakfast and drink lot’s of water) 2. What I am grateful for? Count your blessings. What do I appreciate that I’m having and experiencing? (opportunities, challenges, successes) 3. What I am committed to do today no matter what? Say the three answers out loud and after that write them down. Step 14
  66. 66. and after these three questions.... Make a productivity list each day on three levels (and you are still not in your email.....!); 1. Projects (what do you have to do today looking at your projects) 2. People (who are you waiting for, who are you reaching out to?) 3. Priorities (list the things you absolutely must do today, be a rolmodel in that) Always start with number 1 then 2, then 3. Step 15
  67. 67. And never ever forget this truth: ‘Whatever Your mind can conceive and believe, Your mind can achieve’ Paul Ricken 0031 6 53675546 info@paulricken.nl http://www.squidoo.com/awesome-lifes .you aRE awesome. Creates awesome lives for, with and through everyone.