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Final oral test

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These questions will be asked in the final oral interview in November and will serve as a guide for those second graders taking the exam at the end of the year

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Final oral test

  1. 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION Final oral test 1. Hello. How are you? 2. What’s your name? 3. How old are you? 4. Where are you from? 5. Where do you live? 6. What’s your telephone number? 7. What’s your address? 8. Who do you live with? 9. Have you got any brothers or sisters? 10. What’s your (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) like? 11. What does your (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) do? OR UUssee yyoouurr nnootteebbooookk What’s your (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.)’s occupation? 12. Have you got any pets? 13. Have you got any hobbies? 14. Can you.. speak any other language? play any sports? play any musical instrument? dance / play football / sing / etc. well? GENERAL QUESTIONS 15. What’s the date today? 16. What’s the weather like? RReevvisisee aatt hhoommee PPrraaccttisisee wwitithh aa ppaarrttnneerr UUssee ‘C‘Caann yyoouu rreeppeeaatt,, ppleleaassee??’ ’
  2. 2. FASHION 17. What are you wearing now? 18. What do you wear in winter / summer? 19. What do you wear when it’s hot / cold / rainy? 20. What are your favourite clothes? FOOD 21. What fruits / vegetables do you like? 22. What do you have for.. breakfast / lunch / tea / dinner? 23. How often do you.. eat vegetables / drink water /etc.? 24. Are you a healthy person? OR Are you a healthy or an unhealthy person? 25. Have you got good eating habits? OR Do you eat well? DDoonn’t’t ggeett nneerrvvoouuss DDoonn’t’t ssppeeaakk SSppaannisishh HISTORY MAKERS 26. What history makers do you know? Can you tell me something about him /her? OR Can you tell me something about.. Marie Curie / Marilyn Monroe / a history maker that you know? 27. Why was he / she famous? About you.. 28. When were you born? 29. What did you do yesterday? 30. What did you do last holidays? 31. Did you… (yesterday / last Sunday / weekend / month / year? AAnndd ddoonn’t’t ggivivee uupp.... AAlwlwaayyss ddoo yyoouurr bbeesstt! ! GGoooodd lulucckk! !