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Social Media & Women Truckers - Part Two

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"Social Media & Women Truckers - Part Two" focuses on Violence against Women in the Trucking Industry & notable Social Media campaigns that have changed the rules on humanitarian issues and activism.

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Social Media & Women Truckers - Part Two

  1. 1. It’s not all about you Individuals can be more relevant than organizations Simple Basic Tools is all you need to participate in Social Media Listen Learn Share Engage Reciprocate How Easy is That?!
  2. 2. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN TRUCKING  Abandoned Students  Acquaintance Rape  Retaliation for reporting abuse  Psychological Warfare PTSD  Failure of Industry Women to speak up  Failure of Industry Men to Educate themselves on frequency of VAW  Shunning victims from Industry  Domestic Violence & Trucking
  3. 3. Denial is perhaps the biggest challenge for the issue of violence against women in and around the trucking industry. Fear of not being accepted, Fear of being perceived as WEAK are reasons why Men & Women delay in reporting “incidents” Lack of accountability and retaliation from in-house support & organizations has created a climate conducive to conceal bad behavior. Predators engage themselves to trusted individuals around their targets to cover their misdeeds & to create self-doubt in their victims.
  4. 4. A Vicious Cycle Contributing Factors Targeted Recruitment Misleading Ads Isolated Training No Harassment Training No Oversight Poor Software Hostile Workplace Denial & Retaliation Lack of in- house support
  5. 5. Misleading recruitment ads that affect the perception of Women Truckers Depicting “Party Trucker Girl” image without separating vast difference between training carrier climate, private fleet and/or experienced fleet climate and being an Independent Owner-Operator. Implying to new recruits a general lack of seriousness in the process to become truck drivers affects Women because they tend to have their guard down in order to “fit in” not realizing… “New Women are GUILTY until proven innocent when entering trucking.” Women who have been introduced to the notion of trucking from domestic violence shelters or other distressed living situations are in no mental frame of mind to recognize potential volatile situations that occur from the method in which truck drivers are trained. Truck driver training requires an intense, highly intimate living and training environment. Suitable truck driver trainers who are willing to train females are in short supply , yet recruitment continues to be directed to encourage new Women to enter the industry. Retaliation for reporting abuse exacerbates the situation and can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The only similar training atmosphere to trucking is military service yet the support is no where near as organized. The Armed Forces has been challenged with many of the same issues faced by Women Truckers
  6. 6. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN TRUCKING Human Trafficking Domestic Violence Abandoning Female Students Violence in and around Trucking directed at Women gives the message that Women are disposable. This has created a climate where witnesses hesitate to take action. Inaction breeds a climate where offenders take charge A proactive approach is needed to reclaim the deteriorating misogynistic attitudes that are affecting Men & Women in our society as a whole. Much of the improper conduct occurs in isolated areas and truck stops.
  7. 7. SAFETY FIRST Currently there is no organization to track, prevent, reduce and eliminate violence against women in the trucking industry. Organizations established to encourage recruitment should not be a watchdog because they have interfered in the past to cover up abuse. Truck Stops & Travel Plazas need to be educated on the prevalent issue of violence against women in the trucking industry because a large portion of the conduct occurs on their property. At the very least the travel plaza industry should provide a safe haven until appropriate shelter can be located, post emergency information in women’s restrooms & keep a list of phone numbers for assistance to those seeking help. Certain Carrier names will emerge as repeat offenders
  8. 8. Are Women Disposable? NFL • The NFL Players Association has joined the Justice Dept. to raise awareness of Violence against Women Celebrities • More than 100 celebrities have “Joined the List” a campaign to educate the public & teens that it is unacceptable to abuse Women Truckers Against Trafficking • “Truckers against Trafficking” seeks to educate truck drivers that child sex trafficking is regularly conducted at truck stops and in trucking lanes US Women Veterans • U.S. Veterans Administration has begun to study unique PTSD that affects Women Veterans and address the issues rather than ignore it.
  9. 9. Awareness & Education RATHER than cover up Dept. Of Justice • U.S. Dept. of Justice – Violence against Women has launched virtual resources for violence against women in workplace issues Men Can Stop Rape • Organizations like “Men Can Stop Rape” challenge the influence men’s violence has on our society. Offering workshops and training, these groups seek to educate the public that this conduct is not acceptable Date Safe Project • The “Date Safe Project “ provides Real Solutions to tough conversations for teens and military mixed genders Dept. Homeland Security • U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security - Blue Campaign is organized around the "three Ps" of Human Trafficking : Prevention, Protection, & Prosecution.
  10. 10. The Emperor has NO CLOTHES! Once upon a time there was an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them; his only ambition was to be always well dressed. He did not care for his soldiers. The only thing he thought about was how he looked. ~ 1837 Hans Christian Andersen
  11. 11. Do you employ focus groups, data surveys, marketing research, lead generation sources? What do you do with the information they gather? Social media allows you to collect data from the source, FOR FREE! CHALLENGE YOURSELF to hear new ideas, address problems and find cost effective solutions. LISTENING ONLY to your inner circle of advisers & ignoring the truth will leave you EXPOSED in social media Make sure you understand how complex this can be
  12. 12. Virtual Revolution on Twitter #IranElection The role of Twitter, You Tube and Facebook in the Iran Elections of 2009 launched an empowerment of individuals to take action to speak out on injustice. News traveled faster than mainstream press about voting irregularities & violence. A wave of virtual activism developed , avatars went green worldwide to show unity, locations were changed to Tehran Iran shut internet service down due to the disruption The unrest dominated social media for a week The event became a symbol for virtual activism.
  13. 13. Palm Oil was the issue but censorship was the death blow to an online PR Disaster that began March 17th 2010. The Greenpeace V. Nestle event is an example of: “How Not to Use Social Media “ WEAPONS: You Tube, Facebook, Twitter , Socially Active Individuals Stock plummeted in 4 short days. Nestlé has agreed to a new policy to identify and exclude companies from its supply chain that own or manage 'high risk plantations or farms linked to deforestation'.
  14. 14. When the Earthquake in Haiti Occurred, the presence of the Red Cross , combined with the State Department Involvement in Social Media helped to mobilize a record breaking $32 million donation drive through a texting campaign Defensive paranoid companies who cannot see the big picture of what is ahead are not leaders in social media and this is becoming abundantly clear to those who are embracing a more ethical corporate environment.
  15. 15. Charitable organizations have reached out to social media truckers for a variety of logistics issues Moving donated dog food to shelter pets . Locating equipment to move donated diapers. “Retweeting” the 10 ways to help online for a organization in Japan which helps children of trauma.
  16. 16. Virginia Rest Area closures prompted truckers on twitter to take action by networking to Virginia voters and the Travel & RV Community. VDOT media communications reached out to social media truckers through Allen & Donna Smith of “Ask the Trucker” which opened a dialogue. The Virginia parking issue became a political football. Since that time the 2 hour parking signs have been removed and rest areas have reopened using inmate labor. Crimes against truckers and safe parking issues continue to be an issue, “Jason’s Law” remains stalled in committee but we have made good headway using social media. US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s offices has created a trucking list , our chatter is being heard
  17. 17. Sprint responding & following up after tweeting about equipment problems from their products Delta airlines responding when bereavement flight information was being publically discussed & customer service phone center issues. Being sent gift cards from Orange Julius when they eavesdropped to hear, I think they are YUMMY! Many Organizations monitor keywords and take immediate action in social media
  18. 18. Social Media Truckers are being Recognized for what the BRING!
  19. 19. A documentary about Twitter, directed by Tan Siok Siok (@sioksiok) is coming soon which will encompass the amazing ways social media is being used. “The World of Anipals” And so much MORE…..
  20. 20. Social Media truckers are an asset when they take a few moments on their breaks to share Facebook links & “Retweet” Amber Alerts, “Lost N Missing”, “Can You Identify Me” and by reporting suspicious activity at truck stops which supports the “Truckers against Trafficking” campaign to stop child trafficking. What about the Trucking Industry ?
  21. 21. Corporate Social Responsibility consists of 4 basic principles: Economic, Legal, Ethical, Philanthropic
  22. 22. Social Media provides a way to network before attending conventions to learn about emerging technologies Using hash tags gives the ability to participate in a virtual networking manner Observing how an organization handles social media helps others form an opinion on how well they understand the concept of “TRANSPARENCY”
  23. 23. R. - Reaching Out E. - Encouraging Others A. - Achieving Personal Success L. - Leadership The trucking industry must take responsibility for truck driver training carriers who have a history of churning an enormous number of students as a matter of standard operating procedure. In this chaotic climate predators & inept leadership are destroying lives
  24. 24. If your organization would like more information on any of these issues please contact: Desiree Wood (760) 975-6868 TruckerDesiree@gmail.com Become a fan of “Real Women Truckers” on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter @WomenTruckers @TruckerDesiree … & @TruckinDogKarma Too!