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Markets Where Buying A Home Is Much Better Than Renting

Buying a home is not only 23% cheaper than renting nationally, it is also cheaper than renting in 98 of the nation's top 100 markets. Metros in Texas, Florida and Louisiana dominate the top ten list of places where young households will find buying an easier call. In Houston, for instance, it is 46% cheaper for younger buyers (ages 25-34) to buy than rent.

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Markets Where Buying A Home Is Much Better Than Renting

  1. 1. Markets Where . :g= i_-, z., « 1:‘ Buying Is Much Better Qt‘-I-_-= '«§~; ;;; Than Renting Today 3 ‘"53 Housing markets in Texas. Florida. and Louisiana dominate the list of places where buying is cheaper if you plan to live there for five years and are putting down less than 10%. , _ MWI9" Cost Of Buyin Median Home price. Monthly Rent. Vs, Ranging (95 _ Sept. 2015 Sept. 2015 Fan 2015 U3 M9908 so sxoox noon soon so $1000 $2000 ci. .., ... .g. .,, TX Ctiupor to buy LA Cheapo! to buy 5"“: E J ~Y cheaper to buy FL Cheapo! to buy “‘“"" E m H’ Chupcrto buy ~e*°"°°'; i;, - swseaa } Chupor b buy Ctieopeno buy a. ... ... ... e.. . Q m OK Cli-uporio buy n 1 Cheaper to buy San Antonio. TX E E E Cheaporlobuy YruIia'is Rent vs Buy calculation ssisuines a 3.85% 30-year fixed-rate mortgage mm B 10% down payment, rte. -mixing tax deduction: in the 25% bracket. and staying live years in the home. 9