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Tunstall Innovations Centre

  2. CONNECTING WITH THE FUTURE ‣ Bringing the best design and innovation to the market ‣ Demonstrating and investigating the value of systems, products and services ‣ Incubating and showcasing development partnerships ‣ Exploring the latest digital trends ‣ Advancing interoperability Experience the connected health and care evolution
  3. ENGAGING WITH THE USER ‣ Collaborating with a wide cohort of users and sectors to ensure our solutions meet real needs, address everyday challenges and improve lives ‣ Translating mainstream technology into meaningful services and applications ‣ Experiencing three main interwoven themes: Mobile applications Integrated care The connected home
  4. 2020 VISION To give older people, and those with long term needs, the freedom to live their lives as independently, happily, healthily and securely as they are able, in a place of their choice. Innovations Centre Unique purpose built global R&D facility A space to listen to and value our customers’ and users’ needs A test bed to stimulate new concepts and technological advancements Advance and accelerate the process of development and design A positive, evolving space to explore the art of the possible Validate the opportunities presented by digital / IP Underpin our heritage of innovation Discover and demonstrate the value of our concepts / propositions Create solutions which address real challenges across health, housing and social care Prove the concept of care services co-ordinated and enabled by technology Deliver our 2020 vision
  5. INTRODUCING TUNSTALL INNOVATION EXPERIENCE Dev Room Integrated Care Connected Home Mobile Apps Workshop
  6. INTEGRATED CARE The integrated care zone is a mixture of high touch services driven by intelligent software which co-ordinates the efficient delivery of health and social care services. Using big data as a means to respond proactively, preventing unnecessary admissions and promoting wellbeing. Lifeline Triage Manager PNC
  7. MOBILE APPS & ASSISTED LIVING Testing and interpreting the latest digital trends in mobile application design. Focusing on using the mobile format to extend our portfolio of services and engagement with our users. Deigning user interfaces and experiences that are appropriate for our audience, to deliver impact and value. Telehealth solutions mHealth Assist Service Manager / Information Manager Door Entry Panel Carer tablet Medication reminder CareChat RoamApp MyWorld Housing Services Portal
  8. WORKSHOP The centre’s environment is just the beginning of a wider connection of thoughts, designs, developments and services. This space will be used to evolve the next generation of connected healthcare by voicing needs, requirements, gaps, challenges and problems to generate the innovative solutions of tomorrow. Eye Gaze Toby Churchill Collaboration with partners
  9. THE CONNECTED HOME ADLife CareLock Communicall Vi IP Utilising the connection of the Lifeline within the user’s home we can create services which respond to bespoke trigger points based on the user’s activities and lifestyle habits. Connecting this data to the user’s immediate formal and informal care network to proactively manage the user’s health and wellbeing.
  10. DEV ROOM This will be used to demonstrate the raw thinking and research behind the concepts demonstrated in the centre to show users the considerations and requirements that have driven the product design. Sense research iVi aesthetics Lifeline Vi IP aesthetics
  11. MEETING USER NEEDS CONNECTED with internet access and video telephony INDEPENDENT help only when you need it IN CONTROL easy repair reporting and calendar management ASSURED in a home that will evolve with you SECURE with video door entry and access control PROTECTED with environmental telecare sensors SAFE with help available 24 hours a day WELL self care with health apps and telehealth FULFILLED with social events and access to your community
  12. THE INNOVATION JOURNEY Design Build Validate