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Creating Chaos

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Creating Chaos

  2. 2. IN THE BEGINNING• It all sarted when Rick said: Tuomas, you are doing new Realm of Chaos. It is the most important thing in the Warhammer universe, so… DON’T SCREW IT UP!
  3. 3. I GOT this• Not like I had no legacy to live up to….
  4. 4. No pressure• Not like the Warhammer fans are fanatical or anything… • Chaos in Warhammer means a LOT to a lot of passionate people
  5. 5. • Michael Moorcock was a huge inspiration • But Warhammer Chaos is different • In Eternal Champion, Chaos and Law are in balance • If there is no equilibrium, heroes restore the balance • In Warhammer Chaos is created by sentient beings Warhammer Chaos did not just appear from thin air THE ORIGINS
  6. 6. In mythology The Greeks did it • The very first thing in the universe was goddess Khaos, later Eris and Discordia • Beginning of everything • Both a place and a god
  7. 7. Second law of thermodynamics Chaos wins. Full stop. • The world is doomed • EVERYTHING originates from Chaos • Undead are the opposite of Chaos
  8. 8. Realm of chaos The Hell and Heaven of Warhammer world • Gates to the Warp built by the Old Ones • Every planet a variant of the same world • Collapse of the Warp Gates opened a rift into our world
  9. 9. • Though innumerable, four great gods dominate • Created by human psyche • The paradox –more you struggle, the stronger they become CHAOS GODS The Four Great Gods resonate with the players the most
  10. 10. khorne KILL! MAIM! BURN! • Always the most popular of Chaos gods • Easiest to write • Hardest to bring depth to: martial pride and honor
  11. 11. TZEENTCH I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet that dances to my tune • Evolution, change • Contradiction, double-think • Prefers female followers
  12. 12. NURGLE Come to papa. • Entropy and rebirth • Hope and despair • Decay and disease
  13. 13. SLAANESH Sex, drugs & rock n’ roll • Not just sexuality • Hedonism, indulgence, hubris, pleasure • Arts of all kinds, inspiration, music, bane of Elves
  14. 14. CULTURE OF CHAOS Order in Chaos • As written, Chaos was not internally consistent • Where did the Chaos Warriors come from? • Beastmen and Daemons exisited uncomfortably with them
  15. 15. Three rules How japAnse shonen does it • All Shonen manga/anime/games have the same pitch • “Friendship, Effort Victory” • Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach…
  16. 16. Rule of three • Temptation • Rebellion • Revenge THREE RULES OF CHAOS
  17. 17. By far the hardest part of the whole process • Completely new way of choosing armies • Triple the testing effort needed • Established outside playtesting THREE ARMIES IN ONE
  18. 18. First time on their own • Most iconic of Chaos followers • For the first time I asked: • “Who really is behind the armor?” Chaos warriors
  19. 19. Northern barbarian tribes • Yes, they are (highy-fictionalized) Finns • Needed a source of Chaos Warriors CHAOS MARAUDERS
  20. 20. First time they had their own voice beastmen • Needed clear separation from Orcs&Goblins • Wanted to justify their hatred on Man on some level • Became staple and popular part of the Warhammer mythos
  21. 21. • Focused on stressing how alien they are • Daemons should not be understood by humans • Trued to make the as different from all other forces as possible. DAEMONS
  22. 22. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH Warhammer has always been a visual franchise • I can’t do this alone… • The task seemed overwhelming: I was late, over budget, and lost • Luckily for me, there were giants in the earth those days
  23. 23. BRING ON THE BIG GUNS They don’t come any bigger than John Blanche • No-one on earth can turn the concept of Chaos into imagery like John Blanche.
  24. 24. I AM ENGLAND! Wayne England • Wayne was a force of nature when creating Chaos
  25. 25. Personification of Chaos • I was unhappy with the characters I inherited • Simply stat sticks • Using “closed doors” method, made each character to be in middle of a story FALLEN HEROES
  26. 26. KHAZRAK ONE-EYE Rival of Count Boris • Both the Count and the Beastman lost an eye each to another • Instantly created a rivalry and story
  27. 27. • What do you get when you mix Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan and Napoleon with Chaos? ARCHAON Top this
  28. 28. • Without loss of humanity, there is no emotional connection • Without internal struggle, there is no drama • Quest: Six treasures of Chaos ARCHAON But that is not why people remember him
  29. 29. CULTURAL IMPACT OF chaos As Moorcock inspired us, so we did others • China Mievelle’s books, Warcraft • Lord of the Rings movies • Chronicles of Narnia • Event Horizon
  30. 30. Chaos affects everything • Force player to make choices • Integrate Chaos into the game mechanics • Fighting might be necessary, but it empowers Khorne USING CHAOS IN YOUR GAMES
  31. 31. • They are Iconic, but not very subtle • When you absolutely, positively need to kill everyone, accept no substitutes The armoured warrior hordes are part of Chaos THE ENEMY WITHOUT
  32. 32. THE ENEMY WITHIN The real danger • Chaos works from within human society • As long as people desire change, they will turn to Chaos • Force players make hard choices
  33. 33. You, a Templar of Sigmar, find a purse of gold on the road, with a latter inside that proves that the money belongs to ruthless and immeasurably rich Elector Count of Middenheim. As you travel to take the purse back, you encounter a starving pilgrim, begging for alms. Will you: Deliver the gold to the Elector Count, for while the sum is trivial to him, it rightfully belongs to him? Give some of the coins in the purse to the holy beggar, as no-one will ever miss the money? TEST OF CHAOS
  34. 34. You are a Bounty Hunter, and have been on the trail of a thief for many years. You finally corner the rogue in a distant village deep in Drakwald forest, only to find out he has repented and now runs an orphanage funded by his loot as a thief. Do you: Deliver him to the authorities for his punishment as the law and your wovs compell you? Return to your masters without reporitng what you found? TEST OF CHAOS
  35. 35. A comrade of yours lies dying, cursed by a Necromancer to return to life after death as a powerful, unholy Vampire far beyond your ability to defeat. You have a moment to slay him with a stake to ensure he will not raise from the dead. Will you: Kill him with a stake in order to save the world from the plague of a Vampire? Be true to the principle of never taking a life? TEST OF CHAOS
  36. 36. You are the ruler of the province of Hochland. Your lands are ravaged by black plague, with thousands dying. In your dungeons lies a Slaaneshi Chaos Sorcerer convicted to death for human sacrifices. But his magic can cure the disease. He will cure the sickness in exchange for pardon. Will you: Judge them by the letter of the law: the punishment for agents of Chaos is death by burning. Set him free and save your people. TEST OF CHAOS
  37. 37. Chaos Beastmen are besieging your village. As all the adults fight the brutes at barricades, but are exhausted, and running out of drinking water and arrows to shoot. You have been entrusted with decision what to do with the children of the village. Will you: Send them to the forest via gate, hoping that Beastmen will not find them after they finish killing the defenders? Make the children carry water and ammunition for the adults defending the village, putting them in danger but making the adults fight even harder? TEST OF CHAOS
  38. 38. A kind-hearted, but incompetent merchant lady, chosen by the people in free vote has led the city of Marienburg to civil unrest and lawlessness due her poor judgement and leadership. A rebellion led by ambitious but extremely competent man is making a move to violently overthrow her. Do you: Join the rebellion and restore law and order, saving the future of the City? Defend the rightful ruler knowing that your city will plunge into further misery under her rule? TEST OF CHAOS
  39. 39. Your dedrest friend married a gambler, a charismatic cheat and a drunkard. You, a famed healer, find their carriage overturned in the forest and them both lying wounded. Your friend’s wound is most likely fatal, while the gambler can be almost certainly saved if you act quickly. Will you: Try to save your friend, though she is unlikely to recover? Save the Gambler, as he is by far most likely to survive and your duty is save lives, though your friend will perish? TEST OF CHAOS
  40. 40. MARK OF CHAOS, IT TAINTS ALL OF US There is no escape • Chaos is the dark mirror of humanity • As long as people desire change, they will turn to Chaos • The tine of mortals has come to an end
  41. 41. Thank you for your time https://www.facebook.com/DesignbyTuomasPirinen/