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Far away from Eden ep. 3.2.: ... and babies

  1. Far away from Eden ep. 3.2.: ... and babies Episode 3, part 2 of my apocalegacy- Babies born, evil plots set in action - and glitches, lots of.. Family Name: Rosengarten Lot Name: Kutschengasse 7 Categories: Dokumentationen,Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. - Hello and Welcome to the second part of episode three of my apocalegacy, where I try to obey all kind of restrictions and handicaps. And as the title indicates, the babyboom has finally set in, and we're heading for generation 2. Since this should be a matriarchy, I hope for a girl, but a babyboy is welcome as well, right, Anais? - " Ungh, couldn't Maxis just leave out the whole babybelly thing? My back would really prefer it if babies were brought by the..." - No excitement about the life growing inside you at all? " It lacks a bit since I have to work the whole night as a stylist, because somebody wants to keep *his* level 10 business..." -Now, as if you have it so hard, look at me... -
  3. - ... Thanks to your great styling techniques in the last part I'm wearing a goldfish glass on my head to cover the bad makeup you gave me... - "...So you look like your exchange Avatar!" - True, but have you ever tried... -
  4. - ... to sleep with such a thing? or... --
  5. - ... to eat? -
  6. - *grunch*, *slunch*, *gobble* -
  7. - ... And it's nearly impossible to shower with this thing, too. - " You shower with clothes? Or better: Why do you have a shower, while we can only spongebathing ?!!! " - ah... sweet revenge... -
  8. - Anyway, let's skip a bit backward... -
  9. - We 'only' needed three(!) tries to hear the lullaby... let me guess, after 9 Weeks, you already forgot how to... - " Urgh... don't know, what sickens me more: you or this pregnancy... "
  10. - After the first part, the rest of the pregnancy was rather uneventful... -
  11. - ... except some dream dates here and there... but I had to take a picture of this, because if I'm right, than this is the rosebouquet for Anais Dream Date Nr. 200 ! (My eyes started bleeding after I got through all of her memories to count them...) - " Strange... where do I have this rose bouquet from? I mean, the Count's vampires have destroyed all vegetation to prevent garlic and wooden stakes and I can't leave the lot because the streets are full of them, killing everyone who isn't on 'their' side. " - umm... don't know, bite me.... errh, I mean... oh, forget it...-
  12. - Let's concentrate on the pregnancy again. At least Jerry rolled a baby want, while Anais only wants thirty best friends again... Yes we're down now from 70 to 30 already. - " Hello in there, wish you come out soon." " I wish, it'll wait till tuesday, then I could quit my job... "
  13. - ...And the home business became more and more succesful, even after raising the prices. - " Could I interest you in one of our newest stylish haircuts. Only 999 Simoleons! " " What? 999 Simoleons? Are you...?" " Yes, really, less than 1000, and totally stylish! " " If you put it that way... of course I want! " - Best trick ever: set prices manually to 999, 'dazzle' your customers - gold badge required - one time, and they'll buy it... And if you'll say 'rulebubbling' again, Anais...
  14. At least, the 'new' haircuts seemed a bit more... realistic than before. - " We call this one the 'Harriet Potter'- Look. For an extra pay, we can also add a scar. "
  15. " And this is called 'Siga13'*! Sadly creator still refuses to add new custom hair, but perhaps next chapter..." * Siga writes the Mother Nature's Mistake Legacy... and I know, it doesn't look similar at all, but I just *wanted* to make a reference...
  16. "...And for the stylish looking ninja, we have this totally-invisible-still- awesome-looking-manga-haircut !" " I don't see anything." " Because it's invisible! " " Oh. Cool, thanks." - Forget what I said about realistic. -
  17. - By the way: The vamped Ninja guy is not a victim of the Count or Anais, but Jerry! To help Anais out with the Counterarmy thing, he vamped a few people too. - " Gaze into... " - Oh No! Not again this whole montage thing from the last part, we already have enough Vampires! At least a few people have to survive your 'mission'... -
  18. - And now, it's time for something - kinky: another spongebathing picture of Anais... -
  19. - ... or was it Jerry? I'm not totally sure... make your guesses... - " FOR THE LAST TIME: NO CAMERA!!!! " - hmmm... njet, still not sure, could be both of them... -
  20. - And then: - " OwOwOwOw... Why must it be sunday and not tuesday? Why do I have to keep my job? Why doesn't it clash with Jerry's job? " - Anais, you're definitely too obsessed with your job. You're in 'labour', after all. - " Than let me quit so I can be there for my.... OOoow.... " - Hmmm,... No. I want to see, if I can manage two employed vampires with a baby... - " I ha... OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW WWWW ! "
  21. " *Gasp* Oh my... " - Yeah, isn't it exciting to become a father? - " No, I mean my vampire teeth. They're glowing blue and are floating through the air just in front of my face!" - Ugh, the first glitch on this lot. But it's nearly ten weeks, that's a record for not glitching so far for me. -
  22. - And here we have the newest member of the Eden Family: Welcome to this world, Alexandré Eden. You're a boy, so no chance in matriarchy, but perhaps you can someday move out and leave the apocalypse behind you. - " Great. My son isn't even born a minute ago, and you're already planning his Future till grave." - As if you would care. You don't even roll a want for him! - " Because I don't want my son to end as an aspiration point raising machine! I love him without wants, okay? " - Mmf, if you say so. Perhaps you should show him your love by starting to feed him. - " Well, I would, if... somebody would turn the %&$/& fridge around! " - Ups, sorry. Totally forgot, Anais was never hungry so far, and Jerry only ate a jello and some cereals two or three weeks ago... -
  23. " Oh, my little precious, that's good, drink and enjoy... if it goes after evil creator, you'll never have a chance to eat a real meal, so remember the taste..."
  24. " And now my little babyboy needs to... " *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * " Guuuuuuh...ood boy..." - Seems like his digestion works perfectly... -
  25. " And now it's time to sleep, my little angel. " - It's morning, Anais. - " Like I said, time to sleep, especially for vampires like me, remember? " - And who takes care of Alex while you're asleep? -
  26. - So we came to the agreement, that Anais stayed in the next room with the religious objects to be there for Alexandre. - " Ommmm.... *Whatforreligiousobjects?*... Ommmm... " - The Head of the Social bunny and the potty god shrines, religios indoctrination at an early age... - " OMMMM... *MYSONWILL*NEVER*JOINONEOF THISRIDICULOUSRELIGIONS!*... OMMMM! " - That's religious discrimination, Anais... - *for everyone else: go to and worship ephemeraltoasts apocafunlypse, now in the finished section... -
  27. - ...And what do you think, Jerry? Which Cult should your son join? - " Ommm...Whatishetalkingabout?...Om mmm..." " Ommm...Ignorehimjerryignorehim...O mmmm... " - Fine,stay atheists. But don't start complaining if you call the anger of the gods upon yourself... on the other your creator... I think, you could call ME 'Go... -
  30. - ....AAAAARRRGH! *frizzle*- *Sound of thunder in the background from a flash out of the blue sky* -...nnnh...hnnng... Okay, skip the 'god' idea... .. -
  31. - ...Let's continue: Even two working vampires with a car can care for a child... that or our social workers are already vamped, too... -
  32. - ... because sometimes the situation was really dangerous like in this case... Jerry, Alex needs a new bottle and a diaper, avanti! ... - " Ommmm... can't,hungertoolow- I'lldieifIstop ...Ommmm..."
  33. - Thankfully it became night soon. Alex was saved from adoption, Jerry from starvation and Anais from... whatever. And thankfully our babyboy fell asleep before watching his parents making out right in front of him... -
  34. - ... but his sleep wouldn't last long, because out of the blue his parents started rolling wants over wants for him... - " Oooo, where is mommy, there is mommy, where is mommy... "
  35. - ... and wants over wants... *yawn* - " ...Utsidutsi, nannybunny, okiedokie, lukkykukky... " - I think we can stop here and move on.... If anybody still wants to see what else has happened in this time, just switch between this and the last panel for... let's say... 287 times, that should be enough. Have fun! -
  36. - AND NOW: BIRTHDAY TIME! Wow, we should have more birthdays, it would solve the missing lights... -
  37. - ... and showers. In the last picture, Jerry was sorrounded by green stink, but now... that's the best glitch I had so far! Happy Birthday Alex ! -
  38. - And now a quick look at our birthday childs stats: Alexandre is a pisces like his mom, with a 7/1/10/3/8 -personality... hmm, a bit different from his parents, especially his shy- and neatness... we have to change that sooner or later... - " Hello, It's my sons birthday,could you please hold yourself back at least this time? " - sorry, you're right. Now... wanna teach him to talk? - *groan*
  39. - Alex was a really fast learner, even without smartmilk he learned talking in less than one night... - " Vam-py! " " Nono, Da - ddy. " " Dra - ci? " - ... despite some minor issues... -
  40. " Waah! Tiwed! Wanna go sweep! " - Oh, so soon? Don't you wan't to learn first how to...? - " No, he doesn't! Don't you even have mercy with a little child? " - Let me think... hm, if it means not to let him skill, which is important for a later job, then No... -
  41. - Awww, look at him, like a little Buddha, already totally concentrated in the art of meditation... -
  42. - ... too bad, that there is no rest for him in this household ... -
  43. - ... Especially since he almost forgot to serve the potty... - " No. Religion. Do. you. hear. me? "
  44. - In the end, Alex was saved from his bladder, but sadly his hygiene dropped too low... and the only way to raise it without bath tubs would be changing his diapers... I already feared, that for the rest of his toddlerhood we would hear his sad cries for being stinky...-
  45. - ... but the miracle happened: He didn't care! He really didn't care! Perhaps some people would say now: of course, toddler in platin mood don't care about their hygiene... but I think it's a sign, a sign of the power of the social... - " No. Religion! " - You cannot close your eyes and ignore the truth, Anais... -
  46. - ... and the punishment for ignorance is severe... Alex needed only one diaper change during the day, but in the end, three diapers fell down... - " That isn't 'punishment', that is just a stupid glitch!" - You cannot ignore... - " Yeah, yeah, whatever... "
  47. - 'Yes, my son, we all need to worship the social bunny, it's our best friend and always there for...'- "HEY! I didn't say that ! Stop putting words in my mouth, that I've never said ! " - Jerry, you're ruining my storytelling. - " As there would be anything that could be ruined... "
  48. - Despite his mean behaviour (towards me) and his lack of religious belief (poor Alex, how will you survive without religion in a harsh world like this?), Jerry was at least a good parent, when it came to teach Alex how to walk... -
  49. - ... and Anais was able to teach her son how to... - " NO! RELIGION! " - Aww, come on, this time I wasn't even going to tell something about...well, at least not so much... -
  50. - And as soon, as Alex learned all three toddler skills, all wants of Anais and Jerry for him vanished. I decided then, to wake up Anais maternal instincts, that she should write some stories for children as part of a parental training program... - " ... and then the ugly stringpuller was smitten by a satellite and getting eaten by the cowplant at the same time, while standing in his own puddle, stinking and famishing because he was to dumb to cook food, while trying to repair his computer with a pair of scissors... " - I admit, it wasn't my best idea so far... -
  51. - For Jerry's training, I thought about adopting a cat, but sadly, Berry here was the only cat that ever showed up on our lot at night in over 11 weeks... and left before the adoption option appeared... I wonder, why...- " Psst, A warning to you and all your cat friends: never, ever visit our lot at night, it's too dangerous, he could decide to adopt you, and then you have to serve in cruel jobs till you expire..."
  52. - In the end, I stopped the parental training, as it was useless... or do they look like they care about the full potty, the rotten milk or the stinking toddler at all? -
  53. - In fact, they're totally selfabsorbed... - " PRIVACY! " - ... and insensitive to the readers 'interests', right? - *lullaby in the background*
  54. - Aww, Alex, I'm so sorry for you being so ignored and - eww - stinky and... - " *snif* stwange woice speaking nonwense again... Me scawed.. " - ... great, he is already taking after his parents... -
  55. - ... perhaps next time, I'm more lucky with the childs personality... -
  56. - .. which conception was as uneventful as the last one... -
  57. - ... not even Alex was interested... -
  58. - ... *snore* ... -
  59. - But at least it became necessary for Alex to grow up, to make place for the new baby in the crib. - " Oh, tingwing... "
  60. - Allez... -
  61. - ... Hopp... Hey, where are the sparklies? Drat, another glitch... this house has the strangest glitches I've ever had... vampire teeth floating, stinking stops at birthday, too many diapers appear, no sparklies... -
  62. " Hey, I grew up as a miracle child in an apocalypse household, Yay! " - Finally, somebody who acknowledges how much I did for this family, thank y... - " Wow, Since I did this all by myself, I must be the smartest child on earth! "
  63. " Hi Mom." " Who are you? " " I'm your son, mom, I grew up today while you were asleep. " " Oh... so, wanna do an Outing? " - Here we go again... -
  64. - ... but Anais idea for an Outing came to a sudden stop, when the next pregnancy stage of the possible heiress began... - " Hey, why can't I be heir? " - Because, Alex, you're a boy and this is a matriarchy. - " Does that mean, I am already considered to be a spare? " - Unfortunately, ye... - " Great! That means, I can move out and don't have to worry about the vampocalypse anymore! " - Would it be cruel to remind him, that we need at least military and science to move somebody out?... EDIT: And since the seasons playtesting rules came out these days, it will even be a bit harder, once I've got it... -
  65. - ... Well, I told him anyway, and this was his answer: - *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRR P!!!!!* - ...ugggh... well, his digestion still works perfectly.... - " Anais, do you think it's a good idea to teach him how to be sloppy? After all, you've teached him to use the potty for a better hygiene, why now go against this? " " Call it selfish, but...the more he annoys creator, the happier I am... *Snif* Mommy is so proud of of her little boy..."
  66. - ...And if this wasn't enough... Hey! who has allowed Alex to use the dru... errh, I mean the totally harmless bubble blower... but, still, who has allowed it? - " Do you see a teddy bear somewhere? Or a toybox? Hm?" - Pfft, teddies and toys... there are much more interesting ways to raise fun, like...
  67. - ... playing chess or... -
  68. - ...a party of golf. (EDIT: Or at least there was... season rules now forbid the use of career rewards and nothing can be placed outdoors... seems like I have to delete it... *snif*) " Careful, young Lad! Don't shoot the flag! We must protect the flag, so that the enemy doesn't get it!" " Huh? who's talking here? " " ME, you little brat! Open your eyes, kid! " " Oh, the stilt. Are you the one, mom and dad call 'Sarge'?" " That's right, junior, I'm the 'Sarge', and this guys over there are my squad. Say hello to the youngster, guys. " " Sarge, Yes, Sarge! " "Why are you talking so strange?" "That's not strange, Boy, that's Army talk!" " I think, it's more 'Pseudo'-Army talk... "
  69. " Sorry, to break the stupid stilt talk but.... OOOOOooow....! " - Uh, oh, seems like Alex new brother/sister is about to arrive (Pleasebeagirlpleasebeagirl...) -
  70. - ... and it IS a girl! Welcome, (most certainly) heiress, Amaryllis Eden! - " and it's Sunday again... I really have to learn a way to extend my pregnancies... " - Ah good, so that means, we can do another try later, just in case, something unexpected happens? - " OUCH!... Dwamn, now I bwit mywelf automaticwally on mwy own twongue... "
  71. " Wooh, I have a sister! A sister that will lift Science or Military and marry a Military or Science guy so I can move out... "
  72. " Awex, don't scware you poor wiwter with thwis... " - You know, I really like his ideas, we should... - " YWOU.... *ahem* Don't liwten to thwem, Amarylliw, thwey're... juwt joking, yew joking.. now dwink and enjwoy, ennnjwoyyy..."
  73. - Soon Amaryllis was filled up and put into crib to be soon forgotten like her brother before... - " We didn't 'forget' him! We don't 'forget' her! We're vampires, after all, and our children won't get any benefit, if we turn to dust in sunlight! And you force us to work night and day!" - Pfft, lousy excuses, Jerry... If you would roll wants for your children, it would be different, but so... -
  74. - ... so Alex was forced to raise his social needs by himself, greeting all kind of strangers around the place... - " Hi, Miss, you know I'm somehow glad to talk to someone normal, unlike these talking stilts or my vampified parents, who ignore me the whole day and don't let me sleep at night... " - Should I tell him, that her parents are already vampified too, and that his mom made her Dad look like Santa Claus...? -
  75. " Hi Miss, I'm somehow glad to talk to someone normal... or do you have creepy looking parents or talking stilts somewhere? " " ...What?" "Nevermind... so, can you be my friend now, okay? I just rolled a want for it..."
  76. " Woo, woo, kid, we only know each other for a second, and you already decided us to be friends? Sorry, but making friends requires a bit more." " My mom said, that's not true. You only need three interactions in a row to raise relationships over and over and that's..." " Are you joking? What do you think, friendship is, a sort of game?" - Don't listen to her, Alex, I hate to admit it, but this time, your mom is totally right with what she said... -
  77. - Unfortunately, townie girl went off, before Alex could convince her to be friends... - " Uh, Sir?" - Voicebox okay again, Frank? - " Yes, Mr. Stringpuller, thank you....uhmm,... May 'I' become friends with Alex, please? " - Frank, I don't think anybody wants to be friends with a stilt... - " But, but...*snif*...I think, I... I'm going to... to...." - Ohoh... Alex, become friends with Frank, presto, or he'll cry again! - " What? I haven't even met this stilt before, and you already decided us to be friends? What do you think, friendship is, a sort of game...?"
  78. - While I spent the next hours to calm Fred down (...), Alex finally found a friend... - " Hehe, I win again, Marsha!" " My name isn't Marsha, Alex." " You look like Marsha, you have the same hair as Marsha..." " My Hair is red, Marsha Bruenigs hair is brown." " So you're an imperfect Marsha Bruenig Clone?" " I'm not a... that's it, I'm going home." - ... and actually lost her at the same day... drat. -
  79. - After this little mischief, our little guy felt tired and went to bed... - " Zzzzz... Please,don't let it become monday.... Zzzz... " - Aww, Alex, with that wish, we're soulmates, you know? Too bad, that these kind of wishes never happen... -
  80. - ... or not? "Hi General Pinoch... ehr, Long I mean. It's great that you came over, I have something to discuss with you... "
  81. - meanwhile (see Chapter 3 Part 1 for the beginning of this little Sidestory): - *Ring*RIng* " Hello? "
  82. " The mistress is looking for her pet. "
  83. " EGAD! What is this, some kind of perverted call? I swear, if I get to know who you are, I'll... "
  84. " Rrrgh..., it's your Boss speaking, Agent Lucy! And the right answer to the secret password would be: does she carry a whip?... *shouldn't have listen to the Counts stupid codeword idea...* "
  85. " Oh, oh, sorry mistress... I mean Countess... I mean, Siress, erh..." "Whatever... How does our 'Project' progress, Agent? " " Well, you see, Sir... wait a minute... Gerd, Honey? how far are you with the robots? "
  86. " Great, darling! I've finally got my bronze badge, and have just realized, that we can make more than just stupid toy robots... "
  87. " Uhm, he says, he just got his bronze badge and has realized... " " Only Bronze? How long will it take for him to get finally Gold? " " This... might take some time... " " I remind you, that we probably don't have 'time'..." - Oh, there's something going on here... What does the Countess want? Why should Gerd get a Goldbadge? What is 100 divided per 6? Well... -
  88. - ... this has to be a secret till next time. Now it's time again to thank the friendly placeholders of this chapter, Tim - who seems to have the same good taste for pullovers and long hair like me -... -
  89. - ... and Tom Rosegarden. Have an Ice... I mean, have a cookie, my friend! -
  90. Epilogue: " bark, Barrk barkbark? " *translation: "Was the operation succesfull, Agent Tom?" " Wraff, wraf, wraf, wrraf." * translation: " Yes, Commander Flea! I have succesfully socialized with the Simself. Soon we will have control over this legacy." " Bark, barkbark. bark bark!" * translation: " Very good, Agent. Continue your work. For the glorious (yet not existing) werewolf empire!" " Wrafwraf wraf wraf! Wraf? " * translation: " For the werewolf empire! Wanna play now? " "Bark." *translation: " Sure."