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Far away from Eden ep. 4: Cut & Past(e)

  1. Far away from Eden ep. 4: Cut & Past(e) Chap 4 of my apocalegacy: Kids grow up, Founders Past revealed, Author goes mad -any more questions? Family Name: Ottomas Lot Name: Steg-Allee 407 Categories:Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims,Satire
  2. - Hello and Welcome back to the next episode of my apocalegacy 'Far away from Eden', where I try to follow all kind of cruel restrictions and also some additional legacy handicaps... - "This... is a nightmare, right?! I'm waking up any minute! I want to wake up, NOW! " - Sorry, Long Ben, but you're already awake and already ruining my introduction... - " NOOOOOO! " - Fellow Readers, meet the newest household member: Benjamin Long. Yes, the guy whose name correlates with the shape of his... - " Not this again! " - OK, OK, Anyone knows already anyway... sheesh, what a b... - "What?!" - Nothing, nothing... - ---------- *To learn more about the Apocalypse And Legacy Challenge, visit or join the community at
  3. - As you see, I've finally got the Seasons expansions pack. Since Pinstar introduced Playtesting Season Rules, I've decided to 'upgrade' the Challenge. Sadly this makes it necessary to skip the middle-of- Nowhere-Handicap, since the music restriction forbids objects outside, which (could) include cars.. Though, for this chapter, I'll still follow this handicap, since there is still a little discussion about cars allowed or not and no one of the household needs to go to work anyway (Anais lifted Showbusiness, Jerry Business and Benjamin was already employed as a General...).- " *Yawn*... " - And here my Founder, Anais Eden, reminds me again to stop Rulebubbling... so, without further ado, let's take a little Look back to find out how eternal winter came to the neighborhood... *Side note:The title refers to the fact, that I played this chapter two times - my neighborhood ate itself first time and I've made no backup, with other words: AARRGH! So Incongruences are based on pasting old pics into the new Chap...
  4. - Not so 'Long' ago: "Anais, I don't think this will work... You know... " "Okay, I get it. So they aren't the best 'material' for an army, but I don't think, the Count's forces are much better at all..."
  5. *I have to pee!* *Are we there yet?* *What are we doing here?* *I want my lawyer!* *I want icecream!* *... and then you need an apple and two boots and mix it with some...*
  6. " OH, SHUT IT, YOU... ehr, I mean, Hello, my dear friends *cough*former*cough*. I welcome you to the first meeting of the upcoming resistance army, that'll break the Counts and his evil vampires reign of terror in the neighborhood and fight for a better..." *Eh? / What? / ??? etc.* "Sigh...Okay, to put it simple: we'll kick the Count's and his friends butt, bring back peace yaddayaddayadda, now everyone understood?!" "Uh, question: why are they the 'evil' vampires, and why do we have to fight them and not discuss it out? I mean, we're all vampires, after all..." "Hrrgn... First, they are Evil, because 'I' say so! Second, since when being the same species was ever a problem to battle each other?! And third, the next one asking such stupid questions gets a nice little vacation 'under the sun', you catch my drift?!" -Anais, this was so wrong on so many Levels... - "Hey, it's not my fault, that most people have no backbone and follow like sheeps!" - THIS IS ...oh well, for the sake of the story continue...
  7. "Anyway, for the success of the resistance, General Long accepted to join our cause and lead the army with his superior knowledge of warfare and tactical combat... " " Hehe, yeah, I've never lost a bar- fight downtown... "
  8. "... and will strengthen our troops moral with his solid personality (Science Aspiration, Lifetime Want Criminal Mastermind, 2/3/9/3/4, Likes redheaded vampires(...), dislikes blondes) and support them in any way possible with his amazing Talents (3/8/7/10/3/2/3) to end the Counts cruel reign as soon as possible..." " Watch it Count, here I come!"
  9. "...which will with no doubt end in a glorious victory for us and will result for General Long to reach the status of a true Hero forever!" " Ladies and Gentleman: I - Rock ! "
  10. "... which is nothing more than I'll expect from him, since he will also be the husband of my daughter... *sigh* ... "
  11. " Hehe, Yeah, I... wait, WHAT?!"
  12. " Sorry, Benjamin, it's the rule... you've moved in, you're spouse." " But your daughter... she... I ... we.... " " Look, I know, that's hard, but due to the new restrictions we can't afford to lose you as a best friend if we can only invite you over every tuesday or by randomly walkby's... " - For once in my life, I have to agree with Anais, it was necessary... come on Ben, if it helps, just add 21 years to both your age, then no one would care...- " But... but... but... *faints* " " Great, this just starts wonderful... though I have to admit, a different reaction, and I'd probably snapped his neck... "
  13. - Despite this... little... mischief... well, Benjamin was able to concentrate on fighting the Count and his vampires leading the resistance army from victory to victory... - *(Also this picture should show, that he is in fact a General... sadly, he didn't move in with the uniform as additional clothing, so when quitting his job later, he had to stay in his old townie clothes... not that it matters, for the rest of the story he wears mostly his pyjama, lol...)
  14. - Especially the 'Vampire Llama Squad' was really succesful fighting the Counts army, destroying their bases, eliminating their leaders and finally hunting the remaining small raiding parties that still beared a threat to 'normal' life, sending fear into the hearts of their opponents with their battle cry... - " VOOOO GERRBIT !" (or however it is spelled...)
  15. - ... And shattered the moral of the enemy to an enormous extent... - " Bohohohw... My wonderful army is destroyed... " " Oh, Count... " " ...and my Love, my beautiful Anais, has dumped me for another guy... *sob* she even has kids with him...." " Count! " " ... and the evil Vampire Llamas are scaring me... Mommy!" " CO... oh forget it, this gets me nowhere ... "
  16. "... So I came here the long way, to see how my *competent* Secret Agent Lucy manages her simple task to watch this Gieke Guy getting a robot gold badge and what do I see? INCOMPETENCE!" " uhh... I'm sorry Countess, but my hubbie... I mean Gerd got a bit distracted, when he had this, as he said, cunning idea and... " " I don't want excuses, I want results!!" " erhm... I ... eh... do you want see Gerds new invention? It's amazing and..." " I'm not interested and losing my temper... " " But it's great! Really!" "... whatever. Show it and get over with it."
  17. "... So what does this thing do? " " Wait, Let me just adjust a few things here... and there... " [Insert loud, mechanic noises here] " It makes noises. Great. Anything else?" [Insert more, even louder mechanic noises here] " MY EARS BEGIN TO HURT! NOW WHAT IS THIS THING GOOD FO...?!" [INSERT INHUMAN LOUD NOISES HERE, FOLLOWED BY A...]
  18. [FLASH !] " AGH. My Eyes! I'm blind!" [INSERT... the sound of snowflakes beginning to fall, sssh...]
  19. " SNOW? It produces Snow?!" "No,No, Countess, it 'produces' Weather. Isn't it great? Gerd has just invented a machine people dreamed for thousand of years and..." " WEATHER? " " Uhm... yes? I mean, he still had some problems with the noise and... well, the snow function is still a bit unstable, so the snow could stay a bit longer... " " I WILL... *ACHOO*... I think I will return now to my Castle. When I'm here next time, your... hubbie will be ready, or... " " Ehrm... you know, there is still a little problem... we ran out of money for buying the parts for the weather machine and... " " Good. Bye. Agent." " *Ulp*..."
  20. * Beep*.... *Beep-bedi-bop*.... *Click*. " Uh, hello, am I speaking with... ah, good... ehrm, yes hello, my Name is Lucy Gieke and... yes I'm... yes, it's about money... Nono, I don't want my money back... I just... well, I heard you're currently creating a new expansion pack, introducing Seasons for... well, I have my sources... now, are you interested in a weather machine? " - ... And that, my dear readers, is the story, how the license for the weather machine was sold to Maxis. Sadly, the Giekes had to spent all the money they received into new robotic parts and since the rest of the neighborhood, though the vampire threat mostly banned except small raiding parties, was now stuck in snow, nobody was able to import a decent amount of improved weather machines to end the new ice age that had caught the neighborhood - the Giekes prototype was really unstable... - and the people suffered once more from the Counts evil plans... it was all his plan, right? RIGHT?! -
  21. - ... well anyway, I of course was lucky to get one of the improved ones (it's good to be rich...), which was a bit difficult, even for me, since the Hotlines have been freezed due to the weather, as well as most all other telecommunication or even the local press... and because that stupid MMORPG Server in this region couldn't overheat anymore, the remaining Lines were constantly blocked doesn't help either... Oh, and the backside of defeating the Counts army was, that it raised the average crime rate in this area, and a working law system under these conditions...they even stole this magic Unga-whatever stone that powered the career rewards... and the high school was overrun by a glacier and... ... whew, I think that should cover all the new rules... -
  22. " BOOO! This was... the stupidest story I've ever heard... well, aside from this vampocalypse itself... but it's still stupid! - Hey, somehow I just had to explain, why all these new restrictions are now set into force and... ANAIS! What are you doing on my lot - and in the sun?! - " Simple: Protest! I refuse to obey these new rules anymore! You can't do that to me! You cannot just change the rules in the middle of the... " - Sorry Anais, but I've already made up my mind. And if you'll excuse me now, I have to go, Candi and EphemeralToast invited me to weddings in their legacies, and I want to make a good impression... - " You and a good Impression? And what about this story? " - Oh please, you could as well do this for me. Your critizising mostly fills half of the chapter, so it can't be that diffcult... - " But..." - Good Luck and Bye-Bye ! - "...I can't believe this.. " ---------- * Read Candies Prettacy and Ephemeraltoasts Ugothlacy at the exchange, to watch me in action, or just for fun, :-)
  23. ... but of course, he left me with no choice. I had to return to my Loved Ones not only with the sad message, that our suffering would become even harder, but also with the grim destiny to continue this insanity of a story. However, I was never someone, who'd just give up and run away. I will get through with this, and if it's the last thing I... " Anais? what are you doing there?" "... Writing 'our' story, Jerry." " 'Our' story? " "Mmmh." " You didn't kill him? " " " "... Why not?" " ... I love you."
  24. ... with the Roads covered by Ice and Snow cars became mostly useless, and no helicopter or transport was willing to get us out of this mess, the fear of the Counts remaining vampire troops still scared everyone. For us, without protection from the sun, it became too dangerous to go to work, so we had to quit our jobs... "Hello, Mr. Studioboss-whose-name- is-not-important. Know what? I quit! I refuse to work for a company any longer that thinks, the quality of a movie correlates with the number of its special effects, earns more money with merchandise than with the movie itself and relies more on big names than on talented actors. Good Day!"
  25. ... Jerry and Ben followed my example, which lead to some problems, since we only had two coffins in the house. Thankfully, we were already properly experienced in the art of meditation. I decided, against both their protests, as the only Perma-Plat in the house I would be the one staying awake, because we would need all our strength to survive this. Sadly, non one had told us, that the coffins were Light- but not snowproof... " Do you also have the urge to watch the falling snow now? " " Yes. How is that possible? We're inside the house, in a coffin, we shouldn't even know that it snows. It's like... if some... invisible force commands us to... uh, you don't think he...?" " No, not his style. I rather guess Maxis forgot to think about us vampires, when they coded the snow routine..." " So it's like the no-smart-milk-for-babies- sitting-in-high-chairs before the Nightlife Patch? " " Yes, or the Can't-move-in-because-of- pregnant-pet-thing." "...We start to talk like him, right?" "'s poisonous."
  26. ... But there were also good news: my daughter Amaryllis grew up into a healthy little girl... " I still can't believe this will... *shuddder*... okay, Ben, calm down, just add 21, and everything will be good,... just add 21..."
  27. ... and a smart one as well... "...Vammy!" ... Like her brother...
  28. ... and Alexandre and Amaryllis were a Heart and a Soul from the beginning... " Bunny is beeeft fwiend!" " Sis, first rule in this house: Don't talk with mommy about religion. Especially not one that involves long- eared animals or toilets." "Cheewe?" "Cheese? Uhm, I don't know, but I guess it's forbidden too. Not that I ever saw a cheese... in fact, I don't even remember I ate anything since I grew up... those Outings... though I vaguely remember, somewhere... in another reality... another situtation... I ate some chips, and then everything I remember is someone screaming: Dammit, not again this autonomous munching, your hunger bar is already filled! FILLED!..."
  29. ... in fact with the kids growing up so well, our little home business running nearly by itself - we got good ratings, our customers came to us even under these harsh conditions - Jerry and I found the time to be together a bit more again... only the two of us, alone, side by side, breathing, warm each other.... yes, it was one of these perfect little moments that should last forever... so please, could you click the button now, we're having a moment here...
  30. ... Looking back, it was obvious, that stringpuller had tricked us again... why am I always so blind? Don't get me wrong, I love my children, I care for them, and I was full of joy when I realized another little life was growing inside me... but I still hate it, that for him, they're nothing more than point-raising, career- topping... whatever...Okay, perhaps I'm overreacting, perhaps he's not so bad...but you are forced to become a bit paranoid if someone controls your life even into the tiniest detail. We have Free Will on? I don't feel it, and if it means we are free to take the trash out or grope the beds or stand angry (and hungry) before a fridge that is turned around, than Free Will my...*urlgl* sorry, I think, I have to go now for little girls...
  31. Alexandre was a smart child. He even loved to go to school(!), perhaps because it was the only interesting thing that happened in this rather monotone world of white. Thankfully the busdriver was one of the 'Old guard', a man, that neither Snow nor Vampires could stop to fulfill his duty. Sometimes I felt guilty, because I couldn't welcome him home like a good mother should do... it was at that time that I became a bit grateful that the Stilts of our house were sentient...beings... somehow... " Frank, I got an 'A+'! " "Wooo.... Congratulations, Alex.... ehm...what's an 'A+'?" " A Grade, Frank! It shows how good you're at school!" " Ooooo... Than I want an 'F'! An 'F' like in 'Frank'!" " You... surely'll get one, Frank..."
  32. " Mom! Mom! I've got an 'A+'! " "Ommmmm.....that'sgreatmysonI'mso proudofyoubutmommymustmeditate now....Ommmm" "Um, Mom, could you please stop it for a minute? I'm a bit tired and you're blocking the way to the bedroom..." "Ommmm...Damnwhymustmeditatio nalwaysrequirefourgridstoworkandno onecanpassthen.... Ommm" "Mom, you're talking like him again..." "Ommm....Iknowitsinfluenceishardtor esistpromisemenottosurrendertothis... Ommm"
  33. ... despite being the best son a mother could wish for, I was forced to prepare him for the Unevitable: the necessity of doing spongebathes... "I still don't get it: why is spongebathing bound to sloppyness?I mean, how could there be people that don't know how to do this? We all know how to clean ourself in a Shower, so why...?" "Alex, what have I told you about using logic?" "...Logic in this world is like a hit on the head: it hurts, but thinking about it doesn't make it better..."
  34. And then Alex birthday was there - and 'he' decided to play a wicked game with my poor boy... " Pfffft, Chess again... Can I at least play one time with the putter? Or the Dj Pults? I mean, why do we keep these stupid Outing rewards people left for Mom anyway? After all, what sense does the athletic restriction make, that we can sell one-tile-marble statues, but not recliners? Why... Oh no, not again, I rather grow up only gold, instead of going to bed every full hour just to keep my plat..."
  35. ... and of course, I felt so bad that I couldn't give him a birthday party, because we couldn't buy or bake a Cake for him, the daylight even denied us to watch how he had grown... "Wow! Fireworks! Thank you, Mom !"
  36. ... into a handsome young man... It is as if I could see all my children from my former life in his eyes... " Wow, I think, I've just found a new perspective in life. Mom is right: nothing is more important than... friends! Many friends... especially the blond and black-haired chance for greys!"
  37. ... Oh yes, my little boy wasn't so little anymore - he started noticing girls...
  38. ...and made his first experiences... not only good ones... " Back off, Freak, I know how this goes: first we fall for you Player-Sims, then you grow up and then it's: 'We were in love? I don't know anything about this!' So no chance, Buster. Meadow Thawyer is out of range for you!"
  39. ...and as a good Mom, I was determined to help him a little... "...Wow, this is... this is...err.." " This Look is called: 'Sarah Dreamer'. It's named after a girl I knew once. She was the Granddaughter of a famous Scientist and her father was a well- known artist and writer. Her mother had married him after she broke up with her first husband, a terrible Gigolo and Cheater. So this style represents the power of true love, if you just open your eyes, kid." "Wow..." ... yes, you surely all know by now, this was also one of 'his' ideas...
  40. ... but a rather good one, I had to admit... " Oh, Sophie, you're so... oh..." " Oh, Alex..." "Sophie..." "Alex..." "Sophie..." "Alex..." "Sophie..." ...I think, we can stop here...
  41. ...Since it was time for my little girls birthday... I could murder for a cake right now... "Oooo...Fwy...!"
  42. "Hey, my hair matches my pyjama!" It was so cute, seeing that she was so happy about such a small thing... By the way, my daughter is a born Aries, a bit neater (6), more outgoing (8) and active (7) than me, but a bit less serious (3) and she shares her fathers - sometimes - lovable grouchy (3) Behaviour. Still, now that she was old enough, some... unavoidable... consequences had to be set into force...
  43. " Sooo... you are supposed to be my husband?" "Ehhrr... I ... well, you know..." "Sooo... how are we going to define our relationship? "...What?" "I mean, what are we like? Are we like Leon and Mathilda...?" " ...I, I..." "... or more like Louis and Claudia...?" "......" " ...Or perhaps like Padme and Anakin from Episode 1?" "... If I plead myself guilty and go to jail, will you stop?" I didn't know at that time if I should be angry with or proud of my little girl...and I even felt a bit sorry for Ben... at least it seemed like he wasn't the worst decision as a... well, 'candidate'...
  44. Freed from the burden, that the situation would scare Amaryllis (or Ben...) for life, I had at least some time to recover, before Alexandre surprised me with a new household member... " Oooo, Kitty!" *Meowr! Me- Meowr?* [Hi Kid! Uhm..., do you realize, that you're standing barefoot in the snow with only a pyjama?]
  45. I felt a bit uneasy first to adopt a stray, not because of fleas or things like that, but because we would be six to seven persons in the household and our food supply was still limited...but a look in Rafi's eyes, as we called the little guy, and I knew my case was lost. He adapted really soon to his new environment and showed a great amount of artistic and musical talent, as I found... *Meow, Meow, Meow Meohohow, Meheow, Meheowrr...*
  46. ... and we were even able to organize some decent cat food for him... It was just when I realized, that from now on, Rafi would be the only household member at all that would actually eat something... Sometimes, even after all this time, I still have problems to remind myself that in this world of madness, logic was overrated...
  47. Still clinging to this thoughts, Alex informed me, that when he saw Rafi the first time, he thought, he was this pet movie star from one of the movie prospects I brought home when I was still employed in Showbiz. Even more, one of the other movies, a really sucessful teeny comedy that ran in the theatres for a long time, had inspired him to adjust his looks a bit... what a luck, that he didn't decide to change to another 'Skater boy'... ----------- - For anyone who wants to know, which movies Anais mentioned here, go to and watch Nova4708's movie 'Bad Cat and the Sunshine Spot' and Jaydee's Movies: 'Not another Nightlife Movie' (Compare Alex with the 'Good twin' ;- ) and 'Skater boy'! -
  48. ... still the sudden change wondered me a bit. Despite being an intelligent child, Alex had always been rather shy. Of course, getting a girlfriend was a good start - though sometimes I wonder, if it was just Sophie's intention to have a home at all, because she stayed at our house from now on and never left the lot. But I liked her, Alex was happy, and so was I then. And then I realized, how he had grown into the rule of the 'though guy': Jerry had started to teach him the right moves... this sneaky little... sometimes I don't know what I'd do without him... "Hello? Does someone even still notice of me? I've played chess constantly for the whole weekend, and no one has joined me at all..."
  49. Especially, when I felt, that it was time for the next little member of our big family...
  50. Though his reaction made me a bit... uneasy... " ANAIS! WHAT - IS..."
  51. "THIS????!!!!"
  52. "Anais, I want answers! Why does our child look like... like..." "... someone we will call Antoine? Antoine Eden?" "That is NOT funny!" "I wasn't making fun." "Anais, why does he look like a robot- something?! Have you cheated on me?!" "Is this a big pacifier floating over your head, 'Daddy'?!" "... sorry, but..." "It's okay. After all, I think it's time to tell you something over... my past..." " Again this former-life-Reincarnation Stuff? Anais, I told you, I still can't believe, that... " " I wasn't talking about 'this'... at least not exactly. I rather meant my childhood..." *Dramatic Silence*... or *DunDunDunDunDunDunDunDun* if you want...
  53. EDIT:- Okay, at this point I have to interrupt. As you've seen, Anais has told the story for the last pictures... quite good, I'd say... of course I had to censor a lot of her insults against my person... - " I HATE..." - And this is getting old... However, the next part was originally intended to be the 'real' introduction to my apocalegacy... but I abandoned it because I thought, somebody could be offended, if I'm making fun of a religious theme, or in other words: Why do you think this is called 'Far away from Eden'? So if anyone is easily offended by... - " I'm easily offended!" - Anais, you don't count... however, it's just fun, I have high respect for everybodys religion, even Bunny-, Cheese- or Potty-related...- "So much for respect..." - Anais, I...! Anyway, on with the story.... you have been warned... -
  54. " Okay Jerry, sit down, and I'll tell you a story..." "Yes, Mommy..." " Really funny... anyway, I guess you have already heard of a garden called... Eden..." "... I thought this should be a story about your childhood, not about a tale from the..." ---------------- *This beautiful forest, by the way, has been created by Peccorina93 at the exchange and slightyly modified by me, so all credits to her*
  55. " Oh, it will be about my childhood, but for that, I have to start from the beginning..." "You don't have to start that early..." "*Sigh* just listen, okay? Anyway, it was in Eden, or you could call it paradise..."
  56. "... Where my mom, a tree spirit, or you could call her a Dryad, was the guardian of the apple tree of wisdom..." " Your... Mom? Anais, seriously, but do you feel okay? And aside from that, I've never heard that a Dryad was mentioned as the guardian of the apple tree..." "Jerry..." "And after all, since you seem to claim it to be real, how does this story work with the mammoths, the dinosaurs and all that stuff...?" " Do you think, that anyone would have read the book, if it had been about Microbiology and Advanced Quantum Mechanics?" "But you say..." "Who is telling this story?!" "... FIne, go on..." ----------------------- - The CC in this pictures used were: Appletree from Yggdrasil at, Anais's Mom's Costume is from Tabala at, Eyes and Skin by LeMan at, Ears made by Simscribbling , the ground cover... sorry don't know, many thanks to all the creators! -
  57. "Anyway, my Mom was the guardian of the tree, protecting it from any harm, especially eating its apples..." "I still don't think, anything of this was written in the..." "They took it out later, okay? Never heard of the apocryphes? And my mom was really doing a good job!" " Stay away, Adam! God has forbidden you to eat one of these apples!" "Whoa, Miss, why so aggressive? Come on, just one tiny, tiny...!" " For the last time, NO! Are you deaf?!" "But they look so delicous..." "Listen, Mister! One step more, then you can eat my..."
  58. "... And this could have go on, till one day... something... fall from the sky..." " A Satellite?" "*sigh* no, we just had nothing elso to demonstrate... oh, never mind..."
  59. "... In fact, it was a time capsule from the far future ..." "... a time capsule..." "Yes, a time capsule, and out of it came..." --------------- *This Time Capsule... ehrr, I mean this Hibernation Chamber was of course made by the great Numenor at!*
  60. "... a Killer Robot from the future, sent to enslave humanity and establish a new reign of..." " A... Killer.... Robot?!... Okay, that's enough, Anais, you must have hurt your head for sure, you should better lay down..." "... My Dad!" "... We need to call a medic..." " I know it sounds strange, but honestly, do you have a better explanation for a robot-eyed, green- skinned Girl like me, eh?! I mean, now one cares about Ghosts, Aliens, Zombies, Vampires, Servos, Werewolves and Plantsims, so why is this so difficult to believe?!" "..." "I'll take that as an okay... sorry about being so rude, but sometimes I can't believe it myself..." ------------------ *Eyes and Skin are from Bink13y at, the Body Mesh is from Marvin and Beosboxboy at*
  61. "...So my dad was programmed to eliminate any resistance and fight enemy forces... sadly, his mind was a bit damaged from the journey... so instead of scanning for humans, he blindly attacked everything that was in sight, flowers, trees...."
  62. "... and Mom was not amused about this..." " Hey you, big Jerk in pants! What do you think you're doing?! Stop this or and stay away from my tree or I'll kick you big, metal...!"
  63. " And this was how Mom and Dad meet first..." "Woo, ten bucks on the guy on steroids!"
  64. ".... sadly, neither Mom nor Dad ever told me which one of them won that day..."
  65. "But it was understandable, after all, the 'real action' happened elsewhere... "Yum, Yum, I think I'll take this one..." " Ehr... Sorry to interrupt, but... wasn't it Eve, who first...?" " Nope. " " But..." " Oh please, as if he would have been the first guy, who ever blamed others for his... well, actually he WAS the first guy who... but I think you get my point..." " So, Nobody else...?" "Not that I know..."
  66. " a warm apple pie, dude..."
  67. "... and the rest of the story is rather simple... Adam and Eve were thrown out, and Mom... well she couldn't be blamed, but no more humans, no more need to protect the tree, so she was fired..." "Fired." "Yes. And as a Fortune Sim, she didn't took it so well after all..."
  68. "... or better, she was devastated... gladly my dad was there to...." "Woo,Woo,Wait a minute. I thought they were just battling each other a few pics before..." "Yes, this is what my mom liked about him most: hard guy on the Outside, but totally soft on the Inside..." "Anais, I still can't imagine how..." " As I said, Dad was a BIT damaged from the journey, and the battle surely didn't do him any good... well perhaps it did something good, by making him... or perhaps his program was cancelled because he couldn't detect humans anymore, perhaps... oh forget it, this leads us nowhere, just accept it, okay?
  69. "... at least in the end, they fall for each other..." "...They What?!" "*Sigh* They fell in love, do you understand? Kissing, smooching... the stuff we usually do!" " Anais, you can't really expect me to..." "I'm here, right? How else do you think, I was born, randomly created in a Room with a Mirror and pictures?" "..."
  70. " Anyway, in the end I was born - the first child ever born in Eden, so to say. I still remember how happy Daddy was, I was his: 'First Step of Mastering World Conquest'... *Giggle* ..." "... I guess, I don't want to know, *how* Robots and Dryads actually reproduce..." "You know, it has something to do with Nanobots and..." " I *don't* want to know." " Okay, okay, you just mentioned it so I thought..." "ANAIS!" " Come on, Jerry, I'm just teasing you, but that's why Antoine looks how he looks, he has his grandparents genetics... " "....*groan*... Okay, It's hard to believe, but I'll try... though now I really want to know, how it came, that you ended... well, *here*, so, so..." "... far away from Eden? *sigh* I guess, I have to tell you that as well... but this wont be such a nice story..."
  71. "... It happened, when I grew up and hit the teen age... you see, If you're a child, Eden is a wonderful place, plants, animals... like a free zoo all the time..."
  72. "... But as a Teenager? Come on! Especially if you're the first Teenager ever, there is only one word: B-O-R-I- N-G! No Parties, no friends, nothing! Not to forget any books or advisors for parents who can tell them how to handle their Off-Spring. I loved my parents, but at that time I wished sometimes, an elephant would hit them..." "Pleasure Sim, right?" "... and that too, of course..."
  73. "... and then I met 'him'... " " ...Is... is that who I think it is?" "Yes, 'he' is... guess, you haven't read that either..." " ... You really want to tell me, that... by the way, I thought you said, you were the only teenager in..." " I said, I was the first one, I never mentioned being the only one later..." ------------------------------- *The Snake Skin and Eyes are from Ophidia from It is also used in the movie 'Adam and Eve' by grlhsh88 at Sadly I don't recognize anymore the brows... thanks to this creator as well!
  74. "Anyway, he might have been younger, but wow, he was H-O-T!" "... I... don't know what to say." " *sigh* If this means, you don't think this couldn't end well, than you're right...I know this now too, but I wouldn't have been the first one who made a mistake and... well, I WAS the first one who... oh shoot..."
  75. " Of course, my parents were totally mad about my new boyfriend... Spawn of Evil, Deceiver, Child of... the usual things parents say... " " They were right after all..." "... You just had to remind me of that, do you?"
  76. " And what did you do?" "Of course I totally refused to listen. It's the right of every teenager to disobey their parents and make your own faults, right? And I WAS the first teenager, so I had every right to be first one who makes them! Besides, do you consider my parents relationship to be normal?" " I... just had persuaded myself not to care about that anymore..."
  77. " Whatever. After the debate with my parents, I felt misunderstood and angry...the normal reaction of a teenager... so 'he' suggested, that I needed to relax, to let go, to change my point of view, to broaden my horizonts, to chill out, to..." "... a make-over?" "Correct!" "... And thats why you... look... as..." " I already WANTED to change it, but stringpuller..." " Any chance you can tell me, how there could be make-over Chairs and Dressers in Eden?" " You don't want to know what else was there..." " At least I know now, that you're not a born redhead..."
  78. " ...Well, as you can guess, at that time I thought, we were perfect for each other! " " I see." "... Totally in love, head over heels!" " m-hmm." "... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" " hmm." "... Any chance, that you'll get a bit jealous at all, please?" " Somehow I'm still busy with the fact that the guy I should be jealous of is a character from...oh nevermind.... *ahem* 'grrr, grrr, I want to tear this... dude limb from limb, Grr!'... okay?" "It's a start..."
  79. "... but to bring this story to an end: the first - and final - time I realized, that my oh-so-perfect boyfriend was not as perfect as I thought was at this party..." "Are these...?" "Yes, they are... and you can say what you want: they know how to throw a party!" ------------------------ *Apologize to anyone who made these great clothes for the devils, but I can't recall anymore, from where I got them. The red Skin was somewhere from the exchange, the horns were made by Pontiac 1979 at
  80. " ... And tell you what? You don't need to tear him anymore Limb from Limb. I already took care of that, when I saw him flirting with this 'Lilith' girl, this little, treacherous...Argn, sorry, but I'm still getting angry when I only remember this... anyway, when I was finished with him, he had to crawl on his stomach to move away..." "I....mpressive." "I'm my parents child after all..."
  81. " Oh, Take That... and That... and That...!" " Anais?" "...and That... and... hm? Oh, sorry, I was a bit.. caught up in my mind..."
  82. " ... Still, I was of course totally down. I mean, I was after all the first one ever being cheated on..." "You were actually a lot of 'first ones', do you realize?" " I really would've missed that one..."
  83. "... after that, I did what everyone would do in this situation..." "taking a rational approach to overcome the sad feelings, discussing it out with friends, parents and people with similar problems, thereby growing and getting stronger?" "...getting plastered, of course." "... of course." " I was the fir... well, I got really drunk that night... I don't even remember most of it - Partial Blackout - But I guess, my breath alone could have light up a candle at that time..."
  84. "So I guess, I'm a bit responsible, for... what... happened..." "'re...." "mhmm..." "Complete?" "mmm." "But then..." " It was all 'his' fault! If he hadn't..." " There is a camin in the left part of the picture. Couldn't this be..." "Could you please stop ruining the message of the picture?! It burned down! The whole thing! Everything (and all 'his' fault of course...)!
  86. "...And how did you survive now?" "... Do you know the joke, were you guess that it must've been a great party, if you wake up with strange people in strange beds the next day...?" " So you..." " I don't know how I ended up there either, but in the end it's obvious I should be grateful, that Dad's Time capsule was fireproof..."
  87. " ...Too bad he never told me how to handle the controls, it would've been very helpful to know how to get back to the past, before these batteries died out. Instead I woke up a few Millenia later, with the Great-Grandmother of all headaches..." " you say, you travelled through time till now??" " I'm not sure... this thing was basically a hibernation cell advanced to a time capsule... perhaps I just slept through all that time, at least my hair had grown a bit..." " And is this guy there, isn't that..." " Yup." " So he..." "Shocking relevation, right?" " So... he found you... and then... "
  88. "...then he made me a ''generous'' offer: Instead trying to go back to the past, why not live here as the starring role in a legacy? 'Parties, Friends, Money, Loves, not to forget a Resurrect-o-Nomitron for your parents... what do you want more?', he said... and only forgot to mention what kind of Legacy he had in mind, that he would take control over my life from now on and..." "Okay, I think I can make up the rest of the story now myself... but ... Anais, honestly, I - just - can't -believe - it! What you're telling me there is... is totally incredible! You're telling me you're the daughter of... and in...and your boyfriend was...I mean...Do you really expect me to believe that????!" "One word, Jerry: Vampogacy..." "... I think I need to lay down, my head hurts..." ... and after that , Jerry didn't spoke a word at all for the rest of the Day... not that I could blame him... sometimes I think myself, it was all just a bad dream, not true at all, but then again...I want to believe it's true...
  89. ... but past was past, and I had to focus on the future now...I had to care for three children, and that's not easy, if you're a vampire and you're time is limited at day... thankfully, Alexandre took over at day now, and proved himself to be a great big brother...
  90. ... and Amaryllis? "Aw, man, that shucks... why can Big Bro stay home and I hafta go to school..?.. stupid glacier... couldn't it overrun the elementary as well? And why do I have to wear this stupid 'Marsha' look for school, this looks retarded..." ... my little girl was already going after me: never hiding her feelings if it came to injustice...
  91. ... and she already knew how to change it... "Hey Frank, guess what? I protested against the Marsha Haircut rule at school and they changed it! Oh, and I got an 'A+'!" "That's great, Amaryllis!... Ehm, what is a 'Haircut'?" "... the way the hairs on my head are styled?" "Ooo... I want an Haircut too... what do you think, should I wear blond or black?" "... Frank, this... you should try bald, absolutely bald..."
  92. And again, it was time to grow up, and still no cake anywhere... and the time flows so fast... it's almost as it was yesterday, when she was still a baby... "Teenage years, here I come..."
  93. "Now, am I hot or not? Now let's see, if there is a way to run our little home business into a fast growing empire...!" Yes, Amaryllis was definitely the best of me and Jerry: she was goal-oriented, never to shy to express her true feelings, but lacked my sometimes... lazy Behaviour towards money - not that it mattered, we already had more than 350.000, which of course made Creator jump around with Joy of what 'he' had achieved... guess I'm still not lazy enough...
  94. ... and of course, 'he' couldn't get his hands out of our life... "Hey Sis, I thought, you didn't like the 'Marsha' Style?" "Yes, and it's totally unfair! Why are you allowed to wear the hair style you want, and I'm forced to wear this?" "Perhaps because this is how you looked when creator played it the first time and still wants to stick to the pre- crash pics?" "...don't you find it strange, that this is actually just a big 'deja-vu' we're currently living?" " We live in vampire-infested neighborhood, our parents are vampires too, Mom was actually born a few thousand years before, her parents..." " I meant that rethorical..."
  95. ... once again a cakeless birthday, *sigh*...
  96. ... but a happy one nonetheless... Antoine had grown into a wonderful little boy - with a rather unusual, but adorable hairstyle - and reminded me of my parents every time I looked into his smart green eyes and his silvery face... *The Hairstyle is actually from Myos at the Sims Artist Union (can't reach it currently...) and is the first Custom hairstyle one of my Sims was born with. I'm now slowly adding more and more extra styles to see how much my Comp can take before exploding again...
  97. What then happened, was a rather sad thing: a few days later a car stopped at our house, the first one - not counting the school bus - we saw since this Ice age had come over the neighborhood! It was actually one of my old bosses employee, but it wasn't me who they wanted - they wanted Rafi! It turned out, that he was in fact one of their pet stars, that ran away while they were doing a TV-spot with a whale and piranhas or something, when a vampire raiding party attacked the studio... Since then they've frantically searched for him as the only 'survivor', which had actually multiplied his popularity, when his portrait as part of a search campaign appeared in many newspapers outside the neighborhood... I don't know, how they had tracked him down here, but we were forced to give him back - company property - and I felt a little sting in my heart, when he jumped into the car and they drove off...
  98. ... But only a few weeks later, a big, heavy armed Limousine stopped at our house - and brought Rafi back! It turned out, that he'd started to refuse to eat and had made several escape attempts, trying to get back to our place - it seemed like it had become his home after all. Afraid of losing him, the company made a deal with us: we should take care of him, they would pay us a certain amount of money and sent a car to drive him to work and back, which also forced them to get some streets permanently free... again, it was strange that a little cat like him would bring such big changes to the neighborhood, and the fact that he would be now the only one that actually had a job... but then again, logic... "They're too afraid to sent carpools and helicopters because of vampires, but clear streets only to transport a little cat? That's totally..." "Aron, I don't think, this is any more unrealistic than paperboys with short pants walking through vampire- infested, ice-aged neighborhoods... no offense..."
  99. ... With Rafi back, it was as if his presence alone was enough to multiply my childrens motivation to bring an end to this vampocalypse. They started to study my old scripts from College, spent hours to build up their physical condition... "One, two, three... finally Yoga! Another Spongebath and I... what a luck, that Mom thought me sloppiness for this..."
  100. ... and their growing confidence in their abilities rebuilt my inner strength as well. Stringpuller can mistreat us with as many restrictions and hadicaps as he wants, we will - never - ever -surrender!! "Whew, reached the fit level for this fitness handicap before growing up... don't want to become a teen vampire again like before the crash..."
  101. ... the only thing that started to worry me was, that Amaryllis was hanging around a lot with a certain boy named Jonas, who also stayed literally months at our place, probably a homeless being like Alexandre's girlfriend Sophie. Not that I would've been actually against this relationship, but I feared for the consequences when 'someone' else found out...
  102. ... but what could I do to avoid it on such small space? Thankfully, Benjamin stayed totally calm to the fact, that... it was one of this moments, where I realized, what I had done to him... "Add 21, Ben, Add 21, 21,21,21,21,21..."
  103. ... Of course, the situation totally passed Creators conscience, he only had views for something else... as if he could extract all the relevant facts of what was happening at our lot by looking at these $%&§ green bottles in our yard... - Elixier Point Nr. 7 since the start of this legacy... -
  104. Still fuming about this totally insensitive behaviour, I nearly missed Antoine's next birthday.. cakeless of course... and while being happy that life at our house hadn't left any bruises on his soul at all, I was stunned by his personality... he reminded me of my Dad in so many points, because he was a little neat freak(10) - My Dad called himself sometimes a 'Cleaner' - but also a really, still lovable, Meanie (niceness 1). He even resembled Dad in the rest of his personality (outgoing 7, active 8, playful 3) - a little scorpio that already knew how to use his natural weapons... [Insert usual legacy joke: 'Look, I have fingers!' here.]
  105. I had to admit, sometimes I was anxious, that because of his looks, he would feel isolated, alone, even more than my other children, who at least had me to... compare... but he never lost a word about that, even brought some friends home - though sometimes I couldn't surpress the feeling, that he had dragged them home like some sort of hunting prey - and of course he was the best of his class like my other children. By the way: the day Antoine brought his first 'A+' home, Frank Stilt asked me afterwards, if he should wear trousers... this thing is driving me...
  106. And then the big day arrived - have I mentioned that time actually flows by within this house? - : Alexandre hit the age mark for becoming an adult. There weren't any birthday presents, but perhaps a little Kiss from Sophie was everything he needed... I really hoped it was... " *Smooch* Don't forget me when transitioning, and move out once it's possible, okay?" " *Smooch* Deal... only promise, that you and Antoine don't have good chemistry, when he grows up in a few days, stringpuller has already thought about..." " EWWW! Is that guy sick or what?!" " He calls it 'effective ressource management'..."
  107. ... with a small cloud of confetti, the cruel world welcomed my oldest son to the realms of adulthood. Looking back, there were a lot of things I regret not being able to grant him, like not being able to help him with his homework - he was always done when it turned night and he always refused to bother me with it - or building a lemonade stand - well, there weren't any lemons available - but I really try'd hard to give him all the love and affection I was capable of...
  108. ... though there were things not even I could change... "*Sob*... I grew up uneducated... so unfair... *Snif*" EDIT: - Again at this point, I, Stringpuller, have to intervene, since we're at the end of this chapter. Now, after reading Anais 'memoires', I have to confess, I'm really content how she managed the situtation, so perhaps I'll let her do some more... though the next chapters will probably focus more on the next generations... as for now, I'm still waiting for an answer from PinStar about the MoN- Handicap... by the way: so far, the handicap doesn't say anything about Pet Jobs, and Pets CAN actually just go to work via carpool, own car is not possible, I've realized... yes, I'm rulebubbling again, so I better stop here... -
  109. - ... but of course first I have to thank again the placeholders for this chapter, the Ottomas that were shipped with the Seasons expansion. I have also to thank them for testing out the new season abilities, like fishing, gardening, making fruit drinks, become a Plant-Sim etc. -
  110. - And then there is someone else, I have to thank as well: First Anais's parents - for letting me play with their daughter ;-) (they're actually clones of the 'original' Anais with the same facial structure, altered in CAS, and In-game-Anais was the CAS-child of them), and then Joe and Jane Sims from the neighborhood tutorial (available through the Dices-Symbol at the lower left of the neighborhood screen) - for me the true 'Adam & Eve' of the Sims 2... So, that's all Folks, thank you for watching and - have an ice age... ehrr, day ;-) - - Visit for more legacies and join the community. Do. It. Now! -