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Far away from Eden, Ep.6.1.: Horror Picture Show

  1. Far away from Eden, Ep.6.1.: Horror Picture Show Description: Chap 6.1 of my apocalegacy: Vampires! Robots! Zombies! Michael Jackson... What have I done???!!!!! Family Name: Simselfs Bunch B Lot Name: Sexyville Categories:Horror,Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. "... So let's get over with this, grmbl..." *ahem*... Hello and Welcome yadda, yadda, yadda... this is an apocalegacy with vampires, restrictions and Simselfs, if you're too dumb to understand what that means, read the former episodes, or ask this Pinstar guy..." " Lil'Bro, that is NOT an appropriate introduction..." " ANTOINE! My name is ANTOINE, not 'Lil'Bro' - stop calling me that, I'm an Adult!! " "... *sigh*, 'Antoine', we all know, that you've got only one nice point, but could you, please, tone it down a bit... ?" "Why do I even have to do the narration this time? It's stupid, and I don't give a..." " Mom decided, that you should do it this time. Guess she hoped, it would improve your behaviour... so please, don't make her regret it..." " Pfft...whatever..." ----------------------------- legacy and apocalypse challenge - visit great legacy and apocalypse stories - visit
  3. "... okay, once again..." ...Hello, my name is Antoine Eden, the guy in the background is my older brother Alexandre, and as you can see, we're both currently working our @$$es off.... " Antoine!" ... we're... working... at our 'dear' sister Amaryllis's - the heiress of this legacy - clothing and toy shop... not that it matters, our family swims in money, 700.000 and counting... but since this is an apocalypse challenge... or vampocalypse, since we're overrun by vampires and not zombies, money is rather useless until we lift some restrictions, but our greedy si... - "OWWWW...!... Okay, okay, I got it, stop throwing toy bricks...!"
  4. ".... grmbl, stupid brother Alex... always playing 'Mr. GoodyTwoShoes'... hey, we're brothers, what did you expect, love and harmony?...though he seems still a bit unnerved from his kidnapping... well, I'm still obliged give you a recap of what had happened, better finish this now... "
  5. ...Ok, last time we had serious problems: Creator was missing, then an ugly alien named Uranium appeared, forging an alliance with the guy responsible for our 'vampire problem', the Count, while her son Plutonium, a noseless freak like her, took over the local criminal underworld and imprisoned the gypsies, so no more love potions - a bad thing for my 'dear' Sister Amaryllis, because she and her husband Ben Long - yes, the 'nose' guy - had not enough bolts for the 3-bolts handicap...yep,bed problems ;) So Sis, dressed like a game character, began searching for one of Mom's former friends, Nick Wood, a 'Mad Scientist', who perhaps still had a ReNuYu- Portachug with the chance of becoming a Grilled Cheese Sim = guaranteed triple bolts.. Plutonium tried to set up a trap for Sis by claiming to have info about Mr. Wood, but only captured Alex and Dad, so he blackmailed her with that. Sis freed them with the help of the GCD, who distracted Plutoniums vampire minions while Amaryllis beat him up…
  6. ... and in the end, she even got away with a free package of love potion from the gypsies for 'freeing' them - fact is, she nearly let them rot away in their prison if I hadn't remind her... really, these gypsies are so stu... but who am I telling this, everyone knows their expertship, if it comes to blind dates...
  7. in the end, everyone was happy... Alex and Dad for being freed, Amaryllis for her love potion...*cough*woohoo*cough...even the GCD was happy, cause Mom accepted her now at least as 'persona grata'... "Seriously mom, why do you want to be friends with this smelling lightbulb, just because she...?" "Well, my son, first, while I still dislike any sort of religion, I respect it, if somebody helps me or my children... and then, I'm a popularity Sim, and making friends is my happiness, so she's as good as anyone else..." "... so much for moral values..." "Young Man, I told you a thousand times: Not in this tone!" "Great, my Sis can be as greedy and horny as she wants, but I'm the one who...!" " We. will. work. on your sisters behaviour too, but that's no excuse for your grumpiness! You both should..." " Yeah, yeah, follow Alex's example...our nicey-nice super-brother...still restless searching for our oh-so-beloved creator..." " Now you're really pushing it..."
  8. meanwhile: "...I'm the... *coughcough* REAL ONE... you're the Hallucination/Clone/Fake ! *gack*"
  9. " NO, I'm... *cough* the... Look, as a peace offering, can we perhaps make an agreement on the fact, that we disagree, who the real one is?" "...*gack*... Agreed, but only because my throat feels like.... nah, you don't wanna know... how long were we actually arguing...?" " Guess, it's already a new chapter... we started at 5.1, now it's 6.1..." " Huh? How could that be? I'm the... I mean, one of us is the creator of this vampogacy, so how..." "Free will?" "Oh. Okay... at least one thing less to worry... I think... :? "
  10. "Sooo... Any idea, how we get out here... whereever 'here' is?"
  11. " No clue... after all, I don't even remember, how I got here... only remember, how this Alien broke into my house..." " Our House! " "... our house, and then, everything went black... that's all."
  12. " Same here... so that's a dead end too... seems like we have to wait till somebody frees us..." " Haha, good one... seriously, who do you think, would even search for us?!" " Anais would..." " Oh come on, you know her! This girl would dance on my... on our... on one of our... oh forget it, she wouldn't care!" " Hey, don't judge her so harsh... she might hate m... us, but cruelty is not part of her personality... besides, she'd miss the insults she throws at m... us. And after all, if Uranium has trapped 'us' here as an attempt to control the neighborhood..." "hmmm, good argument... so this means, we just have to sit this out, right?" " Well... yeah... guess, now we only have to think of a way how to spent our time..."
  13. "... rock, scissor... damn, both the same again... we're too similar, it seems..." "Okay, how about playing catch then?" " We don't have a ball." "... Pillowfight?" " Pillows?" " Red Hands?" " Guess, that would be the same as Rock, Paper, Scissors..." " *Sigh*, this is going to be a long wait..."
  14. Change of Location: Counts castle, Headquarter of the evil Vampire army, temporary Headquarter of the Leader of the Cult of the Potty God, Uranium, meeting room:
  15. " You know, sometimes I really had hoped, you'd change one day and become more... competent, considering you've got at least half of my genes and all that stuff, and stop being the whiny little wannabe you used to be... " -------------------------- For more information about Uranium Apocalypso, read Ephemeraltoasts 'Apocalypse-A-Go-Go', Uraniums Bachelorette Challenge, and some other legacy where she also constantly causes havoc...
  16. "... But apparently, even a garden gnome would 've done a better job!!! Seriously, everyone escaped?! The gypsies, the family... and she even beat you up?! For potty god's sake, you are so stupid....!" "But.... but Ma, she tricked me, and then Rubbersushi, I mean the Grilled Cheese Deity..." " Shut up! You failed me and you disgust me! Out of my Eyes!" ----------- For Plutonium Apocalypso, read also the former chapter ' Vamp Raider!'... (shameless self-advertisment...;)
  17. " Waaaaaah, that's so mean *snif*..." " Damn, I should've known it... never let such an imbecile do a job for you... Hey 'hedgehog', what do you think would be better, selling him to a freak show or use him as a punching bag?" " M... my name isn't...*gurrgle* hedgehog, it's..."
  18. "... Sonic..*wurrgl*... dude !" -------------------- - Sonicdude - writes the Valistor Legacy. Very eager to team up with Uranium, instead degraded to her house maid for cleaning the Counts castle... hey, she's evil,what did you expect? - Default zombie skin was made by Enayla at
  19. " Eeew, stay away from me, you're smelling like a... well, you are a corpse after all...brrr, totally forgot, how zombies stink, when I lived in an apocalypse... if there were any zombies at that time, I mean... but I really thought, you were a bit smarter... isn't it obvious, that the potty god doesn't like to be scrubbed so hard? You're really lucky, that, in his infinitive wisdom, has granted you a second life as my devoted servant... oh well, I think, you can take out the trash now, then you can wash my clothes, and after that, the Count and I want a nice meal, but first you'll desinfect yourself, I don't want any body parts in my..."
  21. " ...Do I hear some sort of... rebellion here?" " Darn right! I refuse to do this lower work anymore! I want power! I want influence! I want a zombie army! My own Desk! A Secretary! And paid vacation! " "... I really admire your braveness, kid... you actually seem to have more backbone than my worthless son... I mean, just tossing all this into my face, when I've killed men for lesser... so is this your last word?" " This IS my last word!" " *sigh*, then I guess, I have no other choice..."
  22. - a severe beat-up later - " ... OWWWWIIEEE!!" "... and don't even think to come back asking for a good reference, moron!" *SLAM*
  23. " Oh, this... this Alien, she... DO you hear me, Uranium?! This means war! I'll get my zombie army, and then you'll pay, you, you...where is my cell phone?!"
  24. Location: Sexyville, Sonicdude's Valistor Legacy: *RING* *click* " Yes, here household of the omnipotent, but merciful, sadly currently absent..."
  25. Yeah, yeah, I know already, It's myself after all... Listen, come over here, bring my resurrect-o-nomitron and some zombies with you... oh, and get me an evil headquarter or a fortress or something like that... oh and you can bring the cowplant too, there's lots of evil to do..."
  26. " Woa, Woa, Woa, Dad, hold it! Do you even know, how worried we were, when you just went off without notice and... where are you anyway?"
  27. "In your other Dad's Neighborhood, of course... now get your lazy butt over here and get me some zombies... oh, and I want zombies, that can dance, do you hear me? I always wanted dancing zombies... and don't forget the evil headquarter, okay? Ciao!"
  28. " H-Hey, Dad, wait a minute, I... Hello, Hello?!... *sigh* why me...?"
  29. " WOOOOH, LOOKIT ME, I'M A LAMP, WHEEEEEEE!!!!" " *snore*... please, kiddo, let Daddy sleep.... *snore* " " Frickin' Great... my Dad just orders me around, my other Dad always sleeps, my half-sister/aunt/whatever is a lunatic... heck, I even don't know my own name, cause nobody told me...!" ------------------------------------- persons in the picture: - on the couch: LittleNemo, originally wrote the 'Far away from Eden'- Vampogacy, now trapped at an unknown place (see before), hallucinating that there are dopplegangers of him, or clones, or fakes or...; this version went to Sonicdude's Valistor Legacy and was used by Sonicdude for a pregnancy experiment, that spawned two children, aged up to adults. - Girl in orange shirt with white trousers: Child of Valistor Little Nemo and Sonicdude, Name unknown... - Girl with Lampshade (and scuba helmet underneath): child of Valistor Little Nemo with himself(!), slightly crazy and... okay, so she's totally crazy...
  30. Back to the 'Far away from Eden'- neighborhood, location 'F.a.F.E'-Simself Lair, former SimSim prison... " Cel...?"
  31. "... hey, Cel, there's..." " AaaaRGH!!!... what is it this time?! I told you a thousand times, not to kill each other, but does anybody listen to me...?!" " ... sorry Cel, but I thought..." " Or is it just because I abandoned my apocalypse challenge? I already explained it, now you don't have to rub it under my nose, just because you finished yours and..." " No Cel, it's just that the new Simselfs have arrived and wait at the front gate..." " mmph, okay, I'm coming..." " Don't worry Cel, I'll keep the pool free for you... besides, you'd lose this game anyway... again...*snicker*" " Why me...?" ----------------- - At the Left: Maxibuckle, Wrote and completed the Smarter and Fancy AC - - In the middle: Cel aka Celinou4c, wrote the At the Gate of Baldur AC and diverse other Legacies - At the right: DJXavier, wrote and completed the Ryders AC
  32. " Hi, Cel! " " Hey Dor! Wow, that's a surprise seeing you here! By the way: Congratulations for Completing the Miyazaki's!" "Aww, thanks Cel!" *hugs* - 'Congratulations, Dor!' - 'Wooooo! Way to go! The Miyazaki's rock!' - 'Yay! Another finished legacy to read! Congrats!' ------- - In the front: Dor aka Mitinkitten, Global Mod at boolprop, wrote and completed 'Miyazaki's Art' - One of the best Legacies 4EVA! - *shameless admiration* ;) - In the back, from left to right: - Avidreader2466 aka Denise, writes the puritanical green thumb legacy - Candie020765, wrote 'the' Uglacy, writes 'the' Prettacy -if you don't know them, you're probably from behind the moon - -Aaroc200, writes the Elfin Legacy and the Space Oddity -put into his Space Oddity custome ;) -LorinsV60, wrote and completed the 'Apocalypse Scrapbook' AC - Chickensensei (Bigsmallquack) - currently writing the best of the worst legacy - Orikes360 - writes the Pseudo Legacy - another favourite ;) - De aka fireflower - writes the pierce legacy
  33. - ' Congratulations!!!' - ' Yay! THis calls for a party! ' - ' Wee! Party time!' - 'Horray for Dor!' ------------------- From left to right: - Sporks007007, writes the 'a Simselfs Legacy' and the Themeless Legacy - Katyann, writes the 'Bildungsroman Legacy' - I 'wuv' Lemony! - Smoothiequeen87, writes the Fitzhugh Legacy - sorry being hidden, realized to late, that the camera angle wasn't right... :( - Kiwisaysquee aka SayKiwiwithme, writes the 'A Nervous Legacy' - Blite27 aka NetfsN1427, writes the 'Ten Cesars Legacy' - another favo... heck, *all* are favourites, okay? - BELOVEDWAGON, wrote and completed the 'Legacy du Jour', hundreds of awesome Sims on his page! - Anabanana aka Alexhuichun, writes the Delacruz Legacy, founded the Church of Don
  34. " aww, thank you all... that's like birthday, only without cake..." " Well, 'birthday child', look at it that that way, you don't need to blow the candles first before getting the presents." " Well, actually, I've even already unpacked my... 'present'... that was actually something, I wanted to discuss with you, Cel... I mean, so far, only Simselves have checked in here, right...?"
  35. " Well... yes, but that doesn't mean, this here is 'Simself's only' ... let's just say, we tried to focus first on Simself's before... well, I guess, your question means, that you've brought someone with you? One of the Miyzaki's, perhaps?" "Errh....No, I'm actually here with..." " Hi Cel... Hey Dor, that's a surprise to see you here, too!" " Huh? Who's there?" " We're behind you... or better: look at the next picture!"
  36. " Oh, it's you! You know, I actually wanted to talk a little vacation from the Miyazki's..." " 's no use! We'll always be on your mind! Do you have any Welcoming Cheese? Swiffie and I are starved from the way here... oh, and why didn't you tell us of these funny vampire parties, I'm sure Mei and Omega would've loved to..." " Nausicaa, I think, that was a 'raiding party' we met..." ------- - Dear readers, meet favourite Simself/Simlebrity pair Nr. 1, Nausicaa Miyazaki from 'Miyzakis Art 'and Jennifer aka Swiffner, who wrote and completed(!!!) the 'Ancient Mythology' Alphabet Challenge - 26 generations of pure awesomness, first completed ABC Challenge ever!
  37. "... but nevermind... congrats from me too, Dor!" " Aww thanks Jenn." *Hugs* " So, I've heard, only Simselfs are here so far? Then it's about time for some... Simlebrities here! Mind, if I invite the rest of my family? All Miyzaki's together, that would be a nice..."
  38. " ... Whoo, Whoo, wait a minute! Nausicaa, nothing against your family, but... see, this Lot already contains over thirty(!) persons, not adding all the others, who... " " Oh, come on, Cel, surely there are still free... 'cel's' ? *snicker* " " Hey, good one... but it's not space, I'm worried about... it's rather time... game time, so many people create a lot of game lag... truth to be told, we're already discussing the possibility of expanding and buy some more locations for..." " Oh you're expanding? Hey, perhaps then I can invite the rest of my family, too..." " Who...?" " Next picture!" " You know, it is a bit annoying, if you start talking, before we can see you..."
  39. "... Professor. By the way, aren't you still in detention in Orikes Legacy?" " Well, so what? I'm changing a prison for another prison, no big deal!" " You know, technically this isn't a real prison anymore, but..." " Not to interrupt, but can we go in now? I'm still cold from the way here... whose idea was it anyway, to create a Sim Lair in the midst of a ice- aged, vampire controlled area, brrrr...?" --------- Meet favourite Simself/Simlebrity pair Nr. 2, Professorbutters aka Looloolooo16play, writer of the 'Squeaky-clean Legacy' and her husband Flavius Marius, political roman mastermind, made by Blite27, writer of the Ten cesars legacy - toga found at the exchange... don't know, where this cool orange ones are, sorry...
  40. " Okay, just go in, Mr. Flavius .... ehm, Prof, when you said, your whole family... did you mean that for real?" " Yes, of course, why?" " Well, because with all these Simselfs... I mean, you are aware, that we aren't that... 'squeaky clean'...?" " Oh, don't worry about that... I didn't expect it, and I don't think Blites Romans will..." " Wait, Romans?!" " Yes... didn't I say 'My family'? Since I'm married to a Roman, this is 'my family'... but of course, the Goodytwoshoes would like to come too, if..." " But... these are nearly hundred Sims, how should we...?" " Cel...?" " Wh... Next picture, right?" " Ehrr, yes?" "Okay, bring it..."
  41. "...As I already wanted to tell you, I brought someone with me, it's..." " ME! Hiya, Ladies, gosh, you're all looking freakin' hot tonight...!" ---------------- Favourite Simself pair Nr. 3 (sorry), Dor and Gage Uglacy from Candie's Uglacy... well, he and Dor are rather in a Love/hate-relationship, but he's kinda grown to her, as she said herself in the end of the Miyzakis (Miyazakis Art, when a plan comes together part 2)... so hopefully, no hard feelings Dor, eh? please?
  42. " What?! Dor, you can't be serious about that?! Gage?!!" " Aww, Cel, come on, you said, it's like my birthday..." " Yes, but it's not halloween... yet. If we need a scary pumpkin face, we rather make one ourself!"
  43. "... Oh, pumpkin faces... should I help you with that? *hint*hint* ;)" " No, Gage, get lost! Dor, seriously, you did you came up with the idea of... this is a Lair full of Simselfs, mostly female, that's like letting a fox into the chicken..." " Cel, baby, calm down! I swear, I won't do anything silly this time, okay? It's only Dor now... yup, Gage has totally changed! Now come, let me into this prison... I was such a bad boy after all, I need to be punished... ;)"
  44. " Gage, that's the most stupid... arrgh, it's more likely, that Maxis creates an Add-on without any bugs then you..." " Aw man, Cel, give me a chance... I promise, I'll be good, there will be no..." "YOU!" " ... I thought, I made myself clear, not to start talking before you're actually in the...!"
  45. *Whackwhackwhack* " ...YOU STOLE MY MAN!" "OOOOWWIEE! Why...?" " No one takes my Gage away, D'ya hear me?!" " Oh, Hi Renee... Rrrr, sexy as ever..." " Renee, you..." " DIEDIEDIE!!" ----------- Favourite pair Nr. 4, Renee and... yes, of course it was already Dor and Gage, but Gage is the Ladies man, so... and Renee aka Cowforbrains1 - best- known psychotic Simkiller Nr.1, wrote the Fear Legacy, the Hall Matriarch Legacy (with Dor), the Ashbua Legacy etc. - has a crush for him since at least Gage's Bachelor Challenge by Candie... oh, and Ephemeraltoast is still occupied with the bubble blower, so no danger from there...
  46. - 'Oh, I can't look...' - 'Woo, Dor get her..!' - 'Show her who's Boss, Renee!' - 'Ten bucks on Dor!' - 'Done!'
  47. " *sigh*, there goes my free weekend... now just come on, after a sentence like that, there's certainly someone, who wants to say something, without appearing in this picture..." *** *** *crickets chirping* "... I'm not falling for that!" " You're no fun, Cel..."
  48. "... that's why I brought some fun with me !" "... and I still insist, mate, this whole trial was a total..." " Oh Shush, you... smexy... ehr, guilty baby, or I'll ZOTZ! you..." -------- Favourite pair Nr... no, that's not right, Purplebunnysarah, Inventor of the ZOTZ!ing, and ChristheS would be that, but ChristheS wasn't available, so... and since our dear Jack Sparrow* (don't tell me, there is anyone out there who doesn't know him???) was the founder of her piratical legacy, he'll make a suitable the way, they're talking about what happened in PikaKyle's 'Apocalypse at Cedar point, CH. 4', where Jack was just sentenced to prison.... welcome onboard, Captain! *Jack made by... ehr,.... damn, who made him again, there are about two- hundred(!) Jack Sparrows at the exchange! Okay, credit to them all... ;)
  49. - 'OMG, Jack Sparrow is here!' - 'That's 'Captain' Jack Sparrow!' - 'Huhu, Jacky, over here!' - 'Jack, I love you, marry me!' - 'HEY, he 'is' already married to me, get your greasy hands of...' - 'Weeeeeh, Jack, I wanna bear your child!' - 'I want you to bear Gage's child!' - 'Not fair, I wanted to do that!' - 'Double pregnancy?' - 'Yay!'
  50. " *gulp* Oh no, not all these crazy Simselfs again... need to think of an escape plan fast,... ah yes..."
  51. " *Ahem* Fellow ladies, thank you all for yer nice welcome and kind words... ehr... and to show you my gratitude, let me now recite one of my most favourite quotes... *cough*: Dear friends, you... will always remember this as the day you almost caught...
  52. ... Captain... Jack... Sparrow!... and now, to add something new: RUN, FEET, RUN!"
  53. " Oh no, Jack is escaping!!" " Stop, Jack, come back, you can't just run away!" " Yes, at least not until you've breed with Gage!" " WAAAAH... the cannibals were harmless against these girls... damn, where is Will, when you need him...?"
  54. " Pfft... all this nonsense about a guy with too much mascara and a stupid hat... girls, why do you go after this freak, if there is all 'Gage' just waiting right here for..."
  55. "...y....aRRRR....!"
  56. "....RRRWWWW....."
  57. "....WWWWWRROOOOOOOOOOO OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!" --------- *Note: Gage has suffered from lycantrophia for a long time, that's why he also prefers to wear Leopard fur - synthetic, not natural, of course - to show his relation to the.... beast within.... ;)
  58. somewhere else: *barkbark, wraffwraff bark* ('Sir, we found him!') * Bark, wraff barkbark* ('What did you find, private Tom?') *Bark, bark bark barkbark wraff, bark* ('A Werewolf, a real werewolf has appeared in the neighborhood, Commander Flea!') *Bark, Bark, wrafwrafwraff, wraff bark, BARK BARK BARK* ('Perfect! We must immediately turn him to our side! ALL HAIL TO THE UPCOMING WEREWOLF EMPIRE!!!') --------- Note: read the former episodes for further information about the dogs of the neighborhood and their attempt to establish a werewolf empire...%)
  59. "... Dagnabit, stupid computer, stupid storytellin'... oh, you're there again... yeah, damn thing was broken down...where were you anyway, just when I wanted to start..?... oh well, you didn't miss anything, Mom and I just got a bit into a fight about...whatever, let's continue..."
  60. ... as I've already told you, my oh-so- brilliant sister had searched for Mr. Wood, hoping, that he could spare an aspiration changer for Grilled Cheese triple Love... well, with the gypsies free and Love Potion available again, this wasn't necessary anymore... not that stupid Sis had found any traces of him...but at least, her search had a nice side effect... it made him find us!
  61. The vampocalypse hadn't stopped at his door as well, he had become a vampire, too... but when he heard, that this Alien had teamed up with the Count, he retreated to his secret hide-out and stayed there ... "Uranium was at the same Mad Scientist'-Meeting as my Idol Loki Beaker - his Biography said, that she's evil incarnate, so cautions had to be taken... besides, I'm not really into Aliens, I'm more an Inventor, creating machines and stuff..." " As we speak of machines, NIcky... do you remember, when I still was in college?" " Aaah, I remember... truth to be told, I would've asked for your hand, but... oh never mind..." "Ehr, yes... soo, do you remember the ReNuYu-PortaChug?" " The Aspiration Changer Thingy? Of course! I was even able to make a copy of it for..." " Do you still have it?"
  62. ... of course he still had it...well, as I said, it didn't matter anymore, but since was he so eager to leave it to us, we just put it into the Warez! for further... Ah, right, I forgot to tell you, that we have another Community business now... though It's not a real community business, it's just... oh, just look for your self...
  63. ... fact was, that we still had problems with all the dating and Outing rewards our family constantly does... or better, the paperboy had problems for getting through to us...
  64. ... so my brother Alex just had a brilliant idea, honestly... yep, another community business, where we could store them... one time into the inventory, then out at the business, athletic restriction untouched...oh, and he quit his job as a criminal mastermind, not that it did matter, the local family was dead anyway, thanks to Plutonium, the 'No- Nose'...seriously, who had the idea of getting Alex a job as a criminal, even a baby is a bigger bad-@$$ than... " Antoine, your attitude is really starting to get on my..." " Bleh, bleh, crybaby, where's your... OOOOWWW!" " One more, and I throw the rest of the phone!"
  65. ... ouch... this... *ahem*, and this was our newest achievement, the strangest building I've ever seen - don't ask me about an inside-look of the Warez!, it's just twelve(!) 8x8 floors of nothingness...
  66. ... or better it was... for example, this is the second etage after our third visit, when we finally got all the rewards in here... why do people send us gifts we can't use?! What are we, crap finders?!
  67. ... anyway, I guess, you already saw the Surgery Station before... A gift for Mom, when she was still in ShowBiz... though It didn't work, like the rest of the career rewards... now, at least, Sister was able to finish tHhat problem, with the mystic energy for them back or whatever... well, now guess, who the first victim was to test this out? "...and please believe me, Ben, that I'll totally understand, if you don't want to do this... I love you, and it's just a try to get your numerological addiction out of you by... well, surgering your nose, so if you..." " 21?" " *Sigh* please put your face in the form, Ben..."
  68. ... and as soon as he did so, the machine totally malfunctioned, leaving him with a absolutely deformed face which made him now perfectly suitable to my dumb si*WURRRGL*... " Alex might have had reservations, but I don't see a problem strangling you with the phone cord, Lil'Bro..."
  69. "...Ggg...*breath*... man, can't a guy make a joke now and then... okay, so the machine worked perfect and this was the result... Benjamin Long became Benjamin 'Short', happy?" " Better...I just want to add, that Benji's mental health was developing very well after that..." " Oh yeah, I remember... he ran around, hysterically laughing, while screaming: 'LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME ! IT'S SHORT! IT'S SHORT !', for how long? Three hours?" "...Every Journey has to start with a first Step..." "... or a short nose?" " Should I strangle you again??!" "*Ulp*, I'll be good..."
  70. ... well, eventually, Mr. Sh... Long calmed down, just in time to test our next career reward, the Jumbok IV Skull. We spent a week or so meditating at the Warez! for regaining some of our motives, then returned home... for the 'making' of the next generation... !
  71. ...A little sip from the love potion...
  72. ... and BANG! Instantely three bolts of attraction... at least for three Hours... thankfully they both made it before the effect wore off... hey, it's the truth, you needed four(!) tries for the lullaby, now please, put down the phone cord, Si*Waaaargll*...
  73. ... ah...ahah..., and they say I'm mean? Anyway, with Amaryllis being pregnant, Benjamin really came back to his senses... though for me he just became even weirder... I mean, we're both Science Sims, but always rolling family-related wants? Guess, the theory of 'closet aspirations' is true after all... my Sister of course doesn't roll any family wants at all, not even after the baby was born...
  74. ... which turned out to be a girl and therefore a possible heiress for this matriarchy... say Hello to Beatrix Eden! Okay, and now to something completely different...
  75. ... remember our Cats, Rafi and Maja? Just in case, you missed these strays for the last pics, there is an easy explanation... they aren't there anymore! No, Not dead, at least you won't see any graves of them on our lot, but something else happened...
  76. ...Maja, right after her last promotion, gave birth to...
  77. ... our newest household member - except Beatrix, of course - a cute little black kitten, that we named Ayn! *Meowr*?
  78. Everyone of us liked Ayn from the very start, especially Mom... heck, she rolled more wants related to Ayn than she had ever rolled for one of us children...!
  79. ... yes, I admit, even I liked her... but apparently I was also the first one, who realized the problems with three cats in the house...
  80. ... how to feed them! Thanks to Dates and Outings, no one in our family even needed something to eat, but pets... we had days, where the whimpering of our cats could be heard all through the house... it's not a pretty thing, believe me...
  81. ... so we're finally forced to give one of them away... since Rafi was the oldest, and therefore would die soon anyway, we gifted him to the GCD... well, it could be worse, townies seemed to be too unreliable, thinking of all the stories, where cats were adopted by their previous owners again, because they appeared alone on the streets... and since of the smell... I suspect that are always a lot of rats in her church...
  82. ... still, even with Rafi away, there still wasn't enough food in the house... little kittens really have a BIG apetite...but fortunately.. or better unfortunately... this problem was solved by itself... well, when I said, no pet died on our lot, I meant it that way...
  83. ... because Ayn's Mom, Maja, didn't return from her job at the 'remaining' police department... something about a gang fire with the last remaining gangstas in this area... well, with the family away, crime was as much down as the police itself... in fact, pet squads were the last remaining parts of law enforcement in the neighborhood, and thanks to Maja, they finally succeeded in defeating the last gangs, making the streets safer again, which brought her a posthume promotion as the leader of the pet squad, lifting the security pet restriction... bye Maja, you'll be forever in our hearts... and No, I'm not crying, I've just got something in my eyes, do you hear me!!!...
  84. meanwhile: *Meowr, Meow, Meow* ( 'Well Maja, wasn't that a clever plan to get you out of there...?') *Meow, MeMeow Meowr* ('You're still the old Showbiz Cat, Rafi... but what about Ayn?') *Meoowr* (Don't worry, she'll be fine...')
  85. *Meowr, Meow, Meow, Meowr* (In the meantime... wanna see, what a few bites of green glowing pet food can do to an Old cat...?) *MeOOOWW* ( 'Oooh, Rafi...')
  86. "...*Rrhrm*, Okay, eyes are clean again, so where was I...?" "Antoine, have you seen the hammer? I was sure, it was lying here..." " Do you want to throw it?" " Throwing? No, Of course not, why...?" " Okay, here it is... didn't want to risk, that someone throws it at me only for telling the truth.."
  87. ...well, by now I guess, you've already figured out, that Nick Wood over there is the newest member of our house, who, as a Mad Scientist, automatically unlocks the Science restrictions... and if you think, it's gross to move him in as Husband for Beatrix, while she is still a Baby... well, it's just Benjamin Long again, second edition... " I can live with that, I can live with that, I won't think about it, that it takes him 21 years before...I will not count to 21, I will not count to 21..."
  88. ... actually, Nick took the whole story a lot better than the father of the bride...or perhaps he's already calculating the amount of money he'll get from marrying into our family... yes, He's a Fortune Sim like my sister and my father, Stats 4/7/8/3/3, A gemini with the turn-on hats and brown hair, and the turn-off fitness. He brought in ca. 14.000 Simoleons and at his first day of work a bonus of 50.000... also, with lifting the restriction, we can now use lights and the Robot station, and use all the options the computer has at least tuesday...
  89. ... like searching for a job, which I did... as a matter of fact, I'm currently working as a High school teacher - or better, I'm rebuilding the school system - and don't tell me, how inappropriate this Job seems to be for me! If my nicey-nice brother can be a criminal, I can as well be a teacher who beats some sense into all these juvenile delinquents out there...yes, it IS in fact my lifetime want, so what?!
  90. - As a last note: Ayn happily survived her harsh time as a kitten and is now an adult cat - and a strange mixture of her Mom and Dad's colours. She's in fact a bit dumb, but really playful and rather brave, that's why we got here an job in...
  91. ... the service pet career. Fortunately, it was the first job in the paper at her first day of adulthood, so at least we won't have to worry anymore about feeding... I think, she still eats too much...
  92. ... okay, so that was it this time, I'm fed up with writing all this... if you want to complain, cause you didn't like it, I just have to say: I don't care! Now get lost, you morons! " Antoine... you seriously have problems..." " I'm not! Mom, It's not my fault, if most people are stupid and..." " YOUNG MAN! I never was an Angel, and there are, in fact, people I dislike, even hate, but accusing everyone out there to be stupid is NOT, I repeat, is NOT an acceptable behaviour!!!" " ...Mom, I..." " I.hope.we.understand.each other! " "...sorry, mom... ehrm, and sorry everyone out there, I...didn't mean it... well..." " *Sigh*... I really wish, you'd look after some friends for you, Antoine... please promise me to do that, yes?" "... okay, Mom..." "... that's my boy..."
  93. meanwhile, at the Outskirts of the neighborhood: "... Ah, there you are, Dad...uhh... is everything alright, you look so...?" " Don't bother with my temporary appearance, now where's my evil headquarter?!" "Ehrr... right behind me, Dad?" " THAT? But... that's just..."
  94. " house! " " Well... yeah, I thought, it would be the best solution, to transport it over here from home, so you can better..."
  95. "I said: EVIL HEADQUARTER! A Fortress, something big, or frightful, something impressive, do you understand, Numbnut?!" " But back home, you didn't need..." " Because it was home! I'm already feared there, so I don't need anything else anymore to impress people! Here, I first have to gain myself respect, isn't that obvious?! But of course, never let an Imbecile do a job for..."
  96. " Okay, that's it! I don't know, which bee has stung you, Dad, but I don't have to take this from you, is that clear?! If you think, you can do better, do it, but leave me out of this!" " YOU...See that big plant over there? If you don't immediately pay some respect to your old man..." " ... or you feed me to the Cowplant?! Oh, I'm so frightened... perhaps I should feed YOU to it, 'Old Man'... you even already look like 'dad' meat..." "...hmpf... we'll discuss this at a later time, now where are the zombies...?"
  97. Well, I made a deal with Grim, instead of traveling with all of them, I asked him to revive them later and immediately teleport over here, it's easier than..." " Okay, fine, I'm not interested... as long as they dance... hey, did you remember to cut the roses?" " Yeesss... now should I call Grim or not...?"
  98. " Yeah, yeah, of course... I think, you forgot to give them water..." " No, Dad, I didn't... Hello? Yes, Hi Grim, it's me... yes, you can get them here now... oh, just teleport them on the street, okay?"
  99. [INSERT TELEPORT NOISE HERE!] " You know... shouldn't there be like... a green mist instead of light? " " ... Dad, please... shut up..." ------------------- WARNING: Dear reader, looking at the next pages will be on your own risk. If you're faint-hearted or have a weak stomach, better take precautions now!
  100. DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN! !!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------- Zombies were made by several creators, as - Mondo21121 - BsScharzeWitwe - Homer4897 - Cookiemon057 - MistertidusX - Anorplay - Ripister - NordicOreo - JoshFlush1994 - tlc10175 - Daria374 - OmgRobinnn - Candie020765 - some of them were created out of several parts, if meshes weren't working...
  101. " EEEEK! DON, there are... zombies...!" " Well, Samara, actually we're all zombies, so I don't really see the problem.." " But... but they are ugly!" " Samara, about ugly... we're all from Candies Uglacy, so I don't really see..." " RRRR... they are... ugly zombies.... not made by Candie, okay?!!!" " Well Samara, I'm actually a former maxis-made member of the secret society, so..." " DON!!!!" " *snicker*, just kiddin' my darling, you're right, they're really ugly..." ----------- - meet the 'Don Uglacy'-family: Don Uglacy himself, his wife Samara at the right (her Original Dress somehow didn't work), and their children Donna (forgot the Custom hair...) and Zip Uglacy, all credit to Candie020765 for making them... except for Don, of course ;)
  102. WAAAAAH! That's so mean... I'm not ugly!" " As the mother of this child - at least that's what my §%$& family tree says - but especially in my name, I'm really, really displeased about the fact, that you accuse me..., I mean us, as ugly! Have you ever seen into the mirror, YOU look like...!" " Yeah, whatever, cool down, bloody wrench... *hm, this guy with the ripped-open face kinda has a nice bod to move...* "
  103. " Psst, pal, I think the trashface over there is checking you out!" " UUuuh... man, what a visage... I could get nightmares only from looking at her..."
  104. " Hi my name is... ups, I guess, this part of my brain is already decomposing... and you are..?" " Ehrr, I'm Zip..." " Zip, that's a nice name... sooo... do you have a girlfriend, Zip?" " Well, ye... ehhr, no offense, but aren't you a bit fast forward with such a question?" " Oh no, that's only to speed up things, before my body rots away... soo, interested in a bit fun with me before it's too late, Zippie...?" " I...I..."
  105. "...Hey, I recognize you! Aren't you...?" "... Scherzanda Arduenna... gosh, am I glad, to see another Zomlebrity here, already thought, I'm the only one between all these download-only fags... and you were...?" "I'm Donna... don't look at my hair, normally, It's more cool... I was the cute toddler captured by Loki Beaker in Candies Prettacy... and you did something with an Apocalypse, right?" " 's true... I was the 'accidential' Alien, that was born before Robinoli actually lifted Natural Science, then had an Cowplant accident... guess, now I'm in an apocalypse challenge again..." " We're in an apocalypse? How can you tell...?" " Well, this is a desert neighborhood, there are a lot of zombies around and it's feeling like winter... nuclear winter or so... seems to be pretty much an apocalypse..." " Wow, astounding, Scherzanda 'Holmes'..." " Elementary, my dear Donna..."
  106. - '...And how did you die?' - 'skyscraper...' - 'Nine-eleven?' - 'Nah, epileptic... I hate the internet!' - ' I died in a fire... the fire engine had an accident, somehow an idiot crashed in them...' - I had a car accident with a fire engine at...' - I was killed by a ball.' - 'A ball?' - yes, a ball - believe me, they are more dangerous than it looks...' - 'Blablablablablabla.....etc.'
  107. " THIS... this should be an army?! I wanted bloodthirsty, soulless zombies... well dancing, bloodthirsty, soulless zombies... but not an army of... of blatherskites!!!" " Oh, now it's my fault again, right? Do you have any idea, how difficult it was, to persuade Grimmy, that It has to be 'dancing' zombies? Seriously Dad, a lot of humans even can't dance, and zombies are either too brainless to know how to dance, or too smart to take the risk of losing remaining bodyparts..."
  108. "HRRRRG... 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10... Okay, you babbling idiots, SILENCE! I AM SONICDUDE! I'M YOUR MASTER, YOUR LORD...!" - 'What does that funny guy cry there?' - 'Something about Lord...' - 'A preacher? You know, I'm actually buddhist...' - 'A buddhist? What do you have to do, to be reborn as a zombie...?' - 'Well, first you need three eggs...' "... Hhh, Hhh... okay, let me rephrase that... OBEY.. OR..or.. ehr.. no, they're already dead...ehr.. OR I'LL MAKE YOU WATCH THE COMPLETE MOVIE COLLECTION OF UWE BOLL!!" - 'EEEEK!' - 'Heavens, that's... that's inhuman...!' - 'We'll be good, we'll be good...'
  109. " Wheeew... didn't think, that this would actually work..." " The complete...? Dad, that was the most cruel threat you ever pulled..." " Ehrr... yes *coughCough*... see, this is what happens to everyone who ever steps in the way of the omnipotent, the amazing..." " *sigh*...yes Dad, I got it..."
  110. "... but still... why dancing zombies, Dad? I mean, I understand the whole Bloodthirsty and Soulless thing, but dancing? Why? "
  111. "Well, dear daughter, simply because..."
  112. 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night And no one's gonna save you from the beast about Strike You know it's thriller, thriller night You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller Tonight
  113. You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun You close your eyes and hope this is just Imagination But all the while you hear the creature creepin' up Behind You're out of time
  114. 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night There ain't no second chance against the beast with Forty eyes You know it's thriller, thriller night You're fighting for your life inside of killer, thriller Tonight
  115. They're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side They will possess you unless you change the number on your dial Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together All thru the night I'll save you from the terror on the screen I'll make you see
  116. That this is thriller, thriller night 'cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would dare to try Girl this is thriller, thriller night So let me hold you thight and share a killer, diller , chiller Thriller here tonight -------- Free after Michael Jackson, 'Thriller' -.
  117. " Okay, this is it! I'm out of this! Conquer this neighborhood, win a dance contest, kill yourself - again - I don't care, but I - will - not - cuddle - with - you Dad, Egads!!!" "H... Hey, that's only the lyrics, that has nothing to do..." "Good - Night !"
  118. - 'Didn't she like the dance?' - 'Well, perhaps, because some of us just couldn't hold the rythm.' - 'Why are you staring at me for that?' - 'I'm not staring, I don't have eyelids anymore, and the right one is about to fall out.' - 'Perhaps we should give it another run... has anyone seen my leg?' " Don, she's right, this is even starting to creep ME out...." "..'cause this is hmhm, hmhmmmhmhm..." " DON! " to be continued...
  119. Epilogue I: " Okay, so it's decided, you come all over here and... no, nothing formal, just dress conventional... yes, if you want, even unconventional... No, we're NOT having a party, this is an important meeting I try to initiate, not a folk dancing, you... yes, yes , this goes for you all, now set yourself in motion... see you..."
  120. " Dammit... if only Plutonium hasn't messed all this up... now I have to share power... oh well, I guess there will be a possibility to get rid of them later...where did I put that Axe again...?"
  122. " Dammit, Count, what is it this time, I'm currently setting an evil scheme in motion, I don't have time for... what the...?"
  123. " Well, Surprised? Since you fired our last servant, I thought about hiring someone else... and look, how lucky I got... I mean we got lucky... I could hire a butler and a french maid, who will even clean at night... isn't that lucky?" " Count, you..."
  124. " Ahhh yes, my dear, may I present your our new servants, Mr. Piff-Paff and Miss Purple... that was the name, right? Anyway, they've already experience working in a castle, and since their last employer unfortunately died, they're in search of a new position, so I hired them... well, what do you say?" ----- Piff-Paff and Pur... ehr, of course Riff- Raff and Magenta, both characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, were made by Dxvid (Riff-Raff) and and Ken242(Magenta)
  125. " Count, this is the most... the most...!" "... wonderful idea, my love?! Oh don't thank me, dearest, I'll do anything for you... still, you can show me your gratefulness, when we play Hunt-the-sock again, hehehe...." "...rrrgh.... Count, did it ever occur to you, that It's a bad time for... 'surprises', when I'm currently only in underwear...?" "... uhm, well... now that you said it..." " Or that your... 'new' servants don't look like the type I wouldn't even thrust over the length of my nose... especially 'my' nose...?" "... do you think so? I thought..." " And last, but not least....."
  126. " WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HEELS, STOCKING AND CORSET??!!! " " Oooh.... I already wondered, why it was so thight around my... but, you know, wearing these is somehow... arousing... do you girls wear these things all the time, very....mmmmmh....!" "...Laser ready, brother...?" " ... yes, sister..." to be continued...
  127. elsewhere: "... Was this epilogue really necessary?" " ... yeah, I don't get it at all... it just seemed a sad excuse for: 'Hey look, what I did!' or so..." " Guys, you don't get it at all... it's all about the Show, it HAD to be in... the movie wasn't received well in the beginning, too... just think of what this could develop into...!" "If you say so, Robin, if you say so... now what's the thing with this hunk there, showing us his muscles...?" "Ooooh.... Wedding Scene, Wedding Scene....!" "Isn't this rather the Pool scene...?"
  128. Epilogue II: " OH, Oh, Oh, guys, look at that, it's Captain Jack Sparrow!" " Huh? Who's there, who said that?" " Ohh, It's me Sir, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sir, I'm Frank, I'm a big fan of you!!" " You're... a stilt?" "Yes sir, Captain Sparrow, Sir, I'm Frank the Stilt, Sir! Are you searching for treasures here, Captain?" "... I'm rather searching for a way back to Tortuga, mate. I guess, you don't know, where the next harbor is...?" " Uuuh, no Sir, Captain, Sir... but Sir, can I be part of your Crew? Oh please, I always wanted to be a pirate, since I was a little stilt... or perhaps I could be the figurehead of the Pearl? What do you think, Captain?" "... I... think, I need a rum now... I'm currently sober and now I'm hearing stilts talking... " to be... well you know already...