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Far away from Eden Ep.9.1.: RECAP!

  1. Far away from Eden Ep.9.1.: RECAP! Description: Chapter 9.1. of my Far away from Eden - Apocalegacy: Finally - I did a Recap! Yay me! ;) Family Name: Miscas Lot Name: 2 x 1 Categories: Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims,Science Fiction/Fantasy
  2. Far away from Eden, Episode 9.1.: RECAP! - a summary of the chapters 1-8 of the 'Far away from Eden'-Apocalegacy; Alternative title: the R(a)ising ;) Rules for the Legacy and Apocalypse Challenge can be found at; Great stories and legacies can be found at Handicaps used in this apocalegacy: the Apocalypse (obvious), Do it Yourself, Noble Composure, Fearless, Matriarchy, Aspiring to do it the hard way, True Love, Presidential Physical Fitness, Free Roaming Ghosts, Storyteller, International Turmoil
  3. Location: House of the all-powerful, yet merciful, though currently absent Sonicdude, temporarily stationed in the 'Far away from Eden'-neighborhood; Time: early evening.
  4. "... and the big bad wolf, instead of running to the house of the old, scrawny grandmother, attacked Red Riding Hood, ripping big pieces out of her with his big, sharp claws and big sharp teeths, spraying blood all over the path, and then..."
  5. "...ehr, Lilith?" " Wassup, Mrs. 'Dude?" "... Christina, the name's Christina, Sonicdude is my father... uhm, do you really think, that's how the story goes?" " Well, I used a bit imagination to make the story more exciting..." "... well, whatever, I think it's time anyway for my little Damien to go to bed and..."
  6. " NAY, NAY, NAY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" " OH NO! NOT AGAIN THE CRIB!" " ... *sigh*... told you so... demonspawns never like to go to bed... now, now, Damien, calm down, if Mommy doesn't like the story, Nanny Lilith will tell you another one... how about 'How the children played butcher with each other'?* It's a great story, where..." ---- *this story - written down by brother's grimm - really exists!
  7. " STOP! NO MORE! I FORBID YOU TO TELL ANY MORE OF THESE CRUEL STORIES TO MY SON!" " *Sigh*... you humans and your strange ideas... if I'd wanted to tell him cruel stories, I'd just read the newspaper to him..." " YOU... just, just stay away from him, Lilith, just stay away..." " Okay, okay, you're the boss, Mrs. Du... Christina. Just yell, if he's going to do the scene from 'the exorcist' on you again... I'm going to make a sandwich..."
  8. "... Okay, Damien, if you really want to hear another story, Mommy will tell you one, about a big, wonderful garden, where the sun always shines, where all the animals live in peace and where everyone is friends with each other, a garden called..."
  9. ... Eden."* ------ *insert soft sounds of air rustling through the branches, babbling of a brook, birds singing... *YAWN*...
  10. " In the center of this wonderful garden grew a big apple tree with lots of big, red, juicy apples. In order to protect the tree from any harm, a beautiful dryad, a tree spirit, watched the tree day and night, so no one could steal the big, red, juicy apples..."
  11. "...until one day, a strange object landed in the garden. It was a time capsule from the future, and out of it came a big, mean - yet handsome - robot, who was ordered to destroy everything around him,... including the beautiful appletree with the big, juicy, red apples..."
  12. "... but the beautiful dryad wasn't afraid of the big mean - yet handsome - robot, so they both fought for a long, long time with each other, till they were too exhausted to fight anymore..."
  13. "... just then, the big, mean - yet handsome - robot realized, how beautiful the beautiful dryad was, and the beautiful dryad thought, that the big, mean - yet handsome - robot looked rather... handsome... so instead of fighting with each other any longer, they fell in love with each other..."
  14. "... and soon had a little daughter, who they called Anais, Anais Eden, like the wonderful garden they lived in... and they all lived happily ever after...."
  15. "...the End. Well, Damien, wasn't that a wonderful story mommy told you?" " Chris? Just to inform you... I wanted to make myself a sandwich in the kitchen, but it seems, that the kitchen just evaporated itself... I've never seen such a strong reaction from a demonspawn before... what have you told him?" " *Snif*... what am I doing wrong? All I did, was telling him about Eden and..."
  16. " WHAT?! Girl, are you insane? Telling a demonspawn about Eden is like... like... heck, even I can't think of a more boring, stupid and awful place than... it's a miracle, that he hasn't desintegrated the whole house..." " But Lilith, you even lived there..." "Lived? LIVED? Heck, no, I was just there for a few parties... you know, kinda like those parties you humans hold in old subway tunnels or on graveyards... anyway, let me guess, you told him about this green tree hugger and her robo fetish, and of course... gah!... 'Her'...!"
  17. " *Snif*..." "... okay, Damien, forget the crap Mommy has told you, here comes the real story..."
  18. "... you see, this 'Anais' girl, when she grew up, nobody liked her, not even her parents... and she always lurked around, spoiled everyone's mood... and than she even dared to bewitch HIM, our powerful master, the ruler of hell itself, the tempter of paradise, his snakelike majesty, the..." "LILITH!" "... hmpff...okay, okay...after all, HE wasn't that great, in fact, HE could be a total dork sometimes, like when HE fell for her..."
  19. ... and ditched ME, that..." " For someone, who got ditched, you still seem to think highly of HIM... 'his snakelike majesty...'" "Hey, HE is still HIM, and after all, this happened a few millenia ago, even I can't be angry that long... though I'm still mad with HIM..."
  20. "... and at that time, my fury knew no limits, so I told this.... where HE could stick all his power and might and... even though I knew, what HE could do to me..." " Sorry to interrupt, but as far as I recall, it was Anais, who caught HIM flirting with you, and then beat HIM up pretty bad... so if you tell me about HIS powers..." " HEY! Who do you believe, me or this greenskinned, roboeyed, boyfriend- stealing... rrrgh, just thinking about her makes me angry again..."
  21. "... that's why I, when she passed out from drinking, made a fire..."
  22. "...and burned down the whole garden, with her and her parents and all the stupid trees and plants and animals, HAHAHAHAHAHARRHARR..." "... that somehow doesn't match with what I remember from religion classes..." " And that's something, I'm still fuming about... they wrote me completely out of the story, I didn't even get a small role... oh well, still better than the idea with woohooing this ugly Adam..."
  23. " Hey, no talk about about woohoo in front of my son...!... and besides, I think, you're mixing up things.. after all, Anais survived your revenge and you..." " If you know so much of the story, why don't you just tell it then?" " Ehrm... okay. So what really happened, was that..."
  24. "... after you... showed HIM... he bit you, with being a snake and all that..."
  25. "... and made YOU the very first vampire(!), thereby forbidding you to ever return to hell..." " Oh yeah, HE certainly knew how to make someone suffer... I mean, all the things I witnessed on earth... not to forget all the guys, who wanted to... well, 'stab' me... I mean, I'm the living proof, that the Eden story was real, and they want to kill me?!" " Well, neither demons or vampires are known for being nice or honest..."
  26. "...for example, you're responsible for the 'Vampocalypse', that came about this neighborhood..." " Hey, the 'Vampires taking over'-idea wasn't my idea, it was the Count, who wanted to impress..." " How did you even end up with Count... Count... what is his name actually?" " Pfft, I don’t think even he remembers... and I only wanted to become 'Countess', nothing else... believe me, if I'd known, what a retarded idiot he is, who jumps every chick crossing his path..." " Anais?" "... I hate you."
  27. "Oh come on, shouldn't you be finally over it?" " Over it? During all the milennia on earth, the thought, that I had killed her, was the only thing, that hold me up... and than she just pops out of her Robo- Daddies time capsule directly into the arms of this guy..."
  28. "... who spontaneously decides to make her the star of his legacy?! Tell me, where is the justice in that??" "... uhm, you know... this guy... Little Nemo... he's actually... my father..." " I thought, your father was Sonicdude?" "He's my 'other' father... or perhaps my 'mother'... it's a bit complicated..." "You know, what I always wanted to know: why does he always wear this stupid scuba helmet?" " Ehrm... I don't know, he never told... he only told me, how proud he was of Anais..."
  29. "...because of all the things, she reached in college: all skills maximized, 130 best friends(!), Gold flower, toy and robot badge, 100 dream and 100 first dates, around 278.000-something Simoleons, Secret Society member, Big Sim on Campus, perfect dancer and pool billard player, GPA 4.0, never slept and only ate one hotdog during the whole college time...." *Deadly glare* " *Ulp*... of course, I think, he always exaggerated..."
  30. "... like when he said, how happy he was, that she proposed to this highskilled, good- looking, shmexy...ehr..." " oh yeah, the male downtown bimbo... Jerry, Corey, Duane... whatever... I mean, look at this guy: long hair, adidas-suit... what do people see in someone like him... for example, HE was a real... well, snake, but this guy...?" " Well, Jerome here made his brothers... clones... whatever... rather popular among apocalypse challenge players..."
  31. " hey, wait a minute, he wasn't the first, there were other adidas-guys before him... and I bet my horns, none of them were happy about this... after all, we're talking about a frigging apocalypse here..." "... or in this case, a 'Vampocalypse'?" " For the last time: it wasn't my idea - and certainly not my fault! Anais was the one, who the Count..." "Yes, I know, I know: he wanted to impress her by making everyone into a vampire..."
  32. "... to take over the neighorbood... and then he burned all books about vampires, devastated all non-spooky buildings and killed all the plants, to destroy all the garlic... seriously, how could he do that? Garlic doesn't look like trees or bushes at all, what was he thinking?" "Well, of course, what he usually thought: nothing!" "... but you still helped him." " Hey, humans treated me bad all the time... an eye for an eye..."
  33. "... of course, If I'd known, that he did it for 'her', I'd finished, what I started back in Eden: kill her! The only condolescence I had, was, that she showed him the door, when he made her 'his eternal bride'...Stupid..." " Why didn't you just kill her then? You had a whole army!" " And she had 'bestfriended' nearly everyone of them! What could they do - hug her to death?" " Well, seems like she was really lucky then..."
  34. "... like when she found and topped her career of choice: Showbusiness!" " Oh for the hate of... who has ever heard, that becoming a Show Icon could save the world?" " Well, she definitely learned, how refreshing dates and outings were... and the vampire hunter movies she made..." " Come on, the movies were horrible! Stabbing people with Anemia and dental anomalies... that's just cruel..."
  35. "... but it paid out. People found hope again, and Anais and Jerry..." " One more word, and I swear, I'll eat you alive!" " Eh...well, anyway, so Jerry then topped business, and they opened a barber shop at home..." " To give everyone the worst makeovers ever for overpaid prices..."
  36. "... and then one day, a stork flew to their home..." " Oh please, who in the world still thinks, that the stork brings the babies? That's how it's done: you sit in a hottub for a while, then all gets blurry, and then somebody says 'Woo..." " I told you, no talk about woohoo in front of my child!"
  37. " So in the end, Anais and Jerry had three wonderful children: Alexandré, heiress Amaryllis and little Antoine..." "Like parents, like children - rotten brats to the core..." " Now, that's not true... besides, shouldn't demons prefer brats over well-adjusted, nice children?" " Demons - hate - all - children! Why do you think, your child's father left... hell, I wouldn't be here, if I didn't need the money..." " That's cruel...I hope, my Damien will never end up like you... and don't tell me, it's genetic..."
  38. " ... I mean, take Alexandré for example - good looking and skilled, that he was, you'd think, he'd turn into an arrogant, narcissistic big meanie..."
  39. "... but instead, he became a kind and gentle man, who never could hurt a fly, tried to comfort everyone and never used a bad word..."
  40. " Stop! You're making it sound, as if he'd been a Saint... the truth is, that he was as twofaced as the rest of his family..."
  41. "... for instance, he had more girlfriends then I fingers on my hands..." "... not true, it were only seven, not counting his teenage... I mean..."
  42. "... and then he even became a criminal mastermind..." "But only to help his family... and it was his father Jerry, who really pulled the strings in the underworld, he was only the cover..." " So not only he was a mere puppet, he even needed Daddies help to get anything done..."
  43. "... no wonder, he finally killed himself." " No, he didn't! There is no proof! It could have been an accident by any means!" "Woah... don't loose your head, girl... how should I know, that you're in the 'Alex'- Fanclub...?"
  44. "... but I think, Damien gets the point... being good never leads to any good, while evil gets you everywhere..." " That's... that's a Lie! Alex had a good life, and so did his brother and sister..." " And why's that? Because, unlike him, they never tried to be such do- gooders..."
  45. "... take his sister Amaryllis for example. She was a naughty girl... her life mainly circled around three things: fashion..."
  46. "...boys..."
  47. "... and making money, not neccessarily in that order - from what I recall, she even sold dates with her brother Alex to the highest bidder..."
  48. "... and now you're trying to create a wrong image here... true, she liked to dress up, to be popular with the boys, to be freaking rich... but who doesn't? I seriously wouldn't mind..." " Neither do I... doesn't change the fact, the she was a..." " No, she wasn't! In fact, I know on good authority..."
  49. "...that she was even blessed by Rubbersushi, the Grilled Cheese Deity herself!" " Oh glorious wonder! A self-proclaimed goddess blessing the bearer of future evil..." "... you just had to bring that up, do you? After all, it wasn't her fault, you can't held her responsible for what happened..."
  50. "... I mean, who could have foreseen that? Amaryllis was always there to suport her family, even when she was busy topping the adventure career..."
  51. "... and I always thought, that she and Benjamin Long made a wonderful couple..." " Oh please, the only reason, why she married him, was because he was a general and would lift military - heck, they moved him in, when she was a baby..." " So what? They were still wonderful for each other, and you're just angry because..."
  52. "... he recruited a resistance of friendly vampires, that crashed you and the Counts troops..." " IT - WEREN'T - MY - TROOPS, - IT - WERE... oh, forget it..."
  53. "... and their children were as pretty as their mother, Beatrice and the little Brian, who..."
  54. "... okay, okay, you've made your point clear - you're totally Pro-Eden! That's fine with me, as long as you pay me for listening - can we now drop the topic?" " I'm not 'Pro'-Eden - but you're the one, who is totally opposed to them! Just because you think, Anais stole HI... I mean your boyfriend..." " Who said, I'm opposed? True, I don't like Anais, and I don't like kids... so much, but I have nothing against her family in general..."
  55. "... for example, I found her son Antoine kinda cute..." " Let me guess, it's because of his... personality?" " If you mean, because he was able to build snowmen with horns - no, it's not that..."
  56. "... in fact, his grumpiness was the least likeable about him... or that he never seemed to smile..."
  57. "... I mean, have you ever watched him smile? When I met him first, I thought, the edges of his lips were weld to his chin..."
  58. " Oh, he does smile... well, not often, but occasionally, for example..."
  59. "...when Ayn was born." " Who in the world is Ayn?" "She's the first kitten born in the Eden household, and he was totally happy... in fact, I think he prefers the contact with animals over humans..." "Well, he topped education, so who can blame him... most people going to hell are idiots..."
  60. "Really?" "Of course! Never thought, that School felt like hell? Well, it does, but this time, the idiots have to stay and repeat classes forever..." " Out of curiosity...Is there a hell for cats, too? " Yes, but it's outsourced from regular hell... in fact, it runs under the name 'Dog's heaven'..." " Well, I guess, Ayn and her parents, Rafi and Lucy, won't go there then... they all topped and lifted their respective pet careers..."
  61. "... and Ayn has already a litter of kittens herself... awww, don't you just love kittens, too? I always wanted to have a kitten..." "... and ended up with a demon's child." " OH, YOU...."
  62. "Relax, Girl, I know, how... 'hot' these guys are, hehe... Tell me, how you met..?" " I... don't wanna talk about it..." " Oh, come on..." " NO! Besides, you still haven't explained, how you met Antoine..." " Oh, you mean... hahaha, no it wasn't that... true, I found him cute, but I just needed his help for a... technical problem..."
  63. "... and believe me, I had to pay dearly for it... the prices they have at their electronic shop.." " That's all? You bought electronics from him? What for?" " Well, Albert needed them..." " Who is Albert?" " The son of my former minions, Gerd and Lucy..." " What? Who? I don't get it..."
  64. " *Sigh*, okay, let's start from the beginning... you see, while the Count started his stupid vampocalypse, I made myself a minion, Lucy, a female geek..."
  65. "... who I ordered to seduce Gerd Gieke, the Geek from the OFB Add-On..." " Why?" " I'm coming to that..."
  66. ...anyway, things didn't work out quite, as I hoped... like when Gerd constructed a weather machine..." "Wasn't that the one from the Seasons Add-On?" " It was actually the prototype...!...Just had a little flaw..."
  67. "... once activated, the winter wouldn't go anymore..." " So this caused the Ice age? I always thought, this was just because the rules for the apocalypse challenge were updated..."
  68. " *Shhht*... stop breaking the fourth wall, girl..." "Uh, sorry... anyway, now what does that to do with you buying... Ahhh, I get it, you wanted to end the ice age...but you've also started it, so why...?" " Oh please, don't be silly. I don't care, if the neighborhood gets frosted... the weather machine just proves, that you have to restrain your geeks. Luckily, he didn't build a doomsday machine..." " So why...?" " Shut up and listen...!"
  69. "... see, I've planned this from the beginning, long before Uranium Apocalypso, showed up, but... lets just say, it was the last straw, when the Count fell for her, with hook, line and sinker..." "... I didn't know, you still had feelings for..." " Are you insane? I don't have feelings for this retard, never had, I just kept him, so I didn't had to deal with the other vampiric dumbasses, but this ugly frogface just put me out of contention..!"
  70. "... and while he happily became her pet, she started managing things in the neighborhood..."
  71. "... like capturing your father-momma- whatever Helmet guy..." "Oh yes, it's terrible, they still don't know where the real Nemo is..." " The 'real' Nemo?" " It's..." " ... complicated, I know, you said that...anyway..."
  72. "... since she wasn't satisfied with that, Uranium started inviting villains and bad guys from all dimensions and legacies... said something about making the neighborhood a 'breeding ground of evilness'...if you ask me, with 'breeding ground', she meant..." " EEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!! Please don't put that image in my mind...!"
  73. "... and finally, she even ordered her son Plutonium to capture members of the Eden family, to control this legacy..." " Yes, I remember that... but I think, it was a bit different, he..." " Pfft, details, details... to make a long story short, despite her ugliness, Uranium knows, how to run her minions... and I... well, I felt declassed and humiliated, so I left... there, I said it, happy?"
  74. " Yes... I mean No, why should I...?" " Oh come on, admit it, you liked it, when I told you, that I sucked big time by keeping control of the mess we're now in...!" " First: don't confuse me with you, I'm not taking delight from other people's failures. Second, I also understand, that you needed to get this off of your chest, that you su... ehrm, and third, after all, Uranium sucked as well in the end, right? Like when she..."
  75. "... put the Count out of contention as well, because she became so annoyed with him..." " Hehehe, yeah, so deserved that...though I think, he never was in it in the first place..."
  76. "... but she couldn't keep Fath.. Moth.. Nemo out of the picture... there are now dozends of doublegangers of him out there..." "... this is something I haven't quite grasped yet... so the 'real' Nemo is still trapped, while his... doublegangers... what are they...?" " Let me explain: Simselfs are able to make doubles of themselves, who have the ability to travel to other neighborhoods and legacies. And while Uranium was able to capture the 'real' Nemo, his doublegangers could break out. Sadly, they lack the power of a real Simself, so confronting an evil Alien with a horde of vampires and villains... plus they seem to have lost memory of the 'real' Nemo's prison... still, they persuaded other Simselfs to come to help..." "... and which one of them is now your...?"
  77. "... you mean, from which one I...descend? Okay, I'll tell you... so, one of the doublegangers landed in the neighborhood of my father, Sonicdude, the omnipotent, all powerful, yet merciful... ehr, anyway, my dad likes to do Experiments, so he... impregnated the doubleganger with his Genetics - result, me." " Wow, I thought you were a freak, but such a freak...." " Hey, if you think, I'm weird, look at my half-sister Rose... Dad actually created her by impregnating the Nemo-Doubleganger with himself!" " HAHAHA, this gets better by the minute... and what happened then?"
  78. " What do you mean, what happened? Nothing happened, that's all..." " Come on, it just started to get interesting... how did you 1.) end up here, 2.) with a demonspawn and 3.) what happened to the other wacko's of your family?"
  79. " I told you, I don't want to talk about it... I've already told too much anyway..." * " So what's the big problem then? Might as well tell the rest..." " Gnnnh, okay... but just because there's no psychiatrist currently available..." --- * For anyone, who wants to know more, read SonicdudeP's 'Valistor Legacy' (sadly discontinued).
  80. "... so after my Dad heard from the Doubleganger, what was going on in the 'real' Nemo's neighborhood, he immediately came here... to join forces with Uranium..." " WUAHARHARHAR... fantastic! I should be angry, but this just is too damn funny...!" " I'm sorry, but I can't share your sense of humour..."
  81. "... because when it became clear, that Uranium didn't want to share power... well, she kicked him out, and who do you think, he took his anger out...?" " HARHARHARHARHARHUAHUAHU AHEHEHEHE... *pants*...." " THIS - IS - NOT - FUNNY !!!!" "... oh, but it is, it is... and what happened then?"
  82. "... well then... then Dad decided, that if Uranium doesn't want to share, he will conquer the neighborhood with an army of zombies and kick her out instead..." " Aaaah... so that's, where all the zombies just came from... " " Yes, and on top of that, he wanted to have dancing zombies, you have no idea, how hard it is, to get..." " Dancing zombies? What kind of army should that be?" " An army, that can dance the 'thriller'... don't ask..."* ----- Since so many liked this part: to see the dancing zombies, watch Chapter 6.1. ;)
  83. " Thankfully Dad finally got bored with his idea to conquer the neighborhood, and, since Bon Voyage came out, he decided to take a vacation..." " Wait, may I venture a guess? The location you travelled, was... hot?" " That was exactly, what he told me too - but to think, that he meant, we would take our vacation in HELL... and then we even met the owner..."
  84. "... and the future father of your child, may I presume...?" " STOP - IT... It was the most horrible experience of my life, it was...!" "...actually really good, wasn't it, hehe? " "... well... yeah, it was... but I still said 'NO' first ..!... besides, more important was, that my Dad and... 'HE' were bargaining over the hell itself, when Dad let slip, that he knew, where the girlfriend HE couldn't forget, was..." " HIS girlfriend?... Did... did he mean me??" " No, HE meant Anais, but then you appeared out of nowhere and blurted the location out..." " A-N-A-I-S!!!!" *sounds of breaking furniture and creaking walls*
  85. " HEY, this goes directly from your paycheck...!... oh, and Damien, honey, I hope, you don't think, that... I mean, your daddy and I, we really liked each other... we just had some differences, so... I hope, that one day, when you find a nice girl or boy you'll love very much, you'll treat her or him nicely... and at least ask, before you kiss her or him... even if you're such a great kisser like... I mean, I... *sigh*... let's talk about this again, once you're older, okay?" " ANAIS, ANAIS, ANAIS, ANAIS... ARRRRGGHHH!" " Now that's enough... stop it, Lil'! I know, you're angry, but hey, life isn't a piece of cheesecake! Look for example Uranium..."
  86. "... just when she wanted to start her... brrrr... 'breeding ground of evilness'... suddenly Malcolm Landgraab appeared, the rich guy from OFB, who's also the antagonist in Michellefobbs 'Planetary Apocalypse' - and just like Uranium here, had captured the Simself of his neighborhood - and wanted a piece of the evil cake..."
  87. "... and fortunately or unfortunately, he could pay better, so the villains left... and to answer your question in advance: No, it wasn't because all these subplots and the used CC started to slow the challenge down too much...*cough*cough*..."
  88. "... which, of course, drove Uranium over the edge. At least her reaction was a bit... extreme... she dropped a bomb on the Landgraab manor and... well, it solved the villain problem..." " H-Hey! What's that?" " What's what?" " You said 'she dropped a bomb on the landgrabb manor', but... it also took out the house next to it, see?" " Yeah, so..? What's so important about this...?"
  89. " Oh, nothing except... I was in that house then!" " WHAT?!" " This was the hideout of my Minion Albert I told you about... I visited him, to look, how far he got with the project, for that I had bought the electronic parts from Antoine..."
  90. "... and to my astonishment, he had made a breakthrough: he really had built a time machine!" "A... time machine? You wanted...?" "... a time machine, correct. Hey, I have lived through humanities entire history and I didn't liked it a bit... now I just wanted to go back and..." "...kill Anais, right?"
  91. " Right, and of course, correct the failure I made to anger my boyfriend... and I would have succeeded, if this idiot Albert suddenly hadn't decided to kill ME to avenge his dead parents...!" "... don't tell me you killed them..." " Of course! They produced an ice age, they didn't succeed building a time machine... I made the failure once to rely on a retarded idiot, never again..."
  92. " Of course, I'd never imagined, what he had in store to kill me...!" "And that was...?" " A friggin killer android! He created a friggin killer android! And the worst of it: I knew him... 'it'... whatever..." " You don't mean...?" " It was Anais's Father! Albert had created $%&€ Anais's father to..." "...and then ?!!!"
  93. "... then the world went 'BOOM'!" " Wow, How big are the odds, that at the same time, while an angry evil alien drops a bomb to kill a bunch of villains that left her for a better payment, a mad scientist, who created a time machine, orders a killer android, that is supposed to the father of the girl, who snatched away your boyfriend, who is... well, it sounds really improbable..." " Are you finished? Cause now comes the best..."
  94. "... because the whole situation had at least one positive Outcome: After so many millenia, I was finally a demon again!" " Yes, that's what I'm asking myself for the whole time, how...?" "You accepted, that I was the Countess once, but didn't mind the fact, that... oh, never mind... anyway, Albert explained it with 'time machine energy gone haywire'- technobubble..."
  95. "Albert survived the crash, too?" " Not only that, but he changed back to a kid, his parents became alive again and..." " Awwww, that's so cute... finally a happy end somehwere..." " Bah, disgusting... I can't tell this story to anyone, everyone'll think, I'm making this up..."
  96. " So, now you've heard it all... story of my life: Demon, first vampire, Countess, bombing victim - and now a babysitter for a demon spawn... yep, I've seen everything..." " Oh, I think, you made the best out of it, Lil', really..." " Hm, you can say that... at least I never made the failure to get stuck with a kid...brrrr..." " Are you talking with me? Then let me tell you, that there's no greater joy..." " Oh please, spare me the propaganda! But you've seen, what happens, when we fall for the wrong guy..."
  97. " our dear heiress Amaryllis, when she met Plutonium..." " Yes, I bet, that was a great surprise for everyone... instantaneously three bolts at first sight... but he really has a certain charme..." "... you're kidding... and before you tell me the 'She bravely seduced him to free her poor captured family relatives'-story, may I remind you, who you're talking to..."
  98. "... really, I had no pity for her, when her husband found out... especially biting her felt soo good... should have done that to HIM, after HE cheated on me..." " I found it kinda sad... I mean, she still loved Ben... he should have tried to forgive her..." " WHAT? The whole evening you've repeatedly told me, how awful it is to be bad and evil, and suddenly..." " To err is human, to forgive divine..." " 'to forgive is divine' - wow, that's a great way to justify it, if spouse cheats on spouse..."
  99. "... Spouse kills himself..."
  100. "... and spouse gets pregnant with the child of the one-night stand, which will later develop into..."
  101. " OKAY, okay... look, I don't say, what Amaryllis did, was right... and I don't know, how I'd acted in Benjamins place - besides, it's still not clear, if it really was a suicide - but..." " No, no 'But's this time! I'm right, and you know it, and not just because the 'It's not like I've slept with her/him'- excuse doesn't even apply here...!" "...but your 'Harhar, I'll kill the girl, her parents and burn down Eden'-excuse did, what?" "..." "Sorry, that was a low blow... but still, Amaryllis isn't a bad person, perhaps a bit careless, who isn't..."
  102. "... but at least, she knows, where her responsibilities were... in the end, she cared so well for her daughter Bethany as well as her other children..."
  103. "... they've never lacked anything - aside from the obvious apocalypse restrictions... both Beatrice and Brian made it to college..."
  104. "... where Beatrice managed to befriend the zombies, like her grandmother Anais did with the vampires, and became a popular rockstar among them..." "... dancing zombies." " I beg your pardon?" " Your Daddy wanted dancing zombies, isn't that right? Now she... you know, the longer I think about it, the more my mind resents it, it's all just too unlikely..."
  105. "..aand... like her mom, she found love with someone, who loved her as much..." " Of course, 'love'... besides the fact, that Nicolai Wood was a 'mad' scientist who - who'd guessed? - lifted Science, chosen, before she was even born - like her mom, by the way - oh, and he was a devoted Loki Beaker fan, he even made himself look like that crazy guy from strangetown..."
  106. "... Lilith... I think, you're just jealous... I mean, why are you so against them? Just because of Anais? I admit, sometimes there were crises... but nonetheless, this family stood together, supported each other... for example, look at Bea's firstborn, Cecil: he just became a child, and he grew up in Platin - in an apocalypse, where else do you see that..?"
  107. "... And look, how happy 'Great- Grandmother' Anais was, when Bea's daughter and possible heiress Celia was born..."
  108. "... she even decided to have one more child herself..."
  109. "... whom she named Alexandré junior in honor of her deceased son... though he was rather a second Antoine..."
  110. "... as grumpy and as knowledge-hungry as his older brother... I think, you'd like him..."
  111. " Hold it! You're doing it again!" " Doing what?" " Praising the Edens, like they're some kind of superfamily: Super-Anais, who survived Eden and an apocalypse, Super-Amaryllis, brave widow and mother, Super-Bea... but you forget to mention the skeletons in their closet. You know my opinion about Anais, and her daughter was a cheater as well..."
  112. "... and since we're talking about cheating, what was that bit about Beatrice and Don Zombie, the guy from Candie's Uglacy*...?" "...that's... that's just a rumour! My Dad made him 'Leader' of the zombies in his absence, and since she became popular with her singing among the zombies, he became her manager... they're just good friends, nothing more...!" "... and singers are of course well-known for their fidelity..." ---- Don Zombie from Candie's Uglacy - if you don't know him, you're probably braindead... ;)
  113. "... so I guess, this photo is just a fake, hmm?" " *Gasp* - where... where did you get THAT?!" " Sweetie, yellow press was invented in hell - I'd have joined, but they didn't buy the story, that I wasn't underaged, but a millenia-old ex-Countess... go figure..."
  114. "... that's, why I also know, that her brother Brian got a face surgery and got himself a deadly disease from a wolfbite..." " Now that's not true...!" "... but it sells."
  115. " well as the fact, that he became a rather nasty rowdy...beat his own uncle up..." " That's... that's totally out of the context! His uncle Antoine wanted to be a werewolf his whole life, he just..." " Who'd you think, do the people believe, you or what was printed?"
  116. " Uuugh... fine! You win! So this family isn't as brave and admirable as I thought... happy now?!" " Yep!" "... yep? That's it? No 'I didn't meant it that way'...?" " Nu-uh, it's exactly as you said: the Eden's are neither adimrable nor brave nor anything..."
  117. "... in fact, the current mess we're in, is all their fault... instead of making things better, their presence made everything worse... " "... but, but... how could they've foreseen...?" " This is not about to forsee something, it's about the Eden's himself... their whole family seems to attract misery, and in combination with their success, it multiplies... indefinitely..."
  118. "... and now it has finally culminated... in her!" " But Bethany..." " it's Bethoria now... and while I should be delighted as a demon and hunted Ex- vampire, that the human (and any other) species will have lots of problems soon, I have to admit..."
  119. "... I'd never thought, that the little brainwashing her father Plutonium and Granny Uranium did to her..."
  120. "... would turn a frightened little girl..."
  121. "... into a psychopathical angel of death, who made slaughtering people her hobby!" "...uuuh, I'm getting goosebumps from your talk..." " I guess, that's because... even I'm a bit scared. And I've dated HIM Himself... but this girl...a lot of people have tried world conquest, but she... she seems more powerful, than either of us can imagine..."
  122. "... far more powerful..." "Brrrr...oh yes, the army, she started to create from the people she killed, looked really frightening... and her sign...not to forget the clones, she made of herself, like in 'Matrix'.... thankfully she hasn't attacked us yet..." "... and hopefully she'd already killed her family, at least it would make my day..." " She wouldn't dare...!" " Who would stop her... or better: who could stop her now, hm?"
  123. "... ... Snuggles could!" " Who?" " Agent Snuggles from Blueberries 'Bearly alive'-apocalypse..." ------ * Blueberrypie360's 'Bearly alive apocalypse' - read it, and - beware of the weasel!
  124. "... with her secret mission to find the 'real' Nemo, the creator of this apocalypse - I bet, if she can find him, Bethoria can be stopped!" " Oh Joy and Hell-a-luja, we're saved... ups, no - because, if her mission is so secret, how do you know about it?" " Ehrrr..." " And even if she doesn't get killed first, what should your Mommafatherclone's original scuba boy do, hm? Swing his magic snorkel and turn Bethoria and her soldiers into mushrooms?" "Eh... I don't know... but I think, Agent Snuggles will save the day... she's an agent, after all, and she sure has a superduper team of skilled experts, that can help her with that agent stuff..."
  125. Somewhere else, Location unknown, time unknown: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH HHH....When does this fall through this white mist stuff ever end..?..Mommy...!!!" " ...And I especially hate you, Count, you and your stupid 'I love you, I love you'... and I hate your servants, those runways from the Rocky Horror Show... and I hate... okay, I don't hate you, Jack Sparrow, but if you ever try again to hold on my b... OW, and I hate this stupid talking stilt made of hardwood, who wants to become a pirate... and I hate, hate, hate this stupid potty god and his stupid, stupid god trial we're flushed to... damn, I hate my life!!! This is all the weasels faulllllllllT!!!!"
  126. "... Awww, look, he's finally fallen asleep..." " Whew, took long enough... it's almost dawn... at least it looks so outside..." " *YAWN*... whatever, I'm going to bed too, now... can you put him into the crib then, Lil' " " Kay, Chris, pleasant dreams... oh, and if he tries to kill you in your dreams again, just scream..." " Uuuh...." to be continued...
  127. Location: Far away from Eden - neighborhood, the new Observation deck of Beth... Empress Bethoria, soon-to-be ruler of all simkind, time: now: ... so, general Dutchie... are we finally ready? " YES, EMPRESS..'ES... EVERYTHING WENT ACCORDING TO YOUR WISHES; WE'VE SLAUGHTERED EVERY REMAINING SIM IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD AND INCORPORATED HIM INTO YOUR ARMY..." *Sigh*... it would've taken too much time, but... I'd loved to kill them all by myself... "... FORGIVE ME EMPRESS... IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN TORTURE ME INSTEAD LATER...!" Goood Dutchie...well then, show me the goodies! " SOOOOLDIEERRS..."
  128. "...'SHUN!" Huh? that's it? That's all? All I - We - see, is a lot of horizont... and my - our - evil tower looks a bit off, doesn't it? Well, must be the weather... " UHHH... FORGIVE ME, EMPRESS... WE TRIED OUR BEST, BUT... EVEN 300 SOLDIERS ON ONE LOT DON'T LOOK THAT IMPRESSIVE, BUT NEARLY MADE THE COMPUTER GO BOOM, SO WE HAD TO IMPROVISE... AND AN IMPRESSIVE HORIZONT MAKES UP FOR THAT..." Oh..!..Well, Never mind... Okay, Soldiers, instead of a long 'The Empress smiles at you'-speech just... Go! Kill everone! Set the world in flames...!... hehehehahaharharharharHARHARH ARHARAHR!!!!" to be... ever finished..?