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Welcome to Surrey

  1. SPSC 2201 Course Adventure #4 By: Tyler Ram 300163640
  2. Newton Recreation Centre  13730 72 Avenue Surrey, BC V3W 2P4  Public Sector – Newton Rec Centre is a community centre that offers ”fitness, sport, age-related programs, events, arts, leadership, etc.” to “provide opportunities for recreation to disadvantaged clients” as membership comes at a low rate (Lunn, 2020, p. 3).  Recreation – This is an example of recreation because it supports the community of Newton by offering recreation and leisure opportunities through tax-based funding and makes it affordable for most people. “Each municipality has the responsibility to ensure the availability … of recreation opportunities for every individual …with available community resources and needs” (Lunn, 2020, p. 6).
  3. Sullivan Heights Secondary  6248 144 Street Surrey, BC V3X 1A1  Public Sector – Sullivan Heights is a public high school which offers education at no extra cost. Taking a physical education course, which is required up until Grade 10 comes at no extra cost.  Physical Education – As stated before, physical education is a requirement up until Grade 10, after that it is an elective course. Students will be taught physical literacy as well as the importance of staying active through physical education at the high school level.
  4. Cloverdale Recreation Centre  6188 176 Street Surrey, BC V3S 4E7  Public Sector – The Cloverdale Rec Centre is an example of a public sector because “recreation services play a significant role in the creation of cohesive and quality communities” (Lunn, 2020, p. 5).  Recreation – This is an example of the recreation component of 2210 as it is a recreation centre that offers a weight room, full size gymnasium, child care, pool, and programs from children to seniors. “Recreation is a fundamental human need for persons of all ages” (Lunn, 2020, p. 5)
  5. GoodLife Fitness  12992 76 Avenue Surrey, BC V3W 2V6  Commercial Sector - GoodLife Fitness falls under the commercial sector because it generates ”revenue from fees and corporate sponsorship” (Lunn, 2020, p. 6).  Recreation – GoodLife fitness is considered a commercial recreation service. It offers and weight room and gym that members pay a premium fee for in order to have access to their facilities. GoodLife fitness is “provided for a cost and profit orientated” (Lunn, 2020, p. 6)
  6. Southridge School  2656 160th Street Surrey, BC V3Z 0B7  Commercial Sector – Southridge School falls under the commercial sector because it requires a tuition fee for its students to attend.  Physical Education – Southridge offers physical education classes within its curriculum which is why it has a physical education connection to SPSC 2210. Southridge is located in South Surrey which is considered a wealthier part of the city. Therefore, “demographic changes underlie significant changes in the market for recreation and leisure” (Lunn, 2020, p. 7).
  7. AthElite Basketball Academy  15358 67 Ave Surrey, BC V3S 7C6  Commercial Sector – AthElite basketball academy is a basketball club that offers travelling club teams, elite level training, youth leagues, and more. AthElite operates for profit, as they charge for their training and club teams that covers more than the cost to operate which differentiates it from a volunteer sector. It also pays their coaches.  Coaching – AthElite falls under the coaching connection to SPSC 2210 because it employs coaches to train and teach their young athletes the game of basketball. Most of their coaches have played basketball at the high school level, and some even at the college or professional level bringing a variety of different views and skillsets to their teams.
  8. Game Ready Fitness  Unit 104– 18485 53 Avenue  Volunteer Sector – Game Ready Fitness falls under the volunteer sector as their mission is to aim to provide positive leadership to youth in the community. They are funded by sponsors to cover the costs of their programs.  Coaching – Game Ready is an example of the coaching aspect of 2210, as they have certified trainers there to train the youth and students that are put into their programs. They have a partnership with Surrey Safe Schools that sends at-risk youth to their programs in order to put them around a positive environment.
  9. Hoops 4 Kids  No official address  Voluntary Sector – Hoops 4 Kids is a non-profit organization that’s actually co-founded by yours truly! It’s a yearly basketball tournament my friends and I organized to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital. We raise money from sponsors, participants, and a concession. We usually get sponsors to cover the costs such as referee’s, facilities and food and beverage. We do not take any money, any surplus of the costs is 100% donated to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation so we “are operated primarily by volunteers” (Lunn, 2020, p. 8).  Recreation – Hoops 4 Kids is an example of the recreation section of SPSC 2210. As it is a 5-on-5 basketball tournament, it is a recreation sports activity. It originally operated as a 3-on-3 tournament it’s first 3 years, but has since expanded due to growing interest.
  10. Surrey United Soccer Club  17790 #10 Highway Surrey, BC V3S 1C7  Voluntary Sector – Surrey United Soccer Club falls under the voluntary sector because they rely on team fees and sponsorships to run. They also have volunteer coaches for their teams. Surrey United “rely on the efforts of members and volunteers for sustained survival” (Lunn, 2020, p. 10).  Coaching – Surrey United correlates with the coaching aspect of 2210 as they run various soccer teams of all age groups within the community with volunteer coaches. The coaches teach skills, incorporate game tactics, and leadership skills.
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