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U-Dox: On The Ground

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We come across creative people from all walks of life, so we've decided to start showcasing those who we believe are making movements in the scene right now.

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U-Dox: On The Ground

  1. 1. ON THE GROUND We are always on the ground looking for creative people from all walks of life. This is our guide for who we believe are the ones to watch.
  2. 2. BORN N BREAD A creative multi- talented collective of real friends, creating zines, hosting shows and DJ’ing on NTS radio. Unedited & unapologetic! Instagram: @bornnbread Website: http://born-n-bread.co.uk/ On The Ground
  3. 3. CHARLOTTE MOSS London based stylist, predominantly but not exclusively styling girls in baggy, carefully considered layered apparel and classic footwear silhouettes. Instagram: @smokeytabboo Website: http://charlotte-moss.co.uk/ On The Ground
  4. 4. SHEZI Man about town, #BasementApproved shooter and general nice guy, documenting the ever-growing streetwear sub-culture movement in London. Instagram: @shezimanezi On The Ground
  5. 5. JAKE MILLERS Manchester based photographer, with a rapid growing list of clients. Jake is definitely one to keep an eye on. Instagram: @jake_millers Website: http://jakemillers.com/ On The Ground
  6. 6. FODAY DUMBUYA Founder and creative director of Labrum, creating innovative menswear garments with an uncompromising commitment to quality and design. His work speaks for itself. Instagram: @labrumlondon Website: http://labrumlondon.com/ On The Ground
  7. 7. CARLY WILFORD Founder of IAMusic.TV & radio platform S I S T E R and editor at newly launched social music platform Crowdmix. Instagram: @carlywilford Website: http://www.crowdmix.me/ On The Ground
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