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Andrew Harder - “Emerging Market Research”

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Andrew Harder - “Emerging Market Research”

  1. 1. Design Research for Emerging MarketsAndrew Harder @thevagrant
  2. 2. Me
  3. 3. Relevant, Beautiful and Successful
  4. 4. Why do emerging markets matter?
  5. 5. Growth GDP growth per capita, 1991 – 2011. Source: World Bank via google.com/publicdata
  6. 6. New consumers Rama Bijapurkar
  7. 7. Enormousinfrastructureimprovements
  8. 8. Perfect conditions for disruptiveinnovations
  9. 9. Why do emerging markets matter? Design is the translation of social need Kat Gough
  10. 10. Why do emerging markets matter? The question therefore isnt so much what is design and why does it matter? but how can I use good design to make the world around me better? The Design Council
  11. 11. Why do emerging markets matter? The question therefore isnt so much what is design and why does it matter? but how can I use good design to make the world around me better? The Design Council
  12. 12. The improving mentality
  13. 13. The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens
  14. 14. Source: Empire Marketing Board
  15. 15. Source: Empire Marketing Board
  16. 16. "The Great Improvers"Source: Empire Marketing Board
  17. 17. Charles Darwin Ernst Haeckel
  18. 18. "The Great Improvers" Colonial errors: There is a fundamental difference between us and them I have more things and better morals, so I am superior I can judge them according to my standards I can see what they need They need our help
  19. 19. Its not about them. Its about us.
  20. 20. As researchers, our mission is tosee the world as our participants seeit
  21. 21. Core of Anthropology: Reflexivity
  22. 22. Relevant, Beautiful and Successful
  23. 23. Research notes1. Text-based UIs are not suitable for illiterate users2. Abstract metaphors like envelope for SMS are unsuitable3. Instead, physical interface elements like dials, exaggerated buttons and information gauges are familiar4. Mechanical world metaphors are more intuitive in this context5. Most technology in rural India separates controls from information6. Reselling and repair is common7. Vast majority of phones features are untouched by non-
  24. 24. Creative Direction - SteampunkSteampunk reflects the design and craftsmanship of theVictorian eraRemove the aesthetic of "preciousness" to invitetinkering and exploration
  25. 25. Me
  26. 26. Fallacy 1: Cultures are frozen at apoint in time
  27. 27. 1: The world plays out in real time
  28. 28. Fallacy 2: They need basic products
  29. 29. Fallacy 2: Their needs are defined bywhat they lack
  30. 30. What is needed?Ways to manage illiteracyHelp repairing and maintaining devicesSimple featuresTechnology that feels appropriate and familiar
  31. 31. We live in multiple cultures
  32. 32. 2: Its cool to be cool
  33. 33. 2: Self-esteem is a very powerfulemotion
  34. 34. Aspiration: Not dreaming, doing.
  35. 35. Fallacy 3: Usability is universallyimportant
  36. 36. Buying for power, not comfort
  37. 37. 3: In a rapidly changingsociety, keeping up-to-date isimportant
  38. 38. Your users want to besmarter, sexier and richer.Help them.
  39. 39. "The Great Improvers"Source: Empire Marketing Board
  40. 40. Fallacy 4: They arent rational
  41. 41. "I am worried about theenvironment. So I take my 4WD off-roading in Tibet to enjoy theenvironment before it is ruined."
  42. 42. I don’t like the preview of atext message. I don’t want people knowing what messages I get Do you put a password on your phone?Of course not, I don’t want people thinking I have something to hide
  43. 43. 4: Explain novel behaviour asrational response to a differentenvironment
  44. 44. 4: Treat contradictions as yourfailure to understand the situation
  45. 45. Central contradiction in privacyPhones are private Phones are socialobjects objects
  46. 46. Porous privacyHelp me avoid I basically trust myembarrassment friends
  47. 47. Research toolkit for reflexivityWhat do we expect to find when we go?What does this person want from their phone thatyou dont want from your phone?
  48. 48. See your actions in historicalperspectiveUse reflexive tools
  49. 49. Thank youAndrew Harder @thevagrant