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Our planet, our health

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Saskia Heijnen, Wellcome Trust, as part of Back to basics – human physiology, psychology & place-making dialogue series.


Supported by ARCC Network, Feeling Good Foundation, Wellcome Trust, European Cultural Foundation


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Our planet, our health

  1. 1. Saskia Heijnen A global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health by supporting bright minds in the sciences, the humanities and public engagement.
  2. 2. Presentation • Introduction to the Wellcome Trust • Sustaining Health • Health Impacts of Climate Change • Examples of Funded projects • Our Planet, Our Health • Engagement • Our Office environment and Wellcome Collection
  3. 3. Wellcome Trust • Henry Wellcome b.1853 • Co-founded Burrough’s Wellcome in London in 1880 • Mass “Tabloid” production by 1882 • The Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. • We are independent of both political and commercial interests. • Our breadth of support includes public engagement, education and the application of research to improve health.
  4. 4. Sustaining Health Momentum is building • 2014 IPCC report • WHO Conference on Health and Climate • UN Climate Summit • COP 21 meeting Dec 2015
  5. 5. Health impacts of climate change • Health conditions sensitive to climate conditions • e.g. malaria, malnutrition, diarrhoeal disease • More severe heat waves • More frequent floods and droughts • Many of the processes that drive climate change also cause immediate health problems • Energy and transport choices • e.g. air pollution
  6. 6. Spatial, social and environmental determinants of malnutrition in Africa: a pilot in Kenya
  7. 7. Federal University of Bahia Sustainable Healthy Urban Environments
  8. 8. Seasonal drivers of human movement and aggregation in a changing climate: consequences for infectious disease dynamics and control
  9. 9. Wellcome Trust’s new strategic approach
  10. 10. Our Planet, Our Health
  11. 11. Health impacts of climate change Partners: WHO, World Bank, CDP, Tyndall Centre, researchers (particularly Andy Haines, Jonathan Patz and Tord Kjellstrom), Wellcome Trust The profiles: the country profiles will present data on a number of issues in an easily accessible way: • Current climate data and health impacts • Projected climate hazards and future health impacts • Health co-benefits • Policy responses UNFCCC
  12. 12. The Crunch Launching in 2016
  13. 13. Our work environment • Office environment • Wellcome collection public spaces • Biodegradable packaging • ~90% recycling rate • Air sensa monitors • Photovoltaics
  14. 14. s.heijnen@wellcome.ac.uk Wellcome.ac.uk/OurPlanetOurHealth