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Multimedia in the classroom final presentation

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Final Project for Multimedia in the Classroom

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Multimedia in the classroom final presentation

  1. 1. Andrea Bentz
  2. 2. Thank you for introducing me to Mashable.com! This is a fantastic resourcefor me, because it allows me to easily find reviewed web 2.0 tools for anyproblem or project. This summer I will be surfing this site for ways I canimprove and update my class content.Also, I stumbled across FLVto.com when I was working on the audioassignment for this class. FLVto.com allows you to very quickly and easilyturn the audio from a YouTube video into an audio file. Now that I will becreating an audio assignment for my 6th graders, this tool will be valuable.Considering I am a teacher of technology, all ofthe tools that were introduced and suggestedwill be useful to me professionally. The mostuseful resource that you introduced to me isthe article about how to use audio in theclassroom. I have been aware of Audacity andVoiceThread but had a difficult time thinking ofuses for these tools in my classroom. Thearticle has inspired me with a few ideas.
  3. 3. The most important success during this class is that I am more familiar with andactually used web 2.0 tools that are new to me. This will help me integratethese tools into my presentation of content to my class as well as give studentsmore choices to present their work.The photo editing assignment seemed the most successful to me. To completethis assignment I used and was able to evaluate a variety of photo editors aswell as explore editing possibilities of which I was unaware. I also enjoyedcreating new images with my family photos.
  4. 4. My biggest challenge for this class, and most things in my life, is time! I am excitedand interested in exploring all of the suggested tools, but this is impossibleconsidering I have two young children and a career, which both keep me very busy.The audio component of this course was the most challenging for me to complete. Ihave never attempted to create and edit original audio before, so I used thisassignment as an opportunity to learn. Audacity is a great tool with a lot of features,so much so, that I found it overwhelming. I know that I only explored a small part ofwhat Audacity can do, so I am glad to have the tutorials that you have provided torevisit, and then help students create original audio of their own.My final challenge was figuring out how to submit my work. I am embarrassed toadmit that I could not figure out how to upload any of the assignments and try to workaround it by sending you links in Word documents. Sorry!
  5. 5. popdust.com
  6. 6. This was my first experience with Moodle. I found Moodle to be relatively easyto navigate. I am not sure if that is a result of the professor or the program’sstructure. Rubric and resource access was uncomplicated, and classes werelogically organized.My only issue, as mentioned earlier, is that I had a difficult time submittingmultimedia items using Moodle. That could have been user error.
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