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Walk UNH

  1. Take a walk with a friend
  2. Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  3. Park farther from the store or walk to the store
  4. Get up to change the channel
  5. Window shop
  6. Use proper technique. Walking is a great exercise because it’s so simple to do. But using the correct posture and movements is essential.
  7. Walk up and down hills to build strength and stamina. When walking uphill, lean forward slightly-it’s easier on your leg muscles. Walking downhill can be harder on your body, especially the knees, than walking uphill, and may cause muscle soreness, so slow your pace, keep your knees slightly bent, and take shorter steps.
  8. Make an effort to walk as much as possible.Skip elevators and escalators – take the stairs instead! Leave the car at home if you can walk the mile or two of your destination.
  9. Begin to walk slowly. Walk with ease and dignity.
  10. Relax and let your walking be easy and natural. Be mindful of each step.
  11. Your mind will wander many times, just as it does when you’re sitting.
  12. A water fountain may not be able to deliver enough water for you to get a full cup.