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Sprint.ly Presents at Under the Radar 2013

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Sprint.ly Presentation at Under the Radar 2013

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Sprint.ly Presents at Under the Radar 2013

  1. 1. Software is Eating the Worldhttp://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903480904576512250915629460.html
  2. 2. The Past (3 things)• You worked in an office from9-5• You have a home computerand an office computer• You collaborate via in-personmeetingsThe Future (3 things)• Everyone will work in a “techcompany”• You will work all the time andnone of the time• Your work will be withoutborders
  3. 3. Workers will go from being tightlycoupled to a single employer to beingloosely coupled to many employers.
  4. 4. Wait a minute...•How will I know what my developers working onif we’re not all in the same office?•How will I know what type of work are mydevelopers focused on?•How will I find out what we delivered yesterday?•How will I know who on my team has too muchwork on their plate?•How can I monitor progress as it’s happening?
  5. 5. Activity Feeds
  6. 6. Dashboards
  7. 7. Team Load & Timelines
  8. 8. Daily Progress Updates
  9. 9. Our Extended Familyhttp://angel.co/sprintlyCurrent Investors: Freestyle Capital, MattMullenweg, Alex Payne, Rick Webb, Michael Levit,Jason Shellan, Stan Chudnovsky, Blaine Cook, TonyHaile, Ryan Freitas, Eamon Leonard, AndrewBosworth, Ross DargahiAdvisors: Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Evan “Rabble”Henshaw-Plath, David Bill, Alex Hunter, Marc Hemeon,Aubrey Sabala, Michael Lopp, Chris Lea, John QuinnJoe Stump, CEO(Digg, SimpleGeo, Attachments.me)Matt Work, CSO(PivotalLabs, Cohuman)Justin Abrahms(Google)Grant Garrett(AppFog)Our Team