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UX STRAT 2013: Ronnie Battista, 10 Commandments of UX Strategy

  1. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF UX STRATEGY! Ronnie Battista UXSTRAT Conference September 11th, 2013 @RonnieBattista
  2. Source: “We make our technologies, and they, in turn, shape us. So, of every technology we must ask, Does it serve our human purposes? … … a question that causes us to consider what these purposes are. Technologies, in every generation, present opportunity to reflect on our values and direction” - Sherri Turkle, Alone Together @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  3. THANK YOU PAUL @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  4. 3 CHAPTERS •! Genesis •! The 10 Commandments of UX Strategy •! Revelations @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  5. GENESIS @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  6. IN THE BEGINNING . . . •! UXPA Certification •! Emerging professional trends in (and out) of UX •! The “What is UX” substantive / semantic arguments •! 10 Immutable Truths of Experience Design @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  7. Source ‘’ – Use and references during presentation with permission from MISI / NTT Data Company @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  8. •!QUESTION TIME @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  9. Who is best suited for UX Strategy? Right-brainers?Left-brainers? Or, the ever-popular “It Depends?” Is UX Strategy ‘different’ than UX Research and Design? Is it a just a more strategic-focused version? How can I be the best in an emerging field that’s still defining itself? Are there specific UX Strategist deliverables? CONTEMPLATING UX STRATEGY @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  10. Is there (or should there even be) base criteria that makes someone a UX Strategist? THE BIG QUESTION: @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  11. OR IS UX STRATEGY A BIT MORE LIKE PORN? “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.” —Justice Potter Stewart, Jacobellis v. Ohio 378 U.S. 184 (1964), regarding possible obscenity in The Lovers @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  12. OH, THE DESPAIR. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  13. . . . that we can agree on? Are there at least a few. . . Heuristics Rules of Thumb Guiding Principles Immutable Truths Rules of Thumb Fundamentals Commandments Tenets @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  14. The 10 Commandments (Moses Version) •! 1. Thou Shalt Have No Gods Before Me •! 2. Thou Shalt Not Make Graven Images •! 3. Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain •! 4. Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath •! 5. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother •! 6. Thou Shalt Not Kill •! 7. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery •! 8. Thou Shalt Not Steal •! 9. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness •! 10. Thou Shalt Not Covet Commandment (noun) a statement of what to do that must be obeyed by those concerned @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  15. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT Have a go. Don’t cost nothin… AND THE HEAVENS ANSWERED:
  16. •! I am the Lord of the UX Strategy and Planning group on LinkedIn. You shall have no other UX LinkedIn groups besides me. •! Do not speak your UX Strategy title in vain with horribly narcissistic words like “Guru” “Demigod” “Sherpa” and “Visionary” that just make us (but, really, mostly you) look like an asshole. •! I am the Lord your God, and even I don’t think I’m so prescient to mental-vomit 30+ tweets/day. I don’t care what you had for breakfast. No one does. If thine are not a terse comedian or at a conference… think ‘curate’. REJECTED COMMANDMENTS @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  17. PREACHING TO THE CHOIR Credit: to-the-Choir-Since-1846-New-Yorker-Cartoon-Prints_i8480038_.htm @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  18. I.! Thou shalt focus on the big picture! II. ! HONOR your company and customer, But covet your neighbor’s ass. ! III.! ThOU SHALT NOT STEAL THY Employee’S HUMANITY! IV.! Remember to Keep Holy the Context! V.! THOU SHALT NOT KILL (THY CAREER)! VI.! THOU SHALT NOT BEAR SPECULATIVE WITNESS! VII.! THOU SHALT STAY FAITHFUL TO UX GOVERNANCE! VIII.! Thou not Speak UX IN TONGUES! IX.! THOU SHALT NOT WORSHIP DIGITAL ONLY! X.! THOU shalt practice UX WITH HUMAN-CENTRIC INTEGRITY ! @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT The 10 Commandments of UX Strategy
  19. I. THOU SHALT FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE •! Strategic UX initiatives and projects will always be here; those with the greatest chance of long-term business value stay framed in the big picture. •! Seek the strategy behind even the most tactical engagement. No matter how tactical, you should always seek to root you engagement in the big picture. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  20. II. HONOR YOUR COMPANY AND CUSTOMER, BUT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR’S ASS. •! What are the specific business levers that enable your company to win out over competitors, and how can UX directly impact them? •! Understand the Company •! Understand the Competition •! Understand the Customer @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  21. III. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL THY EMPLOYEES HUMANITY •! When humans are on both sides of an interaction, attention must be made to their mutual success “If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is everything” -Frederick Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT •! But it’s not just the “right thing to do” anymore
  22. IV. REMEMBER TO KEEP HOLY THE CONTEXT •! The UX Strategist must strongly advocate the need for context in any attempt to create or redefine an experience. •! Unfortunately, our global supply of true ‘genius design’ potential (e.g. Steve Jobs) is inversely proportional to well-intended senior executive ‘gut feelings’ that are “unencumbered by facts”. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  23. V. THOU SHALT NOT KILL (THY CAREER) •! It is becoming increasingly clear that business (and the UX profession) is fast-moving. Prepare for lifelong learning. •! A UX Strategist must keep the door open to understanding current UX software, processes and services. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  24. VI. THOU SHALT NOT BEAR SPECULATIVE WITNESS (WITHOUT BOTH QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE EVIDENCE) •! UX Strategy embraces BOTH qualitative user research or set / targeted metrics. •! For the Quals: No one here will argue against user research. But we need our clients to understand our need to connect with real human beings, even if we think (or they think) we know the answer. •! For the Quants: Big Data needs UX Strategy. We ask why something happened, interpret the data into valuable insights, and turn Big Data into Big Impact solutions. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  25. •! Experience is fluid with periods of evolution and revolution •! An ongoing UX governance program to measure and optimize the experience is vital to long-term viability •! A UX Strategist should strongly advocate Experience Management infusion into the company’s program/ portfolio management infrastructure. •! A journey map can only take you so far… VII. THOU SHALT STAY FAITHFUL TO UX GOVERNANCE @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  27. VII. THOU SHALT STAY FAITHFUL TO UX GOVERNANCE ! also by channel: Telesales, Web, Mobile, Affliliate etc. Marketing Service Product Line 1 Product Line 2 ! GOVERNANCE EMO Infrastructure and Tools EMO Portfolio and Program Management Processes Experience Business Intelligence and Analytics Communications and Change Management Experience Governance Models etc. End-to-End Experience Mapping & Guiding Principles Experience Management Office @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT also by channel: THIS THING HERE ISFOR ILLUSTRATIVEPORPOISES ONLY!YOU DIG?
  28. VIII. THOU NOT SPEAK IN TONGUES: •! A UX Strategist at heart understands that UX and the practice of UX is ultimately one of communication . . . •! … As an empathetic translator / proxy advocate for the human audience… •! … In the products and services we design, which communicate utility and inherent value… •! … And in the ability to convey to business leaders the experience implications of why a path should or should not be chosen and the value of ongoing investment and growth in UX. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  30. X. THOU SHALT PRACTICE UX WITH HUMAN- CENTRIC INTEGRITY •! As translators of business and technology to the human condition, UX is at the vanguard of a technological revolution that has already irrevocably changed base human interaction over the last two decades. •! Possessing the tools and skills to capitalize on human behavior in context is powerful. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  31. If not us, who? @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  32. REVELATIONS @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  33. CONTEMPLATING UX STRATEGY How can I be the best in anemerging field that’s still defining itself? @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT How can WE help build this profession to grow and support those that come after us?
  34. “Technology reshapes the landscape of our emotional lives, but is it offering us the lives we want to lead? …. What are the responsibilities here? … What do we have, now that we have what we say we want – now that we have what technology makes easy. This is the time to begin these conversations, together. It is too late to leave the future to the futurists”. - Sherri Turkle @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  35. @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT
  36. Thank YOU! @ronniebattista #UXSTRAT Can you see it from here?