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Gender futures

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In this chart, we look at trends in gender to forecast the future in the context of gender roles, gender diversity, and gender fluidity.

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Gender futures

  1. 1. Interested in future reports and projections for your business? Check out ice.humanfactors.com or Write to us at ice@humanfactors.com THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE Gender manifests broadly in three areas: work life, family life and me-life. The future will not lie in equality of the sexes but will lie in the way different gender groups equalize these areas and there interrelations. For overall societal developments, there should be equality among genders in these life areas. Source: http://www.iff.dk/scripts/artikel.asp?id=843&lng=2 RISE OF A BALANCED SOCIETY Generation Z will become more conscious of gender-based equality and rights as compared to millennials and baby boomers. There will be more balanced gender representation across professional and personal fronts. The emergence of gender continuum diversities fundamentally challenges the societies we inherited. Once people become free to express them- selves along the male-female continuum depending on internal and exter- nal circumstances – without fear of reprisal – more democratic and fairer societies will come about. Source: http://www.metafuture.org/articlesbycolleagues/IvanaMilojevic/genderissues.htm OPENNESS IN GENDER DIVERSITY Technology companies have not been very open in sharing the gender ratio data in their organizations. Companies like Female Founders Fund (F Cubed) are inspiring companies like CrunchBase (popular database for tech companies) to show the data in such a way that represents the gender ratio in a particular organization and points to where the trend is going. More transparency and openness in sharing this data will help identify the bottlenecks in future and will help in bringing more gender diversity in companies and gender equality in general. Source:http://www.fastcompany.com/3043319/startups-gender- diversity-numbers-crunchbase TASK DIVISION Traditional gender roles will be eliminated in future and there will be equal task division among both men and women. As per research, both men and women spend more time on domestic tasks than before while also spending more time at work. Source: http://www.iff.dk/scripts/artikel.asp?id=843&lng=2 FLUID GENDER IDENTITIES Society discourages the mixing of gender roles, for example, a boy dress- ing up like a girl or a girl imitating a boy. If gender stereotypes are not enforced, clearly defined gender roles will not exist. These identities will start blurring in the future. The virtual world will also play a role in making this change in the real world. Science fiction, virtual games, comic books and the entertainment industry will challenge our notions of these roles that have been built over the years. Source: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/apr/11/science-fiction- needs-to-reflect-queer-fluid-gender-identity Icon Credits: The Noun Project Lloyd Humphreys | David Waschbüsch | TNS | Joel Burke “Gender equality is first and foremost a matter of equality between family and working life and hence of equalizing the qualities and values provided by the family with those provided by work.” Source: http://www.iff.dk/scripts/artikel.asp?id=843&lng=2 GENDER FUTURES