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How to Build and Distribute Personalized Content Experiences for ABM and Event Nurtures

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ABM is all about prioritization and engagement; prioritizing your top accounts, and organizing content to engage and educate accounts. In this session, Francesca Krihely, Director of ABM and Demand Generation at MongoDB, showcased the many ways she has used Uberflip as the underlying content experience tool for powering her ABM strategy to organize, distribute, and measure the impact of their content.

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How to Build and Distribute Personalized Content Experiences for ABM and Event Nurtures

  1. 1. Rory Hochman VP of Customer Success at Uberflip Francesca Krihely Director of ABM and Growth at MongoDB
  2. 2. 70% of buying decisions happen before speaking to sales. — SiriusDecisions
  3. 3. Vendors Have a Small Slice of Buyer’s Time Source: Gartner, 2018 | Q. What is the average % of time spent doing each of the following activity during the buying cycle for new IT related purchases? (n = 492; base: excluding "Don't Know" responses) Research 82%
  4. 4. Content Is How You Influence and Shape the Conversation
  5. 5. Content Marketing from Inbound to ABM How we made the transition from Inbound to ABM Francesca Krihely Director, ABM and Growth
  6. 6. Agenda Inbound lead funnel ● Content and Conversions ○ Lead Gen ○ Custom language Hubs ○ Integrated campaigns ○ Events ABM engagement funnel ● Industry ABM ● Customized content ● Account based campaigns
  7. 7. Inbound Funnel
  8. 8. Building an educational funnel for developers Impression: Developer hears about MongoDB Downloads MongoDB Tests out the database by Needs to learn more Goes through a tutorial Learns about MongoDB University Registers for MongoDB University Inquiry: Developer gives us her email Email Nurture Finds a MongoDB Use Case at Work Recommends MongoDB for a project Sales Qualified Lead Sales Qualified Opportunity Close! $$$
  9. 9. Getting Started
  10. 10. Architecture Guide Top performing content ● Targeted our ideal sales persona -- Technical Decision Makers ● Sourced 15% of SALs for all of our gated content ● Opportunity pipeline 2X of other Online Collateral
  11. 11. Architect’s Hub Facebook Lead Gen Card Campaign ● Delivered 198% ROI ● Page curated and created in 10 minutes
  12. 12. Back to Basics ● 27% MQLs ● 2 opportunities created within one week following series
  13. 13. The content gift keeps on giving! ● Run Terminus display ads to drive top accounts to landing page with recordings ● Lead Gen cards fill the awareness gap to drive new visitors Back to Basics
  14. 14. Language Hubs
  15. 15. Events
  16. 16. Why move to ABM?
  17. 17. Account Focus Marketing Sales 15 accounts 100s of accounts 1000s of accounts STRATEGIC HIGH PROPENSITY INDUSTRY Strategic Top Target Accounts Highly targeted, high touch programs 1:1 account- and rep-focused alignment Future TT Accounts Increase Atlas awareness and adoption within accounts 1:Few Support (territory focused) Industry-specific Increase engagement within accounts 1:Many Support (industry and territory focused) ABM Spectrum All other unassigned accounts (traditional DG) No account focusEntire Market INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS
  18. 18. A two-sided funnel Impressions MQL | Account Inquiry | Engage Pre-funnel | Predict and Prioritize Customer
  19. 19. The ABM Cycle Bombora, TechTarget Datafox, Lattice Engines Uberflip, Terminus, Drift, Sendoso Uberflip, Webinars, Email Nurture, Field, MongoDB World Uberflip, Field, Sendoso SFDC, Terminus Predict Prioritize Engage Educate Close Reflect
  20. 20. Account Prioritization is key Align to your sales team Focus on what matters Pair the right campaigns with the right accounts Align to your sales team
  21. 21. Team Structure Demand Gen Demand Gen Sales Leader Sales Leader Sales Leader Sales Dev Sales Dev Sales Dev Field MarketingInside Sales Field Sales
  22. 22. Sample ABM Account Plan — Inside Sales Direct Mail/Swag Field Programs Custom content Webinars Email Drift Digital Advertising Demand Gen Custom direct mail programs to align with campaigns Support promotional plans Lead programs and execution Develops and executes Webinar plan/cadence; promotes to accounts in tier Develop for tiers/optimize nurture strategy Custom account playbooks for live chat Drive strategy to increase engagements, ramp mid-funnel movement/co nversions; retargeting Account Executive Integrate strategy into account plans Promote; book meetings Create Uberflip and leverage for outbound Promote, leverage champion/res ources to promote Develop outreach sequences; integrate strategy into account plans Leverage for booking meetings Leverage Terminus to track engagement
  23. 23. Industry ABM
  24. 24. Strategic ABM
  25. 25. Why Uberflip Sales Streams? Customize content for your top accounts so you can build credibility with your prospects Follow up on great meetings with content that they can leverage in the buying cycle Once they’re a customer, use it as a knowledge hub to drive adoption of your product and services internally
  26. 26. The Road to Adoption Sales Enablement Championing Great Streams VP Alignment ● Weekly training ● Help pages, videos and documentation ● Templates ● Feature the best pages in our internal newsletter, Above the Fold ● Getting VP buy-in is the key to the castle ● Now our VPs will ask us to bring a list of the top Sales Streams to their QBRs
  27. 27. 60% Adoption amongst sales reps
  28. 28. Run Fast with Your Data Integrated ABM campaigns
  29. 29. Campaign Theme Run fast with your data to reduce time spent on operations Problem Teams are unable to rapidly scale and to go to market with their new applications. Objective Showcase how MongoDB Atlas and Stitch can speed up deployment time, increasing revenue.
  30. 30. Closing Thoughts • Inbound requires great content and content delivery to yield results • When getting started with ABM, think about Account Prioritization and segmentation • Organize your content by industry and persona to help make ABM engagement easier. – You already have the content - you just need to organize it! • Integrated campaigns work. But they work better when Sales has a seat at the table and is aligned on goals.