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Marketing Automation Hacks: Eloqua

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If you’re already using Eloqua, then you know that Marketing Automation is an indispensable tool for executing on your modern marketing strategy. But the majority of modern marketers still feel that they’re not using the technology to its full potential.

In this presentation, Eloqua expert Zee Jeremic reveals various hacks for getting better results out of your Eloqua software.

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Marketing Automation Hacks: Eloqua

  1. 1. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines MARKETING AUTOMATION HACKS: Zee Jeremic Managing Director, MASS Engines @jeremicz Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza
  2. 2. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar )
  3. 3. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Join in on WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar )
  4. 4. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines How Uberflip & Eloqua Work Together Stay Tuned For The Demo CONVERT, CONNECT AND UNDERSTAND LEADS
  5. 5. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines MEET THE EXPERT Zee Jeremic Managing Director and Founder, MASS Engines Street Cred: • Zee is a driven marketing technologist with a passion for innovation and marketing- directed sales growth • With over 14 years of B2B experience at the cutting-edge of technology, he leads a growing team of Marketing and Sales Automation experts with the goal of enabling companies to harness the full power of automated demand generation • 4 years at Eloqua managing the consulting and technical support teams • Built integrated marketing and sales systems/processes for Fortune 500 and mid- market companies • Created and launched the Eloqua SmartStart program and performed full marketing automation system transitions • At Angoss, helped develop next generation Sales and Marketing solutions utilizing big data and predictive analytics to re-imagine lead acquisition and scoring, cross-sell/upsell initiatives, and sales productivity
  6. 6. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines LET’S GET HACKING!
  7. 7. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Data Standardization • Challenge: Dirty data, lack of data • Perspective: Good, clean data is critical to any effective marketing effort – segmentation, personalization, dynamic content, nurture, lead scoring, etc. • Solutions: Integrate relevant systems, minimize requested information, standardize data input, append data from external systems, extract data from existing fields, standardize data on an ongoing basis • Hacks: 1. Lookup Tables for Data Extraction 2. Contact Washing Machine
  8. 8. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #1 • Lookup Tables effective way to build a 2 column lookup/replace relationship • Transform Title into Role and Function • Standardize State, Country, and Industry • Use in Program Builder as one-offs, or part of a Contact Washing Machine – an ongoing set of cleansing/std routines Standardize titles into Roles
  9. 9. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #2 • Contact Washing Machine maintains all data on ongoing basis • Clean up, enrich, append, transform • Native or CloudConnector functions • Run continuously, ensure data always up to date Std First and Last, Company Name
  10. 10. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Lead Scoring • Challenge: What makes a qualified lead? • Perspective: Sole purpose of LS is to identify Sales ready leads. Critical to align with Sales on their definitions of SAL and SQL, report on MQL outcomes, and have regular check-ins with counterparts in Sales. • Solutions: Get Sales feedback, run data analysis on profile and engagement patterns of successful opportunities, measure engagement, report on outcomes. • Hacks: 1. Page Tags for measuring effective Web Engagement 2. CRM Reports for insight into MQL performance
  11. 11. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #3 • Page Tags and Page Tag Groups great way to organize and group content • Group based on engagement stage, product, content type, topic, etc. • Effective in Lead Scoring, Nurture programs, Reporting Grouped Content URLs
  12. 12. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #4 Email reports weekly /monthly to enable easy data access and insights • CRM provides up-to-date information on MQL performance • Simple tables can provide wealth of information on outcomes based on score • Use in conjunction with Eloqua reporting and leverage during meeting with sales
  13. 13. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Events • Challenge: Laborious, manual configuration and management • Perspective: Events (field or online) are the bread-and-butter activities for most marketing organizations. Integration and Automation can transform how organizations run events, resulting in time savings and increased efficiency. • Solutions: Integrate your event system with Eloqua, automate webinar processing, send campaign data to CRM. • Hacks: 1. Event integration 2. Automated webinar programs
  14. 14. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #5 Install Connector to integrate • CloudConnectors integrate external systems • Invoke Connector in PB to register or query Invoke Connector and Send RegID to register attendees
  15. 15. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #6 • Automation creates efficiencies • Automate invites, registrations, processing • Create a Canvas template you can copy and edit Registrant ProcessingInvites Follow-ups
  16. 16. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Lead Nurture • Challenge: Control of flow and messaging • Perspective: Automated nurture streams are the core of Marketing Automation. As automation grows it becomes increasingly necessary to control flow and messaging between different programs. • Solutions: Build nurture streams catering to specific scenarios, connect up nurture programs, build simple and effective mechanisms to track contact position. • Hacks: 1. Shared Lists for Flow Control
  17. 17. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Hack #7 • Shared Lists effective tool for position tracking and flow control • When contacts enter Canvas/PB add to Shared List. Remove when they exit. • Reference in Segments/Canvas/PB Start each Canvas by adding to a Shared List for that Canvas End by removing from Shared List Easily reference membership in Canvas/PB/Seg
  18. 18. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines
  19. 19. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines We put the ability to manage and leverage the content experience in the marketer’s hands. UBERFLIP PUTS MARKETERS IN CONTROL
  20. 20. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Connect your content: To a beautiful, optimized front-end experience that is: With built-in tools to: RESPONSIV E DISCOVERABL E SOCIAL CONVERT, CONNECT AND UNDERSTAND LEADS ORGANIZED PERSONALIZE D HOW IT WORKS
  21. 21. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines • Auto update • Smart filters • Scheduling • Content score • Uberflip metrics • Marketing Automation • Create CTAs • Gate Content • Marketing Automation • Aggregate • Curate • Personalize Manage Content Generate Leads Automate Process Deliver Insights
  22. 22. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Resource Center Blog Upgrade Content Library Sales Enablement UBERFLIP USE CASES
  23. 23. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines Supercharge Your Content • Sync Contacts • Progressive Profiling • Track Buyer Journey • Trigger Campaigns • Gate Premium Content • Enhance Lead Scoring
  24. 24. @wistia @uberflip THE UBERFLIP EXPERIENCE
  25. 25. @uberflip#MAHacks @MASSEngines QUESTION TIME! Zee Jeremic Managing Director, MASS Engines @jeremicz Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza www.uberflip.com