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2016-12-23 Co-learning Webinar - re-vers-ify

Regardless scale or years of experience, it takes a lot of imagination to picture how Scrum can be implemented properly. Over and over I observe how such imagination can set an organisation apart.
Any organisation can be re.imagined, re.vers.ified, to exploit its intrinsic potential to innovate.
 Organisations re.imagine their Scrum to converge their product delivery into a Scrum Studio. Over time divisions dissipate into a structure of product hubs interconnected through purpose and distributed leadership. Creativity and innovation emerge. People, teams and the organisation prosper.

I consolidated over a decade of experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum in re.vers.ify. Re.vers.ify is an act of simplicity, rhythm and focus. I introduce how the deliberate emergence of a Scrum Studio is the current way forward to re.vers.ify.

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2016-12-23 Co-learning Webinar - re-vers-ify

  1. 1. by Gunther Verheyen Scrum. Connector, writer, speaker, humanizer. re.vers.ify re.imagining your organisation “Re-thinking the organisation” Webinar 23 December 2016
  2. 2. “The future state of Scrum will no longer be called ‘Scrum’. What we now call Scrum will have become the norm, and organizations have re-invented themselves around it.” Source: Gunther Verheyen, “Scrum – A Pocket Guide (A Smart Travel Companion)”, 2013
  3. 3. 3Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee A brief history of organisational design (the growth trap) Skills Leadership Governance Functions Management Business IT The cohesive SME1 model (Small & Medium Entrepreneurship) was turned into a loose collection of Subject Matter Experts (SME2).
  4. 4. 4Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee The result? The “Big Bang” syndrome. THE MEDUSA EFFECT Do NOT touch that system!
  5. 5. 5Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Common models to survive the future Big Fat Emperor A 1000 Paper Cuts The Emperor’s Breakfast The Snake Within
  6. 6. We used to be organised for results. We then re-organised for functions. There is a way out.
  7. 7. 7Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee An act of • Simplicity • Rhythm • Focus For companies wanting to: • Converge all things Agile • Uplift their Scrum • Grow • Un-grow • Innovate again What if you would plan for the positive? re.vers.ify re.imagining your organisation (by growing a Scrum Studio)
  8. 8. 8Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee • Agility is the organizational state of constant flux, evolution, innovation, improvement and re-invention. • Agility reflects an enterprise’s capability to respond to challenges, to explore and change direction, to take advantage of opportunities; to be quick and nimble. • Agility is why organisations adopt Scrum. Agility is the goal React Explore (options) Lead (Gunther Verheyen, Agility, actually, 2016)
  9. 9. 9Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Product = a software system, service or application Common challenges with Scrum Product Owner 1 3 2 4
  10. 10. 10Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee • Select a meaningful project/product/service • For the selected project/product/service: – Let one Product Backlog be your plan – Reset accountabilities: • Product Owner • Scrum Master • Development Team(s) – Get tools, infrastructure and a (team) space • Create release candidates every 1-4 weeks Re.imagine your Scrum
  11. 11. 11Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Product = a software system, service or application Growing a Scrum Studio (1): add products 1 . P r o d u c t s
  12. 12. 12Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Product = A consumer product or service Growing a Scrum Studio (2): expand ‘product’ 1 . P r o d u c t s 2. Disciplines
  13. 13. 13Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Think eco-system
  14. 14. 14Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Think nervous system Product Hubs (distribution of) Leadership Purpose
  15. 15. 15Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee Predictive Management • Long-term detailed plans • Assign and control work • Maximize capacity • Keep all on schedule • Meeting and report driven • Step in to fix all problems • Provide external motivators ($, career) • Purpose, goals, vision • Foster the environment • Remove Impediments • Attend Sprint Reviews • Share incremental feedback • Manage for value • Autonomy, mastery, purpose A shift will happen Empirical Management
  16. 16. ‘Management’ is not a collection of people exerting hierarchical powers. It is an emergent, networked structure of co-managers. Source: Gunther Verheyen, “Scrum Master, A Manager”
  17. 17. 17Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2016 - @Ullizee About Gunther Verheyen Independent Scrum caretaker • eXtreme Programming and Scrum since 2003 • Professional Scrum Trainer • Shepherded Professional Scrum at Scrum.org • Co-developed Agility Path, Nexus and the Scaled Professional Scrum framework at Scrum.org • Author of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” and “Scrum Wegwijzer” Mail gunther.verheyen@mac.com Twitter @Ullizee Blog http://guntherverheyen.com