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6. nightmare competitor versus other approaches

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Turning corporate managers into business model mavericks

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6. nightmare competitor versus other approaches

  1. 1. Rocking Business Innovation | 1© NC-Creators 6. Nightmare Competitor versus other approaches to Business Innovation
  2. 2. Rocking Business Innovation | 2© NC-Creators The Nightmare Competitor Approach goes far beyond analyzing mega trends. Thanks to trend gurus and consultants they are usually known by all players in an industry
  3. 3. Rocking Business Innovation | 3© NC-Creators The problem is that knowing the trends is not good enough
  4. 4. Rocking Business Innovation | 4© NC-Creators The Nightmare Competitor Approach does not lead to variations of the given, it encourages you to think in alternatives vs.
  5. 5. Rocking Business Innovation | 5© NC-Creators Compared to the Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas the Business Model Radar allows to compare business models visually
  6. 6. Rocking Business Innovation | 6© NC-Creators Compared to Blue Ocean’s Value Curves the Business Model Radar supports the profiling of Business Models - by providing Business Model Constituents
  7. 7. Rocking Business Innovation | 7© NC-Creators Compared to the Business Model Navigator there are only 5 basic business models. Each of them can be further differentiated on the basis of the Business Model Constituents
  8. 8. Rocking Business Innovation | 8© NC-Creators But the strongest difference lays in the different psychology. The treat is a much greater motivator for action than any opportunity ever can be
  9. 9. Rocking Business Innovation | 9© NC-Creators Go to slideshare.net to download core elements of the Nightmare Competitor Approach
  10. 10. Rocking Business Innovation | 10© NC-Creators www.nc-creators.com