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Vp sales business plan ver1.1

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Vp sales business plan ver1.1

  1. 1. ZBM 2015 Sales Planning HQ Muscat November 2014 Umesh Jamwal
  2. 2. AGENDA 1.Market Trends-MENA 2.FY 2015 Goals 3.Target Industry 4.Software market overview 5.ERP-TAM 6.ERP Implementation Issues 7.Business Plan 8.Future directions 9.Top 5 opportunities in the region 10.Additional Resources- Marketing, Finance , HR etc. 11.Sales tools-SFDC,SAP CRM, Meeting Notes , Slideshare, Box etc. 12.Backups 13.Q&A 14.Summary
  3. 3. Indicative CSP, Enterprise market 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 $M SP Enterprise
  4. 4. FY 2015 Goals Review – (MENA) • Prepare the annual business plan in line with the overall business and organizational goals. • Track and ensure on periodic basis that the goals are achieved as per the stipulated time frame. • Provide feedback to the sales team on areas requiring focus & improvement. • Responsible for the overall coordination, the functional management and leadership of all of the sales activities of the business • Work closely with management to develop and implement a short and long-term sales strategy to grow and service new business while retaining valued customers. • Manage the entire sales cycle of the transaction from research, prospecting, opportunity management to closure.. • Close interaction with the presales and delivery teams to ensure that its goals, structure and processes are fully aligned with the sales strategy. • Develop and ensure best practices to create a highly efficient sales organization. • Responsible for coordinating the specific objectives of the Sales Plan with all of the functional departments of the company and, most specifically with Marketing ,Finance ,HR etc.
  5. 5. Target Industry- • Communications and Media • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) • Energy • Financial Services • Healthcare • Manufacturing • Public Sector • Retail • Utilities • Other Industries
  6. 6. ERP-TAM
  7. 7. ERP Implementation
  8. 8. ERP Implementation Issues
  9. 9. Business Plan FY 2015 • Keep up to date with recent market and industry trends, competitors, and leading customer strategies. • Market is growing at CAGR of 13%,multi-billion dollar TAM 2015-2020 • Cloud Computing Whether private, public or hybrid cloud computing, ZBM is dedicated to finding the best solution to accommodate your growing organization – today and into the future. • Virtualization Let virtualization move your business forward by eliminating time wasted dealing with managing servers and refocusing your IT goals on innovating and leveraging new business logic. • Data Storage Whether it’s through backup and duplication, primary storage, infrastructure-as-a- service or cloud backup, ZBM will help design and implement a data storage and backup strategy to optimize your systems and lower your TCO.
  10. 10. Cisco-Q1 Overview
  11. 11. Business Plan FY 2015 • Unified Computing • As a Cisco+VMware+EMC Advanced Technology Partner, ZBM’s team is certified in implementing and supporting Cisco Unified Computing Systems – an invaluable solution to lower IT costs and gain greater flexibility for your organization. • Professional Services • Shorten your point to finish project lifecycle and accelerate your return on investment with ZBM’s Professional Services. • Amazon Web Services • ZBM partners with AWS to help customers integrate on-premise infrastructure with public cloud and assist with infrastructure migration, application deployment, disaster recovery & hybrid cloud for variable workloads
  12. 12. Business Plan FY 2015 • Increase revenue and profits for ZBM, New Business,4x Sales funnel delivery Harnessing the internet, consumer insight, Big data(M2M)and analytics • Q1 Sales $(PaaS) -SMEs, CSPs-Omantel, Etisalat Properties, Zain Properties, Du, Mobily, Batelco, Saudi Telecom, Ooredoo, VF Qatar, Orascom, • Q2 Pipeline Growth $(Managed Services) • ISPs, TV& Media, MSOs, Home gateways, Netflix, e-commerce • Q3 Pipeline growth $ -SMEs, Oil & Gas, UAE Govt.,Transportation & Utilities • Q4 Pipeline growth $ BFSI -Citi, HSBC, SCB, Insurance, NBFC and FII • M2M,OSS/BSS, CEM, unified communication, contact center
  13. 13. Business Plan-Contd. • Responsible for the direct sales and marketing of ZBM products/consulting services /solutions in the region. • Well versed with the dynamics of Government vertical. • Managing relationship with OEMs, ISVs, System integrators/Partners. • Devising and implementing sound business strategies/promotional program so as to explore new markets for the product. • Establishing a cordial relationship with the clients so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and repeat business. • Instrumental in screening of prospective clients and converting qualifying opportunities, account mapping. • Effective package of products, develop sales collateral, solution demonstrations to mature genuine leads, strategize new product initiative and future Roadmap. • Developing enterprise solution, specific to sub vertical customers and engage product marketing team to develop product strategies while creating winning differentiators in the market. • Managing accounts for repetitive business.
  14. 14. 15 We help CSP… Create value & Engage their subscribers Value to the CSP Secure Network Reliable Network Engage Subscribers Care for Subscribers Subscriber Insights Target Up-Sell Vantio Engines N2 Applications Harness Internet Activity Open up New Business Models
  15. 15. Current and Planned Pilots (All) • Target Start Date and Duration-March 2015 • Software Pilot? • Documentation Status: NDA, Reseller agreement for sign-off • Key Success Criteria: Successful PoC • Gap Requirements – what do you need? Local HW /Lab to be explored • Software Applications Overview given • messaging software Pilot is to be proposed? • Documentation Status: Technical and Marketing is yet to respond on our Presso • Key Success Criteria: RFP Process • Gap Requirements – what do you need? • Target Start Date and Duration-30 June 2015 • Applications Software Pilot? • Documentation Status: URL filtering Biz cases to be shared
  16. 16. 2015 Summary (SFDC) • Q1 $150K • Q2 $250K • Q3 $250K • Q4 $250K TAM-$10M Total Application $- Total Core Products $- 600K
  17. 17. 2014 Summary (SFDC) Opportunity• Owner Forecast Category Opportunity Name Amount (USD) Close Date VP Commited Status Territory Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE BSNL URL Blocking and Outbound spam filtering Tender 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE Etisalat Lanka TA Pilot Proposed 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal SUPPORT RENEWAL Idea/ Vantio giDNS Phase I-Delhi Support Renewal $31,208 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal SUPPORT RENEWAL Idea Cellular/Support Renewals 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE Mobile Core biz case 9/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE N2 Applications/in-browser messaging PoC proposed 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE RIL/PoC proposed 9/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE TA PoC proposed 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE TATA Comm Vantio $183,000 9/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE Tata Teleservices 11/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE TTSL/N2 Applications(in-browser messaging)PoC is to be proposed 6/30/2014 APAC Umesh Jamwal SUPPORT RENEWAL Bharti/DCS Support Renewal 2013 $32,532 4/30/2014 COMMITED Forecasted for this Qtr APAC Umesh Jamwal SUPPORT RENEWAL Idea/giDNS Vantio Phase II-Pune Support renewal $21,450 6/30/2014 COMMITED Forecasted for this Qtr APAC Umesh Jamwal SUPPORT RENEWAL Idea/ Vantio giDNS Phase I-Delhi Support Renewal $31,208 6/13/2014 COMMITED Forecasted for this Qtr APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE Idea/NXR $787,104 4/30/2014 HIGH UPSIDE APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE RCOM/DNS $252,170 6/30/2014 HIGH UPSIDE APAC Umesh Jamwal SUPPORT RENEWAL Tikona/Support Renewal All $50,820 6/30/2014 HIGH UPSIDE APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE Idea/NPS for GiDNS $269,800 6/30/2014 UPSIDE - Lower Probability APAC Umesh Jamwal PIPELINE MTNL/Vantio and NPS $252,800 6/30/2014 UPSIDE - Lower Probability APAC
  18. 18. Q3 Summary (SFDC)
  19. 19. Q4 Summary (SFDC)
  20. 20. Top 5 Application Opportunities 1. Turn uncertainty into opportunity Opportunity awaits. As IBM transitions x86 servers to Lenovo, and Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2003, the computing platform that drives your business forward could be facing a big shift .Turn the uncertainty of transition into an opportunity to transform your IT environment by choosing Dell—a leader in x86 innovation, end-to-end enterprise solutions and global support. CloudBand+ Red Hat+ Intel partnership • SDN, Network functions Virtualization for the data center and cloud • Big Data and analytics
  21. 21. Top 5 Application Opportunities (Cont) Enterprise mobility/browser support on mobile devices Mobile biz case for in-browser messaging • Alternative solution for mobile devices ?CGNAT as an example • In-browser use cases • DNS Data Analytics roadmap-Forward integrating into portal management • Software Pilot timelines yet to be proposed? • Deployment/biz cases where GGSN/PDSN segregates the IP traffic between existing DNS(IB)and proposed DNS • URL filtering biz case ? • Documentation Status • Key Success Criteria: • Java script Injection solution/biz case ?
  22. 22. Top 5 Application Opportunities (Cont) 5. Reliance Jio • Nominum to revert with the following answers: • Diameter signaling support • Vantio TA architecture overview • DNS Analytics reports roadmap • Load balancer functionality • DNS health check/IMS functionality • APN functionality • Latency statistics documentation to be shared with Reliance • BT /Virgin Media case study documentation to be shared • Integration of Proxy Gateways-Openwave and Mobixel • Enterprise biz case study to be shared • Software or Appliance Pilot? • Documentation Status • Key Success Criteria: • Gap Requirements/Issues – what do you need?
  23. 23. Top 4 Non-Application Opportunities 1. Idea Cellular/NXR • Ongoing BoQ and Commercial proposal • Kiran Sen Gupta(Network Services),Deepak Tripathi(Commercial Manager) • Sachin Lanke, M Satyanarayanan • Vantio Cacheserv 7.0 incl NXR? • BoQ have been vetted by Idea Cellular, SoW and Commercials to be submitted on 7 April • Nominum being incumbent in Idea Network yet IB offer is also being considered: • SoW Compliance incl PS,PM roadmap support- Need to revert to Idea Cellular by 7 April 2. Account and Opportunity Description • Pilot Target Start Date and Duration • Decision Maker: • Influencers: • Software or Appliance Pilot? • Documentation Status • Key Success Criteria: • Gap Requirements/Issues – what do you need?
  24. 24. Top 4 Non-Application Opportunities (Cont) 3. Account and Opportunity Description • Pilot Target Start Date and Duration • Decision Maker: • Influencers: • Software or Appliance Pilot? • Documentation Status • Key Success Criteria: • Gap Requirements/Issues – what do you need? 4. Account and Opportunity Description • Pilot Target Start Date and Duration • Decision Maker: • Influencers: • Software or Appliance Pilot? • Documentation Status • Key Success Criteria: • Gap Requirements/Issues – what do you need?
  25. 25. Marketing Requirements -MENA Region Q1 Required/Projected Marketing Activities: Webinar 1 or Activity • Global Oil & Gas Conference ,Kuwait • Big Data analytics Forum in MENA Region-UAE • Delegate Participation for Networking, no sponsorship at this time • MWC Barcelona 2015 Q2 Required/Projected Marketing Activities: Webinar 1 or Activity • Bahrain International eGovernment Forum • Qitcom 2015 • COMEX 2015 • Who will deliver Q3,Q4 Required/Projected Marketing Activities: Webinar 1 or Activity • Lightreading , IDC, Gartner Analysts Webinars • Cisco+VMware+EMC events • AfricaCom • Who will deliver
  26. 26. Demand generation/Pipeline Building Plans Q2 – Target New Pipeline of $ X -Qualify New Named Accounts – PoC for proposed, in-browser messaging) -Which New Opportunities Existing Accounts – Support renewals($M) Q3 – Target New Pipeline of $ X Qualify New Named Accounts – Enterprise, CSP Which New Opportunities Existing Accounts – PoC is to be proposed Q4 – Target New Pipeline of $ X Qualify New Named Accounts – Enterprise, CSP Which New Opportunities Existing Accounts – Data Analytics PoC is to be proposed
  27. 27. What Areas Need Support - Applications commercial Biz cases/Demo? - data analytics overview, biz cases and roadmap/Product Training? - Live Networks biz model ,Technical architecture for ? -Mobile Core biz case : Telstra and Vodafone Australia is critical for Pre- Sales activity with Vodafone India? -GSMA MWC Barcelona March 2015 4G World participation status, LRI webinars roadmap, GSMA Mobile Asia Congress participation in June /Marketing? (List any and all areas you want further information or materials – be open and honest)
  28. 28. What Areas Need Support-Resource Planning Job Duties - Lead the development of channel programs and develop strategies to grow the program. - Achieve sales and revenue goals by ensuring all accounts are profitably serviced. - Developing channel communications to include: announcements, customer wins, and product positioning. - Leveraging 'core' sales presentations, customize product sell-in presentations for key accounts (channel and end-user) - Coordinate and manage small-medium size partner events (training, etc) Support the implementation and management of key channel and end-user marketing programs, as necessary. - Schedule and manage channel training webinars for product training, channel programs, etc - Communicate channel activities and results to Senior Management by delivering sales reports
  29. 29. What Areas Need Support-Resources * Develop and maintain relationships with partners; serve as a SPOC for key partners. * Facilitate all communications and dealings w/ established reseller relationships. * Monitor competitor activity w/in the channel market and to form strategic plans for increasing market share * Identify the right channel partner; work with channel partners to fulfill company's business objectives. * Drive high levels of partner sales productivity by educating the top-tier channel and reseller partners Desired Qualifications * Proven successes working with the channels and customers. * Strong collaborative engagement skills working with team members inside and outside the group * Have the ability to simplify sometimes confusing information into messages that channel partners and end-user customers will understand
  30. 30. What Areas Need Support-Resources * A successful track record of working with sales teams, channel partners and product marketing * Experience developing or driving the development of sales and marketing tools, including collateral, product reference guides, etc. and products * Been a part of a team to strategize and work with Product Marketing and Product Management to deliver superior channel tools and programs * The confidence to take calculated risks * Have solid organizational skills with the ability to juggle multiple initiatives and activities at one time * Possess exceptional interpersonal skills * Have the ability to effectively and energetically present to customers, peers and management. * Have a high degree of self-motivation * Very strong written and verbal communication skills * A proven track record of working closely with a sales organization. * Strategic marketing skills and experience
  31. 31. Backup slides • Backups
  32. 32. Best Practices: DNS Data Logging • Vantio querystore collects critical data – Monitoring, forensics, and reporting • Optimized data capture with very low server impact • Aggregation and upload to other systems Aggregator Anonymized DNS data 34
  33. 33. • Provider issues – Support call spikes – Subscriber satisfaction and retention issues – Strained peering relationships • Decreased availability – DNS servers (some SW fails*) – Network surrounding DNS – Network surrounding home gateways – Links to peers 35 Provider Impact: Availability Access network congestion DNS servers, load balancers, switches etc Peering and transit links *Note: Vantio engines have been proven to sustain the high loads Leads to…
  34. 34. 36 Continent Distribution Continent Open DNS proxies Percentage Asia 11,363,728 48% Europe 5,311,353 22% South America 3,278,751 14% North Anerica 2,550,481 11% Africa 1,220,340 5% Ocenaic 146,179 <1% 48% 22% 14% 11% 5% Asia Europe South America North Anerica Africa Oceanic
  35. 35. 37 Why So Many DNS Amplifiers? 26M Home Gateways with Open DNS Proxies on the Internet Proxy forwards answer to target, floods it with DNS traffic. 1 4 Attacker spoofs IP address of target. Sends queries to open home gateways. 2 Open DNS proxy 3 forwards queries to ISP resolver ISP resolver replies to proxy with amplified answer ISP border Internet ISP Network Small query Large answer
  36. 36. Trend Graph: Available Amplifiers per Protocol DNS ~28M SNMP ~7.7M NTP ~6.0M SSDP Source: Feb 24, 2014 ~5.0M NetBIOS ~2.5M 38
  37. 37. New Threat: Attacks From Inside Existing perimeter defenses don’t cover today’s exploits ISP Network Internet 39 Stealthy new DNS amplification attacks Growth and sophistication of botnets
  38. 38. Deterring Inside Threats Matters OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY PEER REPUTATION Maximize infrastructure ROI, control costs while ensuring networks are always available Keep networks free of active and latent threats, maximize subscriber satisfaction Maintain favorable and financially stable partner relationships NETWORK INTEGRITY Customer Satisfaction 40
  39. 39. Q&A, Summary
  40. 40. Umesh Jamwal • Management strategist, Sales Leader, having cross-functional expertise with 15+ years of experience of visible achievement in Business Consulting, IT & Process Outsourcing Services and has donned multiple sales leadership roles in India & South Asian region while leading the sales teams across Service Provider, Large Enterprise, Utilities, transportation, BFSI & High-tech industry segments. • As an aggressive Sales Leader demonstrated success by conducting outstanding client relationship and business performance across the region with Multimillion-dollar record deals. • Have been instrumental in opening many new territories, named accounts, verticals & setting up offices across the region & ensured its success with self-sustained profit centers. • Currently leading the sales in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Well networked in the region with C-Level executives & have a strong insight within various client’s organization for their regional & global initiatives.