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Relationships Bring Success

  1. A presentation on how you can build relationships that will bring you success.
  2. • Relationships will give you the platform to express your talent and sell your product. • Relationships will give you the training and development that you need to be successful. • Relationships will give you the guidance and the wisdom of roads travelled. • Relationships will give you opportunities that you would not be able to get on your own.
  3. • Build a relationship with a mentor. • Build relationships with people who share the same talent and passion as you or even the same purpose. • Build a relationship with organizations that can build your skills and talent. • Build a relationship with the people who bring out the best in you. • And most importantly Build a Relationships with yourself.
  4. • To build successful relationships in your life, you need to be a person with a purpose. • You need to be a person that is on an errand to fulfill that purpose. • When you have a purpose and a cause in life you will immediately fall within a group or society of people who believe in the same desires and objectives as you have. • Your purpose will point the way as to which relationships will bring you success in your life. • Find your purpose and then you have half the battle worn
  5. • To build effective relationships, know yourself. • Know your weaknesses and your strengths and use them to your advantages. • The Most successful people had High levels of self awareness. Tata Nelson Mandela new his likes and dislikes so much that He had his own shirts specially designed for Him. • People and organizations are attracted and work well with someone that has very high levels of self awareness.
  6. • Be presentable and learn how to present yourself. • This is one of the most crucial principle you will learn from me. • Learn to present yourself with what comes out of your mouth. • Learn to present yourself with your Body language, how you dress and how you walk will say a lot about you. • Learn how to share your beliefs and ideas with people, this is one of the first things that you need to learn, if you are to build relationships that will bring you success.
  7. • Have the hunger and the drive to be successful, people are attracted to people who are passionate about their success in life. • Express your hunger and drive for success through hard work and going the extra mile in all that you do. • Always pace and ration your hunger and drive for success so that it is not too much for the people you need help from. • The people that will help you succeed need to see that hunger and drive in your eye, so that they know that they are helping someone that deserves to be help.
  8. • To attract people and organizations that will help you to be successful, adopt what I call relationship building habits. • Have the habit to serve and give of your time and talents at not cost. • Adopt the habit of being a peacemaker and someone that brings peace everywhere they go. • Have the habit of doing more that you have been asked. • Have the habit of making other people’s worries your worries, but not to the extent that you neglect your own responsibilities.
  9. • Treat everything that you do as an investment to you realizing your purpose. • Never panic just because things are not happening the way you want them to. • As Les brown says “ you must be positive no matter what” I too say you must stay positive and not be moved from your peace by small stuff. • From today treat everything that you do or have done as an investment to a bigger dream or realization. • Never panic just because things did not happen according to plan. Somehow it all works out.
  10. • I have learnt that my talent is a tool that will help me realize my purpose in life. • My talent is not the end my a means to the end. • Use your talent to attract the people and organizations that will help you achieve your purpose. • Please learn early in your life that your Talent is a very small portion of the bigger picture, don’t fall in the trap of thinking that your talent is everything because it is not, it is only a tool to a purpose of fulfillment.
  11. • Knowledge is power only when it is applied and has brought you results. • I believe that there is some knowledge that does more crippling than it actually gives power. • Seek knowledge and seek the best knowledge, the knowledge that will help you with your purpose and enhance your skills and talent. • Seek knowledge from the best books and the best institutions. • Your levels of knowledge will help your in the relationships that you will build on your journey to fulfilling your purpose.
  12. • Not everything evolves around you and your Ideas, your beliefs and time, except the difference. • People and organizations do things differently, except it. • You are not the only person in this earth, there is another 7 billion out there that think they should come first, wait for your turn. • Don’t assume people know how you feel about things, tell them. • Only the people that have paid can “demand” if you did not pay you must “ask”. • You will decide how conflict will affect you and your life not other people.
  13. • Oscar Pistorius is a perfect example of how much you will loose if you are not of good report. • Never be associated with things that do not reflect your values and principle or the values and principles of the people and organizations you want to attract in your life. • Companies check your social networks theses day before they hire you. • Always be professional in your conduct and always avoid situations that will compromise you and your purpose. • It is clear by now that organizations and people will not risk their images by being associated with people who behave in a unwanted manner.
  14. • The people and the Organizations you are in relationships with need to benefit from the relationship they have with you. • Bring value to all your relationships. You will not attract the right people and organizations if they feel that they will not benefit from connecting with you. • The value that you bring can be in different forms, and it does not need to be money. • Always make sure that all the relationships that you are building will being value to you and your purpose.