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Unexpect & the Designathon @ Cinekid

  1. 2014, CineKid Where children design better futures Emer Beamer
  2. 'What one thing would you like to change in the world?’
  3. 'What one thing would you like to change in the world?’
  4. - A 3D food printer to tackle world hunger; - A car which drives on electricity created by the wheels on the road, in order to reduce CO2 emissions; - A pen that writes by itself for children with Dyslexia using bluetooth. !
  5. What is education for? ! 1. To get children ready to be self-sustainable in their future 2. To inculcate the values of society in the child 3. To facilitate the child’s growth such that they can contribute to the future development of their society. (Gert Biesta, (2011). Education, lifelong learning and the politics of citizenship.) ! ! !
  6. Information The amount of information currently available is equivalent to 4 billion books, how should that change education? !
  7. Accelerating technology development …. and all possible combinations thereof.
  8. Thinkers and books on the Future of Education: • Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner • 5 Talents for the Robotic Age, Marty Neumeier • Invent to Learn, Sylvia Martinez, Gary Stager !
  9. Leonardo da Vinci, a man of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination" ! !
  10. What 1. To discover one’s purpose and values. 2. An ability to create and design. 3. Models for complexity and sustainable life cycles 4. To think critically 5. To make things with new and old technologies 6. To cultivate their sense of wonder and curiosity 7. To develop relationships and Empathy. !
  11. Our Learning Method to cultivate the 7 competenties
  12. Design & Technology based Learning ! !
  13. Programming electronics, step by step
  14. Results
  15. 15TH OF NOVEMBER, 2014 Dublin, Nairobi, Amsterdam, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro! MOBILITY: K’NEX CAR A construction with four wheels, with a motor attached at the back to drive it for-ward. Runs on two AA batteries with switch. Watch Knex Mobile. Mov to see how it drives: watch?v=SartspxksR0&
  16. - The Global Designathon - Publish a DIY ‘Learning by Design’ Toolkit - Co-Developing an in-school version - Weekly Labs in Amsterdam ! !
  17. If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch: HPHURU‘RULV#XQH[SHFWQO @unexpects Thanks, if you want to get in touch: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !