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Fetish Forecast 2015

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Make this year's trends work for you with these tips brought to you by Unfinished Business The Movie.

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Fetish Forecast 2015

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Fetishes are on the rise and produce amazing results in the bedroom. Now make them work for your business • In this presentation, we highlight fetishes and how they can be utilized to improve your business, and increase employee morale • Top trends of 2015: • Cyber-sexting • Cross Dressing • BDSM • Female Dominance • Anal Jewelry
  3. 3. CYBER-SEXTING • 78% of employees admit to cyber-sexting during business hours • 52% of couples long-distance cybersext while traveling on business trips Top Tips • Soundproof and add blinds to smaller conference rooms to let employees get their freak on • Ensure company phones have unlimited data for naked FaceTime and naughty SnapChats. Overage charges are a bitch • Diversify the company portfolio and invest in sex toy manufacturing, offer employees shares
  4. 4. BDSM: DON’T BE SCARED • Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism: know your genres and where you fall on the spectrum • Before getting down to “business,” negotiations must be made upfront: roles, limitations, tools of the trade etc. • 15% of BDSM participants use the following safe words: green for “go”, yellow for “caution”, and red for “WTF YOU BITCH?!?” Top Tips • Understand everyone’s role in the workplace…Doms are closers • S&M enthusiasts are likely to be found in the accounting department • There are disciplined workers and there are Discipliners • Remember, don’t run with scissors…but keep them nearby
  5. 5. CROSS DRESSING AND DRAG FOR ROOKIES • Cross dressing has grown 23% in the last year • Mental health in employees improves 69% when they are allowed to express themselves freely • 13% of Fortune 500 companies are increasing their clothing allowance to accommodate employees who wish to experiment Make-up needs to be tasteful. If you scared a small child on the way into work, it’s probably not acceptable. Facial hair is not recommended unless you work for a hipster startup and then you can go all out. Skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee and please remember to wear underwear. The office is not the place to try out your new lamé mesh vest and pasties are definitely out of the question.
  6. 6. WOMAN: THE NEW DOMINANT MALE • Female Domination, or FemDom, is at an all-time high • 83% of women feel confident to tell their partner exactly what they want in bed. This number increases to 98% in the workplace. • 33% of FemDoms now prefer titles such as Madame, Miss and Goddess Top Tips • Provide standing desks to comfortably bend their assistant over for a quickie • Confirm which of their Dom titles they’d prefer on their business cards • Turn your office break room into a fetish fantasy dungeon to give your FemDoms a real break in their day
  7. 7. • Pain is pleasure according to 89% of anal jewelry users • 68% of people admit to wearing a latex plug or bronze stud on a business trip • How to incorporate anal jewelry into the workplace: BRANDED ANAL JEWELRY Top Tips  Reward excellent work with bonus piercings in the boardroom  Branded pens are a thing of the past. The BBP (Branded Butt Plugs) will get people talking about your company  Instead of your average mug for the office holiday party favor, give company branded anal jewelry and add real sparkle to the festivities
  9. 9. You’re Welcome