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Micro Segmentation Infographic

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How micro segmentation works — at a glance. Leading analyst group Frost and Sullivan provides an insightful, step-by-step overview in this infographic.

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Micro Segmentation Infographic

  1. 1. FROST cw SULLIVAN 2015 NETWORK SECURITY S ENCRYPTEDNORTH AMERICAN REGION OLUTION5 “psienonuctinnovnriannwang «( M» As threats continuously evolve and become more sophisticated and targeted. the traditional methods of using of firewalls. intrusion detection and prevention systems means there Wlll never be a guarantee of full protection. therefore with _. this old thinking all solutions are potentially penetrable and vulnerable. . ... ).. ... ... ... ... ).. ... © NEW THINKING Deploy micro-segmentation systems that run effectively on old unsupported Windows XP machines. Data Centers. and in the Cloud. The increase in technology advancements such as cloud services and the Internet of E— Things will make it more complex to segregate networks and will increase vulnerabilities. Unisys has come up with ; i new approach. Unisys Stealth is designed on the principles of micro segmentation at the packet level ultimately concealing the networks from prying eyes and malware. Micro segmentation provides solutions for legacy systems. access control, cloud and mobile operations. Design your security to be operationally efficient in terms of costs, skills and transparency. By focusing on items like affordability. staff and the ability of your user community to operate it without becoming security experts. you are building your new security to succeed. The unique design of the solution enables Unisys to create undetectable authenticated user groups that appear invisible to the normal network. allowing critical information to be delivered securely and enabling Unisys to effectively isolate. encrypt. and cloak networks. The company utilites microsegmentation to help simplify complexities and reduce deployment times. It limits a user's — or potential attacker‘: — view of data and 5 services to only a tiny segment of the enterprise thereby helping in keeping in E the network within a particular segment Ilun Identity-based (not device-based) security to allow scale. Rather than come up with rule after rule of device-centric controls. manage your micro-segments using the same user identities already in place, including Active Directory. and LDAP. common access cards. advanced biometrics. or simple passwords. Build and run security that works across all parts of your eco-system. not just your networks. Since your eco-system now includes suppliers, personal devices. partners, and clouds. your new security design must address all of these. Micro-segment everything. with precision. Using government-approved cryptography. you can restrict even approved users (and all hackers) to access only the data and services for which they are authorited. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I “STOP COUNTING THREFITS, STFTRT CONTFIINING THEM. ” Through their Stealth capabilities. Unisys incorporates the following best practices: Utilizing identity based security rather than device based security to allow scale, providing a holistic approach to security rather than only focusing on the network, deploy a micro segmentation strategy to restrict access to only authorized members, especially flor industrial control systems. STOP SPEIIOIIIG MORE AIIO MORE ON SECURITY WITH IIO IMPACT. ,AND USE STEALTH FOR MICRO SEGMEIITATIOII FOR MAXIMIIM IMPACT! TO LEARN MORE, V|S| T, UN| SYS. C0l’l/ STEALTH