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Unitag QR Code generator

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Unitag QR Code generator

  1. 1. Press releaseJune 18th 2012For immediate release: Unitag new free QR Code generator appears online.Already leader in this sector, the young French startup unveils a newQR Code generator for its customers. Now available online for free, thisnew tool is meant to be accessible for everyone.Unitag new generator targets both professionals looking for new innovativemarketing solutions and private customers in search for mobile web novelties.Being even more efficient and exhaustive, it offers many brand new designcustomizations for QR Codes.The 3-step QR Code creation process is meant to be intuitive, which makes thegenerator really easy to use for everyone.• The first step is about choosing the content that will be encoded in the QR Code. In fact, there are different content types, such as a website link, a visiting card, a phone number or even login details for a Wi-Fi network.• The second step relates to the customization of the generated QR Code, thanks to the multitude of new options which constitute Unitag’s generator real true technical evolution. Users can then independently color and customize every parts of QR Codes. The improved visual aspect makes turns QR Codes into a suitable graphical communication tool.• Finally, users can download their QR Codes and, as they wish, share them on social networks or print them on different media.Unitag will keep developing new tools necessary for putting this high-potentialtechnology within everyone’s reach. And for the same purposes, the startup alsooffers to Internet users a free access to its QR Code guide, in order for them tolearn how to effectively use this tool. Try by yourself our new QR Code generator: http://www.unitaglive.com/qrcode UNITAG SAS au capital de 6000€ RCS 532 050 523 09 70 80 53 43 http://www.unitag.fr contact@unitag.fr