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UEDA Annual Summit 2016: Washington State University - Vancouver: Business Growth Mentor & Analysis Program

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UEDA Annual Summit 2016: Washington State University - Vancouver: Business Growth Mentor & Analysis Program

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UEDA Annual Summit 2016: Washington State University - Vancouver: Business Growth Mentor & Analysis Program

  1. 1. The challenge In 2010 SW Washington experienced • Changing Economic Landscape • Fewer Farm and Forest jobs • Highest unemployment in State • Scant capacity to support small business growth • Need for “job-ready” graduates
  2. 2. The solution + + + = S T U D E N T C O N S U LTA N C Y M O N T H LY A L L I A N C E F O R U M
  3. 3. Client: Seely Family Farm Challenge: synthetic mint changing the market Business shift: creation of their own mint candy Student consultancy: created a growth plan and marketing strategy so they could scale up
  4. 4. Small business benefits • About 500 hours of free consulting • Actionable plan for growth • Ongoing monthly forum of clients rated students’ analysis and recommendations as good or excellent. 91% “From the first meeting to the last I remained surprised and impressed with the caliber of the students, their commitment to the project, and the depth and quality of their research and recommendations.” C L I E N T Q U O T E
  5. 5. Student benefits 92%of students felt the MAP experience prepared them for the business world. • Teamwork and professionalism • Confidence by solving real business challenges • References and recommendations • Job opportunities “When grades are more than just a number, but an actual product to a customer, motivation is on another level.” S T U D E N T Q U O T E
  6. 6. Mentor benefits • Rewarding opportunity to help students and small business • Exposure to cutting-edge classroom knowledge • Get to know the future workforce of mentors rated their experience working with students as good or excellent. 94% “I love seeing the students coalesce as a team and begin to think of themselves as consultants—a team with a client who is depending on them—rather than students seeking a good grade.” M E N T O R Q U O T E
  7. 7. Impact 86Businesses took part in monthly Alliance forums In 2015/16,
  8. 8. Driving engagement and collaboration Advisory board 14 members 3 committees Partners 30+ organizations Mentors 50+ volunteer network Sponsors 10 in 2015/16
  9. 9. MAP sustainability COMMUNITY CAMPUS
  10. 10. The model is replicable and scalable Syllabus, tools and best practices shared with other: • Courses • Units • Campuses in the WSU system • Universities
  11. 11. Use our framework to create a program Start small and under promise. Grow as the community gets involved. START WITH • Advisory board: Learn what your community needs • Faculty: Identify a champion within the faculty • Mentors: Recruit alumni and community leaders to volunteer TO B U ILD • A strong community and university partnership • An unparalleled student experience and learning outcomes • An enriching avenue for alumni engagement • A unique opportunity to advance regional economic development
  12. 12. The Seelys’ transformed business
  13. 13. Thank You. J A N E C O T E , P h . D . WSU Vancouver Academic Director, Carson College of Business janecote@wsu.edu | 360.546.9756 M I S T I E J O S E P H S O N WSU Vancouver MAP Manager, Carson College of Business bgmap@wsu.edu | 360.546.9533