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Event sponsorship proposal

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Event sponsorship proposal

  1. 1. Event Sponsorship ProposalTHE UNTAMED GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL #INHMDSATURDAY, MAY 18TH, 2013
  2. 2. The Ladies of the Untamed Hair TourIt’s not just about hair.Jana’e Holmes,Sponsorships/ChefVanessa Beard,FounderTamira Wells,Fashion & EventsMykisha Thomas,Logistics/ChefPriscilla K. Deason,Brand ManagerTearra King,Fashion & EventsNot Pictured: Paris McCoy, Technology Director2
  3. 3. About Untamed Hair TourThe Ladies of Untamed Tour was created with a vision of bringing together women whowould not only convey positive images of natural beauty in all shades, but also embodyand fully represent the essence of sisterhood and self-confidence at its best. Founded byentrepreneur and event planner, Vanessa Beard, The Ladies of Untamed aim to educatewomen in topics ranging from natural hair to self-improvement to professional consulting.Mission:“To help women realize that their lives and their hairare not matters to be pacified or subdued, but rather,are much better when they are UNTAMED.”The Ladies of Untamed seek to bring women together, and their goal is to continuouslyspread a message of love and self-respect to women and girls, internationally. This point isdriven by conversations that may very well begin with hair, but they definitely do not endthere. It’s about much more than hair for the Ladies of the Untamed Hair Tour. Much more.3UntamedSocialInfluenceAt-a-glance…Facebook: 8,322Instagram: 3,579Twitter: 4,277LinkedIn: 1,088Google+: 914Pinterest: 476Blog: 126
  4. 4. Event Details Tagline: “Your jumpstart to all theINHMD events!” Date: Saturday, May 18th, 2013 Time: 12pm – 2pm Features: Pink Carpet Arrival at 11am Untamed Gift Bags Savory Wine Station Live music by DJ Merc80 Sweets by Southern Girls Desserts Designer Nail Station Wine and Refreshments Live Hair Demo and Giveawaysfeaturing Entwine NaturalleCouture Products Free Admission to the Public!4
  5. 5. Event Venue S&S Boutique is a retail store for luxury handmadebath & body products, handbags, accessories and more!Located at 2618 W. Manchester Blvd., Los Angeles, CA5
  6. 6. Sponsorship OpportunitiesUntamed SoulExclusive Event Sponsor- $1000 Logo inclusion on step &repeat Logo inclusion in all online andoffline promotions Business card or flier placed inover 50 gift bags Opportunity to reach over 100potential consumers in targetdemographicUntamed MindPartnering Event Sponsor - $650 Logo inclusion in all online andoffline promotions Business card or flier placed inover 50 gift bags Mention at event and duringonline promotion Opportunity to reach over 100potential consumers in targetdemographicUntamed HeartGift Bag Sponsor - $50 Include product for 50 Untamed gift bags Opportunity to reach over 100 potentialconsumers in target demographicRaffle Prize Sponsor - $350 Contribute product as a prize forraffle Mention at event and during onlinepromotion Opportunity to reach over 100potential consumers in targetdemographic6
  7. 7. Contact Untamed Hair TourFor Sponsorship Information,please contact: Jana’e Holmes,Sponsorship Directorc. 310-736-0973untamedtour@gmail.comFor Media Requests and OtherInformation, please contact: Vanessa Beard,c. 562-253-6347UntamedTour@gmail.com7