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UROS 2016 Year in Review

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2016 saw significant growth for UROS on a global scale, with new roaming solutions added to the product portfolio. This year UROS will continue the constant development of technologies and services.

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UROS 2016 Year in Review

  1. 1. Co nnected devic es 1 50% Ba ttery powe r Signal level 3.5G Connected succesfully Goodspeed12345 Ca rrie r 50% 8:0 8 AM 42 MB of 500 MB used data Se ttin gs Ho me De stin atio ns 2nd day pass in use France Yearinreview2016 GoodspeedRoaming launched on latest ZTE BLADE V7 LITE smartphone, to introduce bill-shock-free connectivity for global travelers. This affortable service saves significant amount of roaming fees, and provides connectivity in 100+ countries at 4.99$ with daypasses up to 200MB. This was a joint product and service development with our strategic partner - ZTE, a global telecommunications equipment, networks and mobile device provider. was GoodspeedMobileApp was introduced for global roamers to monitor Goodspeed 4G hotspot with their mobile phones. 12newstaffmembers +2UROSbabies We’re a happy growing international family! 94Represented countries 131The number of MNOs responded 2.7Billion subscribers 90% The percentage Amount of Silent Roamers some MNOs have reported 2ndGlobalRoamingBillShockSurvey conducted together with ROCCO, contributes to the global roaming industry. The study shows bill-shocks continue to be global challenge, and number of silent roamers keeps rising. Free download: www.uros.com 8Exhibitions - we rocked at - WAS #3 eSIM IoT FinnishNoceSIM partnerships and developments, and we are the first worldwide mobile hotspot provider supporting GSMA eSIM 2.X standards. We provide global IoT and roaming solutions. Apart from Goodspeed 4G mobile Wi-Fi devices, we are also involved in IoT development in remote water quality probing. Our daughter firm Goodspeed Rent joined us this year. Through their rental channels, our 4G mobile hotspots have more flexible reachability to both B2C and B2B customers! Visit: goodspeedrent.com Established strategic Shortlisted for “The Business of Tomorrow” Shortlisted for “Pushing the Mobile Limits” (National Olympic Committee) utilized our global roaming solution at Olympics in Brazil. In our own way we contributed to the Finnish performances! from USA named us one of the 20 most promising Telecom tech providers. from Finland announced us as the fastest growing Finnish company. SignificantGrowth Signed strategic cooperation deal with China Telecom Global to deliver localized remote mobile hotspot device management in China. Roaming 97Countries where Goodspeed mobile hotspots were used in. ON OF F FU NC .1 FU NC .2 CONNECTED France Used data: 200MBytes 4G