29 Jan 2012

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  2. Cereals  Pulses  Oil seeds  Beverages
  4.  Second most important cereal crop in India  Wheat : Rabi crop  Favorable Conditions : cool growing season, bright sunshine at the time of ripening, 50-75 cm annual rainfall  Main food crop (in India) : in north-western part  Mainly grown (in India) : The Ganga – Satluj plain, black soil region of Deccan, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and parts of Madhya Pradesh.  Scientific Name :Triticum
  5.  Used as food and fodder  Maize : Kharif Crop  In some states it is also grown in Rabi season like in Bihar  Favorable Conditions : temperature between 21 degree – 27 degree Celsius, grows well in old alluvial soil  Mainly grown in (India) : Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh  Scientific Name : Zea Mays
  6.  Staple food in India  India:2nd largest producer of rice in the world  Rice : Kharif crop  Favorable conditions : High temperature( above 25 degree Celsius) , high humidity ,(annual rainfall- above 100 cm).  Mainly grown in : eastern UP, Bihar, West Bengal etc.  Scientific name of Asian rice- Oryza Sativa
  7. RAGI JOWAR •Rich in iron, roughage, calcium and •Third most food crop with respect other micro nutrients to area and production •Favorable Conditions : Crop of dry • Favorable Conditions : Rain-fed regions, grows well on red, black, crop, mainly grown in moist areas sandy, loamy and shallow black soils •Mainly Grown in : Karnataka, •Mainly grown in (India) : Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand etc. BAJRA •Favorable Conditions : grows well on sandy soils and shallow black soils •Mainly grown in : Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Haryana Scientific Name of common Millet : Panicum Miliaceum
  8.  4th largest grain crop after wheat, rice and corn  Grown as a summer crop in temperate areas and winter crop in tropical areas  Germination time : 1-3 days  Favorable Conditions : likes to grow under cool conditions  Scientific Name of Two-rowed Barley : Hordeum Distichon
  9. Pea  Pigeon Pea  Lentil  Soyabean  Black Gram
  10. Life cycle : 1 year  Grown as a cool seasonal vegetable crop  Favorable Conditions : Temperature between 13-18 degree Celsius, grows well in cooler high altitude tropical areas and on slightly acidic drained soil  Mainly grown in : Europe  Diseases [Fungal] : Alternaria alternata  Scientific Name : Pisum Sativum
  11. Essential food in west Africa and Nigeria  Important source of protein in India  Widely cultivated in all tropical and semi tropical regions  Favorable Conditions : drought resistant, annual rainfall less than 650mm  Mainly grown in India : 82% (of total pigeon pea grown in the world)  Scientific Name : Cajanus Cajan  Pathogens : Phytophthora Cajani
  12. Widely cultivated in temperate regions  Known for their high protein content and good vegetable source of iron  Used as fodder  Mainly grown in : Canada, India, Nepal, United States  Scientific Name : Lens culinaries
  13. An oil seed also (contain 19% oil)  Source of protein for animal feeds  Favorable Conditions : mainly grown in hot summers, optimum growth in moist alluvial soil and mean temperature 20-30 degree Celsius  Mainly Grown in : United States, Brazil, Argentina, China and India  Scientific Name : Glycine Max
  14. Mainly used to make dal  Originated in India  Mainly grown in India  Very nutritious and is recommended for diabetics  Used in traditional Indian medicine  Scientific Name : Vigna Mungo
  16. Rich in oil (46%-48%) and protein (43.6%)  Mature mustard plants grow in shrubs  Take 3-10 days to germinate  Favorable Conditions : grows well in temperate regions, cold atmosphere and moist soil  Mainly grown in : Canada (90%), Hungary, Great Britain, India, Pakistan etc.  Scientific Name of black mustard : Brassica Nigra
  17. Scientific Name : Cocos Nucifera  Favorable Conditions : Coconut palm thrives on sandy soil, prefer areas with abundant sunlight, regular rainfall (150-250 cm annually), low humidity, temperature (regularly above 25 degree Celsius)  Mainly grown in : Philippines, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Tanzania  In India : Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Maharashtra
  18. Sunflower Oil is used for cooking, carrier oil and to produce margarine and biodiesel  Its stem bends towards the sun.  Favorable Conditions : need full sun, fertile, moist and well drained soil with heavy mulch  Scientific Name : Helianthus annuus  Mainly grown in : Europe, Canada, Russia, India, South Africa, Eastern Australia
  19. OLIVE  Olive tree is an evergreen tree  It is drought, disease and fire resistant  Olive leaves are used as medicinal teas  Favorable Conditions : Coastal climate conditions, light soil, clay soil if well drained, hot weather  Mainly grown in : Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt