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Blue Ridge Travel Association Annual Conference Flyer

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The Blue Ridge Travel Association Annual Conference is set for Thursday and Friday, November 4-5!

We have worked out the details for what promises to be a very enjoyable and interesting special evening at Fort Chiswell Mansion (their latest visitor guide ad is attached so you can see the house . . . it's the big mansion right on I-81 near the Factory Merchants Outlet). The Town of Wytheville is graciously providing buses to take everyone to the mansion from LaQuinta . . . we'll have a reception at 6:00 on Thursday evening followed by a tour of the mansion, followed by a catered dinner. This dinner should be special because it is being prepared by Key Ingredient's own chef Chris Disibbio of Bluefield. Chris will be preparing an all organic dinner using local ingredients . . . combined with the special setting of this grand old home promises a night to remember! Cost per person for the reception, tour and dinner will be $30.00, in addition to your two day conference fee of $45.00.

Total cost for the two day conference AND the reception/tour/dinner at Ft. Chiswell Mansion will be $75.00, which includes a brunch Friday morning . . . same price as last year in Roanoke, BUT now to include dinner on Thursday evening!

Attached is your registration form . . . please select your choice of either conference only ($45.00) or conference including Ft. Chiswell Mansion dinner ($75.00). Please complete registration form and fax to Mary Jo Babbitt at 276 223 3446. Registration deadline is October 28!

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Blue Ridge Travel Association Annual Conference Flyer

  1. 1.  Blue Ridge Travel Association invites you to the Wytheville Meeting Center Annual Conference on November 4-5. Wytheville, VA  As a leader in providing educational opportunities AGENDA to the tourism industry in Southwest Virginia, the BRTA invites you to register for upcoming THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4 workshops. This year the BRTA will focus on Adventure Tourism businesses, directly aimed at 12:30 pm—Registration Outdoor Recreational business start ups. 1:00 - 5:00 pm—Adventure Tourism Entrepreneur Workshop  Reception and Dinner at the newly opened Fort 5:00 - 5:30 pm—Break - Hotel Check-In Chiswell Mansion www.fortchiswellmansion.com. (SPECIAL RATES AT LA QUINTA) 6:00 - 9:00 pm—Reception and Tour of Fort Chiswell  Annual Membership meeting with regional tourism Mansion, followed by a catered dinner updates to increase your marketing outreach. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Full Conference Rate: $75.00 Reception, Tour and Dinner Only: $30.00 8:30 am—Welcome SPECIAL ROOM RATE: $54.00 at La Quinta 8:35 - 9:00 am—BRTA Cooperative Advertising for 2011 9:00 - 10:30 am—Regional Initiative Updates *Advanced registration required by November 1, 2010. 10:30 am—Trail Mixer (light brunch) Please complete the attached form or call Mary Jo Babbitt at 276-223 3446.* 11:00 am—Keynote Speaker Mary Rae Carter Deputy Secretary for Rural Economic Development **Register for the FREE Adventure Tourism Entrepreneur 11:30 am—BRTA Business Meeting and Annual Awards Workshop at www.vastartup.org.** 12:30 pm—Adjourn
  2. 2. ANNUAL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION November 4 & 5, 2010 Wytheville Meeting Center NAME ________________________________________________________ COMPANY _____________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________ PHONE ___________________ EMAIL _____________________________ _______ I WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE FOR $45.00 (includes all seminars/workshops & materials, & brunch) _______ I WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE and DINNER AT FT.CHISWELL MANSION FOR $75.00 (includes all seminars/workshops & materials, plus dinner Thursday and brunch Friday) Registration must be paid in advance via check or credit card. An invoice can be provided upon request, paid prior to event. Fax this form to Mary Jo Babbitt, 276-223-3446 Email to mjbabbitt@wytheville.org – Questions? Call 276-223-3447 Or mail to BRTA, P.O. Box 1395, Wytheville, VA, 24382 CONFERENCE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 28, 2010.