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Washington County Noon Knowledge Social Media Workshop, May 25, 2015

  1. Engagement Marketing M. Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA Beyond Engagement
  2. @EquineValentina What I do? Beginners: Set up Social Media Platforms Consultation for Businesses Do their Social Media Shh…Confidential Classes (for job security) Lessons for Individuals forced to do it (i.e. Clubs, Associations, Religious Committees) Diligent on Following up with Clients
  3. @EquineValentina Why Invest in Social Media Marketing?
 ◼Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. (Source: Nielsen)  ◼Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. (Source: HubSpot) ◼25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour. (Source: American Express) 
  4. @EquineValentina Must See! Video: #Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman
  5. @EquineValentina
  6. @EquineValentina Engagement Marketing ◼Quick Response ◼Consistent ◼Extensive Research = Content ◼Open convo with customers
  7. @EquineValentina Facebook 101 ◼Have a plan (Who, What, When) ◼Set up a Business Page, “Like” ◼Fill in About Section completely ◼Add pictures or albums ◼Use Visuals ( ◼Start adding “likes” of businesses: media, sponsors, HQ, corps to ENGAGE
  8. @EquineValentina Facebook Tactics ◼Graphic Search Results ◼Add visuals based on results ◼Tagging others ◼“Liking” & Commenting Quickly ◼Reach paid Ads through Power Editor
  9. @EquineValentina "Photos had the lowest organic reach with an average of just three out of every 100 (3.7%) page fans seeing a photo post. Contrarily, videos garnered an average organic reach of 8.7%. Link and text-only posts follow with organic reach averages of 5.3% and 5.8% respectively.” -Maximize Social Business “ “
  10. @EquineValentina Graph Search
  11. @EquineValentina Buyer Personas
  12. @EquineValentina Power Editor
  13. @EquineValentina Power Editor
  14. @EquineValentina Mobile, no desktop ads!
  15. @EquineValentina Twitter ◼Twitter Advanced Search ◼Search by #, keywords, location ◼Read Bio, “Thanks for the follow,” find common theme ◼Tweetchat
  16. @EquineValentina Surprise & Delight!
  17. @EquineValentina How to “Search” for #Customers and #Engage with Them Search by: Keywords (#Hashtag) And Location CONTEXT!
  18. @EquineValentina Abingdon Farmer’s Market ◼Check Spelling Variations: Farmer, Farmers, Farmers’, Farmer’s ◼Location: Within 15 miles or more? ◼Spacing All together, separately, Abbrevations
  19. @EquineValentina “Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.” -Rebekah Radice
  20. @EquineValentina Instagram 1. Location 2. Emotion, Emoji 3. Keywords (#####)
  21. @EquineValentina
  22. @EquineValentina Sources ◼Photos from HubSpot on Slides: 5, 11, 14, 16, ◼Photos from iStock on Slides: 20 & 21 ◼Facebook Marketing Reach from Maximize Social Business: integrate-video-facebook-marketing-17745/ ◼Instagram Stats Quote from Rebekah Radice: expand-business-reach/? hootPostID=cc3daf29406f88546c47e0af4790fc9f
  23. @EquineValentina
  24. @EquineValentina Selfie