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Social media for educating students

This PPt is all about the tools and Usage of Social Media.How Social Media can be used as an educational tool in our daily lives.

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Social media for educating students

  1. 1. Social Media for Education
  2. 2. Vision To use social media to its greater extent to embrace education and empower the students with Global knowledge bank.
  3. 3. Your Benefits ● 21st century way of teaching. ● Exposure to learning beyond classroom boundaries. ● Increase your professional connections. ● Widen your perspective. ● Latest updates and brain food. ● Edge over other students.
  4. 4. Our Targets
  5. 5. Whats App Group Creating a group “Veda Learn”. Only Admin driven group. Open for anyone who is interested in animation & Media. Content Frequency : 1 Post in a day. Member’s posts are not allowed. Content type : Industry news, tips, tricks, Did you know facts
  6. 6. Becoming Professional Personal Linkdin accounts. https://in.linkedin.com/in/vedaedu Get connected with Industry experts, follow professional groups Be updated with Jobs and Opening. Post your artwork and get expert feedback. Content Frequency : Not limited. Content type : Blog, Artwork and Comments
  7. 7. Pinterest - Pinning interesting stuff Open your Pinterest Account by Signing through Gmail Accounts. Search and follow vedapune Account Invite your friends, parents to follow you, you follow college account. Upload your artwork and design. Self created. Content Frequency : Not limited. Content type : Portfolio / Artwork
  8. 8. Facebook - Posting Awesome eyefood Search and Like https://www.facebook.com/Veda.Edu from your FB account. Invite your friends and parents to like the college page. Submit your artwork to faculties to post on official community. Companies HR and Top animators are following the page. You can get the chance to showcase your work to them and to get comment. Like,comment and share your ideas and thoughts on others’ artwork and college post. Content type : Student’s Birthday, Polls, Students work, Your work, Assignments, college photos, Student appreciations, Workshop notice, Industry updates, cool tips, Behind the Scene.
  9. 9. Join http://learnanimo.blogspot.in/ from your Google Account
  10. 10. Join http://learnanimo.blogspot.in/ from your Google Account Follow the College Blog by A) Google Plus profile B) By Email .
  11. 11. Awesome Couple- Video + Blog = Weblog Learn the expert comment and excellent information around your subject. Available to browse even on Phone Selected Videos by faculties to enhance your knowledge. Question Answer Tips and Tricks and many more interesting posts.
  12. 12. https://www.youtube.com/user/VEDAcourses Most advanced yet most simple way to learn only anywhere, anytime. Follow on YouTube and Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/VEDAcourses Check playlist ● Veda College Maya Lectures ● IT and MS Office ● Web Designing Lectures ● VEDA Graphics Designing Lectures
  13. 13. Blog on Official Website Is full with interesting posts and content
  14. 14. Twitter- Our official Notice Board and SMS gateway Follow https://twitter.com/veda_edu Tweet important news, college holidays, assignment on twitter Let Twitter becomes our official notice board. “ Twitter check nahi kiya - Tumhari Galti” Follow interesting tweeter handles, and retweet on your twitter accounts. Content type : Holidays, Class notice, Assignments/ Test Notice, college photos, Student appreciations, Test Results, Workshop notice, Retweets, Solution of Students Grievances
  15. 15. Unleash the power of power-points on Slideshare. Join and Follow http://www.slideshare.n et/VEDA-EDU/
  16. 16. Unleash the power of power-points on Slideshare. Follow the College’s Slideshare Account : Learn from powerpoints. Grow your knowledge. Share powerpoints of your research, case studies and get traffic of interested companies or HRs. The more you share with community ...the more you can fetch from slideshare. Content type : Subject Related knowledge. Presentations and PDFs
  17. 17. Companies are seeking College Reviews are You can write about Course Feedback Visual Studio Feedback Teaching and Academic Feedback Placement Grooming Feedback Infrastructure Feedback
  18. 18. Be a Smart One...Be a Social One