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maya seminar technology

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cyber privacy and password protection

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maya seminar technology

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. Cyber-Privacy is mostly defined by the services used by individuals. Whatever agreements individuals agree to when they sign up for a service usually signs away their right to privacy.
  3. 3. In other cases the reasonable expectation of privacy is not reasonable if the behaviors or communications in question were knowingly exposed to public view.
  4. 4. -Malware (such as the use of malicious code which can compromise a user's identity and/or information) · -Denial of Service Attacks (block a user from accessing his or her information) · -Computer Viruses (can compromise user informatio as well as identity) · All of these crimes fall under the category or fraud, identity theft, phishing scams and or information warfare. · The Cyber-Privacy Project attempts to raise public awareness and promote the education of Cyber Privacy to prevent crimes from happening.
  5. 5. We live in a password-driven world, where between four and 20 characters are the difference makers in whether you're able to access your data, communi cate with friends, or make your online purchases. The problem is that passwords should be different everywhere you use them, and that can make it difficult to remember them all. And, if a password is truly strong, that makes it even more difficult.
  6. 6. Follow these tips and tricks to take total control of your terms for access. Use Different Passwords Everywhere Remember the Underwear Meme Avoid Common Passwords
  7. 7. How to Build StrengthTo create a strong password, you should use a string of text that mixes numbers, letters that are both lowercase and uppercase, and special characters. It should be eight characters, preferably many more