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Cellnetrix brochure 2013

Company brochure

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Cellnetrix brochure 2013

  2. 2. Smart card operating systems CellSIM is a family of smart card operating systems based on Java Card and fully compliant with most international and industry standards such as ISO, Global Platform, 3GPP and ETSI. JC 2.2.1/JC 2.2.2 - Dynamic memory management - Automatic garbage collection - Object deletion mechanism - Support for 32-bit integers - RMI and Extended APDU Global Platform 2.1.1 - Applet management with ISD - SCP 02 - Additional security domains - DAP verification - Delegated management Targeted as firmware for subscriber digital identity devices and based on widely adopted UICC standards, CellSIM covers a broad range of telecom and M2M applications. Being a clear-room in-house developed operating system, CellSIM includes a number of technological innovations and know-how, which were successfully tested in the lab and approved in the field. CellSIM provides an unprecedentedly high level of customization, much more than any ROM-based product, and at the same time reduces time to market for completely new configurations. LTE Release 8 Extensions Network Access Applications GSM SIM 3G USIM/ISIM CDMA R-UIM - SIM Alliance S@T Browser Cryptography - DES/3DES/AES - COMP 128-1/2/3,MILENAGE - CAVE - SHA-1/SHA-2/MD5 - RSA up to 2048 bits - Russian GOST Key features: - 2G/3G USIM or 4G LTE - 2 form-factors: 8-contact COBmodule (2FF) or QFN8 (6x5mm) - 2 operational temperature ranges: standard (-25°C to +85°C) and extended (-40°C to 105°C) - Java Card 2.2.1 - Global Platform 2.1.1 - Dynamic memory management and object journaling Advanced Features File system for NOR memory Flexible mapping mechanisms Extended native API Wear-levelling and transaction support CAT-TP - M2M Machine identification modules CellSIM M2M is a high-performance authentication token and a secure element for M2M devices which implements special software enhancements for machine-to-machine applications such as file and object journaling to extend the lifetime. . Cellnetrix follows a very flexible approach for the distribution of CellSIM products.They could be licensed as a complete technology or available as binary image, COB-module or QFN8 chip product.
  3. 3. Smart card value-added applications Cellnetrix offers a package of value-added applications which employ advanced features of (U)SIM cards and help increasing the ARPU and loyalty of subscribers: ІRoaming steering ІDynamic SIM Toolkit ІSecure subscriber data management ІSecured messaging ІTracking and location based services ІMobile electronic signature ІMobile ID Being an independent from smart card vendors center of competence, Cellnetrix offers a rich set of USIMbased value-added applications customizable for any specific requirements. Contract software development Cellnetrix provides embedded software and mobile application development services on the contract basis and follows a very flexible business model that allows participation of a customer at different stages of project development: ІConcept development and initial requirements ІDesign and implementation ІIntegration ІFunctional, stress and acceptance testing Smart card middleware and tools Cellnetrix develops and provides smart card middleware, configuration and test tools to make life easier for customer and partners and to increase the productivity of the everyday work of engineers. Company proposition includes: ІSmart card middleware including virtual card and soft Java SIM ІJava Card 2.2.x UICC development environment with simulation following “like-a-real-smart-card” approach ІCellSIM Designer, a production tool for USIM profile development and configuration of smart card operating systems ІA set of fully automated test suites Effective smart card development is hardly possible without proper tools.
  4. 4. Since 2006 Cellnetrix implements software on different hardware platforms and delivers industry-grade smart card operating system CellSIM OS, smart card-centric value-added applications, provides technical consultancy and contract development services. Embedded software provided by the company is fully based on cross-industry standards such as ISO, ETSI, Global Platform, OMA and Java Card. Cellnetrix solutions enable its customers: silicon, smart card, telecommunications hardware manufacturers, mobile and virtual operators as well as service providers to integrate a required functionality within their products and deliver innovative services to their clients. Cellnetrix is a developer and provider of secure embedded operating systems for smart cards, secure elements and trusted devices. Cellnetrix Technology LLC Proezd/Drive #4922, 4, bld. 3, Moscow, 124498, Russia Tel. : +7 499 9950773 Fax : +7 499 9950773 #200 Cellnetrix has an office in Hamburg, Germany, and a development center in Zelenograd, a satellite city near Moscow, Russia.