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  1. Open Data: how we cope with them… “OPEN ACCESS TO EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH” May 13, 2014 Jan Haspeslagh Librarian Heike Lust Information manager
  2. Overview The process • Archiving • Documenting • QC & Integration • Publishing • Redistribition The data policy
  3. Archiving Documenting QC Publishing Integration The process
  4. Archiving
  5. Archiving Documenting Metadata discovery: • Responsibles • Access rights • Parameters • Coverage: time, geography, taxonomy, … • Relations to other datasets • Publications Goal: Maximum searchability and retrieval
  6. Archiving Documenting Technical: • Storage software • Checksum & size • ‘Material & methods’ • Hierarchy • Units • Formula’s, calculations • … Goal: Correct interpretation & future usability
  7. Archiving Documenting
  8. Archiving Documenting QC Integration QC: all elements available for correct reading, use and analysis of data? Integration: Combining data from different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data
  9. Publishing Integrated Marine Information SystemIMIS → Module Datasets: ISO 19115 discovery metadata → Module Literature: ISBD & ASFIS metadata standards
  10. Marine Date Archive - MDA & Open Marine Archive - OMA •Permanent archive for data and publications •Fully documented •Easy online archival & information tool
  11. Publishing → Module Datasets Crossreferenced! → Module Literature Redistribution Open Marine Archive & Open Data
  12. Archived original dataset Integrated datasets publication
  13. In development: DOI & Data Citation data citation & DOI linking will be made possible: Different versions of a dataset each having their own citation (according to Data Cite) & DOI link. DOI is referring to different versions of the data on the MDA. citation DOI link to the MDA- data version Citation and link to other (older) versions of the data
  14. DOI & relation with IMIS & MDA MDA- download IMIS (citation) DOI
  15. Integration of datasets into biodiversity database
  16. (Elements of) published dataset linked to other end-user products
  17. Data policy at VLIZ •based on IOC oceanographic data exchange policy •VLIZ advocates free data exchange •open metadata •data whose primary source is VLIZ are always made publicly available •customised data policy in consultation with the data owner •Recognition of the data source is always needed Main challenges: •Convincing scientists to openly share their data •No mandates, all is voluntary!