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  2. 2. 100, NCL Innovation Park, Pashan, Pune - 411008, India | www.startez.co | +91 86056 17222 | contact@startez.co Our team - A technology commercialization specialist, with over 13 years of experience spanning various functions such as product development, scientific technology consulting and commercialization - Led a group at Battelle to successfully deliver 40+ consulting assignments and enabled clients to make investments worth several million dollars - Engaged with clients from US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore and India, across different sectors such as energy, water, environment, and healthcare - Designed and developed complex automotive systems at Honda R&D, USA - Received MS in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University and MBA from The Ohio State University focusing on technology commercialization - A chemical engineer by training and a problem solver by trade, with over 4 years of experience in technology development and commercialization - Worked with global clients from oil & gas, pharmaceutical, FMCG, energy, bio- chemicals, and pulp & paper industries - Established external and internal relationships with clients and collaborators, to commercialize new technologies, at Battelle - Coordinated with cross-functional teams to lead process improvement and technology transfer projects at Merck in Singapore - Received MS in Chemical Engineering Practice from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Presently, Fellow at Startup Leadership Program. - A polymer & coatings technologist with specialization in energy - Over 2 years of experience in researching technology & policy aspects in the areas of renewable energy, oil & gas, and sustainable materials - Advised a European client on commercializing a novel bio-chemical technology, while working at Battelle - Worked at Saint-Gobain in the USA to develop new materials for use in the oil & gas exploration industry - Received MS in Energy Science, Technology, and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and B.Tech. in Polymer and Surface Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai Current engagements and previous experience Presently providing ‘cofounder service’ to innovators in areas of manufacturing, cleantech, and healthcare DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program (IIGP) - Achieved 13th rank out of 1000 applicants in 2012-13, where we provided cofounder service to the innovator for his groundwater remediation technology DRDO-FICCI initiative on Accelerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization - Presently commercializing DRDO’s biodigester technology, where we provide techno-commercial due diligence support to potential licensees Would you like to StartEZ today? Email us at contact@startez.co or call +91 86056 17222 Swapnil Gawade Vaibhav Jain Sanchit Waray