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Social Media Trends for 2014 by Vanksen

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Social Media Trends for 2014 by Vanksen

  1. Social Media Trends 2014 News, brand opportunities and trends for 2014
  2. Social media has transformed our way of communicating informing, entertaining…
  3. In 2013, the big players remained the same … Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram…
  4. But social media is constantly evolving… Wikipedia already has 200 social networks on its non-exhaustive list! http://bit.ly/1gjFO6Y
  5. 5
  6. Overview of the main social networks (figures, highlights, opportunities for brands…) and trends to watch out for in 2014 !
  7. 7 Agenda 1 – Conversational social networks 3 – Trends for 2014 1.1 Facebook 3.1 Niche networks 1.2 Twitter 3.2 All-in-one networks 1.3 Google + 3.3 Secure networks 1.4 Foursquare 3.4 Social Discovery 2 – Image social networks 2.1 Youtube 2.2 Dailymotion 2.3 Instagram 2.4 Pinterest 2.5 Tumblr 2.6 Vine 2.6 Snapchat 3.4 Social TV 3.4 Music and social media 3.4 Brands' social networks What to remember
  8. 8 1. Conversational social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Foursquare
  9. 9 1.1. Facebook
  10. 10 Facebook Still the leader 1.19 billion users in the world 28 million in France 728 million daily active users (16.4 million in France) 4.5 billion likes everyday 10 billion messages sent everyday http://bit.ly/16RbDOs 4.75 billion content published daily 350 million photos published everyday
  11. 11 Facebook But a certain weariness > The commitment rate has gone from 3% to 1% in one year > According to The Guardian, teens are abandoning Facebook for messaging applications such as WhatsApp or WeChat Why? Facebook’s target audience is aging, parents are on Facebook, users’ weariness, people are looking for more privacy http://bit.ly/1dsSogv
  12. 12 Facebook Mobile Of the 28 million active monthly users of Facebook in France, 17 million access it via mobile On mobile, members access Facebook nearly 18 times a day on the weekend http://bit.ly/16RbDOs
  13. 13 Facebook A conversion tool Facebook is the best social network that generates shopping traffic on retail sites cabinet RichRelevance, septembre 2013 : http://bit.ly/191wscS
  14. 14 Facebook Advertising on Facebook 2 goals • Generate traffic on websites or increase the number of fans on Facebook pages • Increase the effectiveness of Facebook page posts in terms of scope and therefore commitment.
  15. 15 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: Facebook Ad What? This ad is composed of a title of 25 characters, a text of 90 characters and an image with 100x72px dimensions. Where ? On the right hand side of the news feed and profiles Principal interest ? It can direct you to a landing page and therefore accentuate your transformation rate. There are a lot of targeting options to reach a very fine audience. This means that new fans, users and participants can be obtained.
  16. 16 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: Sponsored post What? A sponsored post is like a traditional Facebook ad except that it is a pushed brand publication (video, photo, status) Where ? On the right hand side of the news feed Principal interest ? Highlights the activity of a brand directly into the news feed and captures the attention of internet users with attractive content. Promotes a message and increases commitment.
  17. 17 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: Sponsored story What ? Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with a Page, app or event that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight so there's a better chance people see them. Where ? To friends of people interacting (Like, Comment, Share) only (in the newsfeed) Principal interest? Generates interest by promoting the interaction of a contact The sponsored stories will be removed as of April 2014: http://bit.ly/1dJfwE5
  18. 18 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: Promoted post What ? Publication on a brand’s page whose visibility is momentarily accentuated for the audience of the page and its connections. Principal interest? It is becoming increasingly hard to « naturally » captivate internet users, promoted posts are useful for boosting a publication so that it is seen by a larger proportion of your audience.
  19. 19 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: The Dark posts or unpublished posts What ? A publication that only appears on the newsfeed and not on your timeline. Where? On the newsfeed of the people you wish to target Principal interest? This allows you to reach a specific audience without « polluting » all of your fans, test certain posts that you do not wish to appear on your timeline and equally target a very fine audience.
  20. 20 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: Facebook Offers What ? The offers are coupons which facebook users can use « in store », « online » or « in store and online ». It is possible to limit participants and to fix a cut-off date. Where ? In the newsfeed and sponsored news or on the right hand side. Principal interest ? Put forward your activity with a special offer
  21. 21 Facebook Types of advertising on Facebook: Advertising for mobile applications What? Traditional advertising that advertises a mobile application Where ? On mobile phones Principal interest? Invite internet users to download an application with a direct link to iOS or Android marketplace
  22. 22 Facebook Good to know: Competitions Sponsored posts The images are optimised, larger than classic posts and redirect you to the brand’s site. The image can be in classic JPEG format but GIF can also be used. Via a dedicated application or directly on the Facebook timeline as of August 2013 The organisation of competitions, quizzes or votes can collect user information of a page. To come: Sponsored videos Previewed for 2014, videos of 15 seconds will appear in users’ newsfeeds, which can be clicked on in order to be viewed.
  23. 23 Facebook The open graph: targeting and client knowledge The Open graph relays the different user activities to produce target information for brands. It is a protocol that permits third party websites to interact the information of a Facebook profile with the relations of the latter on « Facebook Connect ». The open graph allows application editors to diffuse the actions of Facebook users on their website: (Fabien listens to a song on Spotify, Romain watched a video on Dailymotion…). Beyond the integration of Facebook plug-ins, this allows brands to collect a lot of information about internet users and their network in order to suggest targeted products.
  24. 24 Facebook The graph search The graph search It’s the new search engine of Facebook, it gives a very wide search option for users. For example you can now search for people who live in a precise city and who like a precise brand. A challenge for retail brands : be sure to set up local pages for each outlet http://bit.ly/1dFFfir Closely watch the moment that graph search would allow you to see who has written a review about a specific product…
  25. 25 Facebook Facebook: the next Yelp ? Facebook is currently testing a rating scale for pages. These stars aim to give more precision to the commitment and interest of fans of pages/brands. A new functionality to monitor closely, will Facebook become the new Yelp?
  26. 26 Facebook More news in Facebook users newsfeeds In order to best respond to the needs of users, Facebook has put in place a few modifications on the newsfeed with the aim of giving visibility to media news (such as news sites).
  27. 27 Google & Facebook Facebook and Google join forces Google and Facebook, until now considered competitors in online advertising, are going to cooperate. To continue its growth (remember that Google has passed the symbolic $ 1,000 on the Stock Exchange), in an economy where recommendation and prescription influence buys, Google is evolving its advertising offer. It is in partnership that Google has always drawn its strength and this turn will surely create greater visbility for brands.
  28. 28 Facebook, the interest for brands? Create a dialogue Be reactive Portray values Acquire potential clients Organise competitions, federate Finely target (Facebook Ads, sponsored posts) Get to know clients (Social CRM)
  29. 29 1.2. Twitter
  30. 30 Twitter 218 million active users and 100 million daily active users 500 million accounts created 218 million active monthly users 100 million daily connected users 5.5 million in France 2.3 million active users in France http://bit.ly/16RbDOs http://bit.ly/IOObZ0 400 million tweets sent on average per day 75 % of users connect through mobiles
  31. 31 Twitter Types of advertising on Twitter: Sponsored accounts What ? It is a suggestion of which accounts to follow, published only for those you choose through targeting options Principal interest ? Quickly create a base of followers
  32. 32 Twitter Types of advertising on Twitter: Sponsored tweet What ? Your tweet will be relayed to a larger audience thanks to Twitter targeting (socio-demo, interests, accounts followed…) Principal interest ? To be heard and to generate traffic towards a site
  33. 33 Twitter Types of advertising on Twitter: Sponsored trends What? Your hashtag trend will be visible at the top of the « trending now » list, this format redirects to a tweet in pole position in conversations about the trend. Sponsored trends guarantee up to 10 million impressions per day in France. It can be bought for a period of 24hrs, in a specific country, for €5k. Principal interest ? An excellent branding tool. To relay an event, a buzz operation or a brand.
  34. 34 Twitter Twitter and brands Mercedes-Benz #YouDrive Mercedes-Benz launched a social and interactive experience on iTV channel. Thus, twitter users could decide the end of the TV spot using the #YouDrive hashtag.
  35. 35 Twitter Twitter and brands The SurrenderYourSay campaign To inform Twitter users about Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. The Canadian Foundation for Tourette’s syndrome put in place a system of uncontrollable tweets on Twitter. The operation entitled #SurrenderYourSay , aimed to replicate the drivers of Tourette tics on the accounts of participants. An operation that brought a great deal of visibility to the Foundation on Twitter.
  36. 36 Twitter Twitter news Twitter Music will be shutdown The social network associated with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio to detect and play titles mentioned in tweets, through an iOS application and separate web platform. Due to little success the application has been forced to shut down.
  37. 37 Twitter Twitter news Twitter, the prefered network of young people A Comescore study has confirmed the trend observed in the panorama of social networks: Twitter is the chosen platform of young people, on both desktop and mobile, and has overtaken Facebook. Indeed, more than 32,3 % of 15-24 year olds are present on the microblogging platform, compared to 28,9 % on Facebook.
  38. 38 Twitter Twitter news Twitter Cards Twitter Cards can enrich and add value to the content of your site (thanks to an integration of tags at the top of the page’s website) whilst it is shared on Twitter (photo, video…). This will significantly increase the traffic towards your site but also share its content. Explication en vidéo : http://bit.ly/1kOmGL6
  39. 39 Twitter Twitter news Multi device advertising targeted Twitter launches its retargeting offer called Tailored Audience. Users who have shown interest for a brand can receive personalised offers on all devices.
  40. 40 Twitter Twitter News Programmable Tweets Advertisers can run promotional tweet campaigns and plan in real-time. Ideal for times when not at work but when users are still very active: evenings, weekends, holidays ...
  41. 41 Twitter, the interest for brands? Watch a topic or community Create dialogue Be reactive (SAV) Inform Support an event operation (hashtags) Generate traffic (sponsored tweets)
  42. 42 1.3. Google+
  43. 43 Google + Encouraging figures 500 million accounts created 5,3 million in 80 % of users login on a France weekly basis 235 million active users per month 135 million users of Google + stream http://bit.ly/16RbDOs 5 million “+1″ 67 % of users are men clicked on daily
  44. 44 Google+ But users who share less than on other social networks According to +Gigya, Google+ users represent only 2% of shares on social networks…while Facebook has 50% and Twitter 24%.
  45. 45 Google+ And who spend less time According to Comscore, Google+ users spent 3.3 minutes during the month of January 2013. A paltry figure compared to the 7.5 hours spent on Facebook during the same period.
  46. 46 Google+ Google+ and brands A brand can create a business page which users can add to their circles, recommend (+1) but also share the content. Since October 2013, pages can be promoted in sponsored ads. Unlike facebook ads, the Google+ ads do not appear in the network but in other platefoms of Google, and the targeting is limited. Members must check a box in order for their names not to be used for advertising purposes.
  47. 47 Google+ Google+ and brands Hashtags integrated into Google search Google introduces hashtags for Google+ publications in its search results. This new function allows internet users to access Google+ content relative to their search. The search results are found in a block at the right of the traditional search. The content is clickable and redirects you to the publications, only those which are public will be displayed.
  48. 48 Google+ Google Hangouts and brands Google Hangouts is a multiparticipant videoconference service integrated into the Google+ network, connected to Gmail and available as an application for iOS and Android. The stream can be viewed directly on Youtube or directly downloaded. Once the hangout has finished, it stays online as a Youtube video. This allows brands to create more connections and exchanges. En vidéo : http://bit.ly/JqT5f8
  49. 49 Google+ Google Hangouts and brands Glamour Glamour has launched a series of Hangouts over a month with its employees. The videos are all sponsored by brands. During a Hangout sponsored by L'Oreal, a stylist presents brand products. Certain Hangouts are open to discussion, others are not, but users are always welcome to comment on social networks.
  50. 50 Google+ Google Hangouts and brands Versace For the launch of her collection in New York, Donatella Versace organised a Hangout for fans At the Hangout, a famous American fashion blogger previewed some models alongside Donatella.
  51. 51 Google+ Google launches Helpouts Helpouts is a platform for knowledge sharing by connecting users with experts from different fields. The Helpouts rely on Google Hangouts and thus allow professionals and individuals to organize training sessions, free or paid, through videoconferencing. Helpouts is an opportunity for brands to create a close relationship with a logical policy Sephora and Weight Watchers have already put forward their advice and coaching En vidéo : http://bit.ly/1fxNQFI
  52. 52 Google+ Google launches restricted communities Google+ announces “restricted communities” Google+ has announced the launch of “restricted communities“, a functionality which prevents non members of an organisation from joining. The system is designed to allow businesses to create private communities or invitationonly access.
  53. 53 Google +, the interest for brands? Create a dialogue Inform Support an event operation (hashtags) Improve its referencing and visbility throughout Google. Reach niche circles
  54. 54 1.4. Foursquare
  55. 55 Foursquare Low penetration rate in France 40 million users worldwide Source : Foursquare « About » 40 000 « Superusers » producing 1 million updates each month http://bit.ly/1i1rDRj More than 4.5 billion check ins
  56. 56 Foursquare Foursquare and brands The geolocation and recommendation network Users post reviews about every place, it is interesting for brands to watch it and to create their own pages. It is also a way to define brand ambassadors.
  57. 57 Foursquare Foursquare and brands Promotional offers The offers are launched through the « Specials » menu. Games, competitions and challenges can encourage users to come back multiple times to a place. It is a good way to create customer loyalty.
  58. 58 Foursquare Foursquare and brands The lists Foursquare allows users to create lists of places of interest. Far from the functionalities dedicated to brands, Gucci had the idea of making a global list of « Gucci Places » These places are in relation to the DNA of the brand, it includes Gucci boutiques, palaces, and even french parks.
  59. 59 Foursquare Foursquare and brands Analyse the impact Anaylse the impact: The Analytics platform provides information such as: which visitor appeared the most times at the location, the total number of check-ins, sex distribution of consumers, "schedule" check-ins throughout the day, or yet the % of check-ins that have been shared on other social networks.
  60. 60 Foursquare Foursquare and brands Launch of targeted advertising In October 2013 Foursquare announced the launch of Foursquare Ads: targeted advertising for small businesses.
  61. 61 Foursquare Foursquare and brands Coming soon : post-checkin ads Announced in May, post-checkin ads should arrive. This new feature will display a contextualized advertisement depending on user checkins.
  62. 62 Foursquare, the interest for brands? Personalised promotions Generate in-store traffic Generate positive reviews Make customer loyalty
  63. A certain weariness towards the great « giants » is felt it generates a migration and an interest for « image based » social networks.
  64. 64 2. Image social networks Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat
  65. 65 2.1. YouTube
  66. 66 Youtube 3rd most visited website– according to Alexa 1 billion active users worldwide 26 million unique users in France 6 billion hours of video are watched on Youtube every month http://bit.ly/16RbDOs + http://bit.ly/17LGMiX 100 hours of video are put on Youtube every minute 1/4 of visitors are on mobiles
  67. 67 Youtube Youtube has become the favourite website of teenagers, more so than Facebook. 50% 12-15 year olds identify Youtube as their favourite site followed by Facebook at 45,2% http://bit.ly/1cqF2QM
  68. 68 Youtube Youtube has become the favourite website of teenagers, more than Facebook. 90% of internet traffic will be issued from videos in 2017 Online video consumption has increased from 4,2% in 2011 to 18% in 2013 http://bit.ly/ISzGDV
  69. 69 Youtube Youtube and brands Traditional ads Before a video Next to a video In search results
  70. 70 Youtube Youtube and brands Video Ads Zagg, the pioneer of protective films for computers and mobiles publishes approximately 100 new titles a year to prove the effectiveness of its products. With TrueView a targeted campaign, Zagg has a 75% conversion rate through targeted videos.
  71. 71 Youtube Youtube and brands Brand videos Recently, Dior launched its campaign with Robert Pattinson on Youtube, it allowed the brand to lead the viral videos with 4.2million views the week of the 10th October 2013 and reached 14 million views in just 2 months. http://bit.ly/1f0x4lI
  72. 72 Youtube Youtube and brands Interactive videos Youtube offers many features to create an interactive video. A large number of brands are taking to interactive video games to push the creativity to the maximum and to translate the histroy of the brand.
  73. 73 Youtube Youtube and brands Oldspice Old Spice is THE textbook case for successful Youtube campaigns. In 2010, Old Spice launched a web campaign that was shared and imitated a lot. Several months later the brand decided to respond to internet users: bloggers, commentators, celebrities or simple tweeters received hundreds of custom videos. http://bit.ly/1atQNmp The campaign has made more than a billion impressions. The brand has become number one in its sector.
  74. 74 Youtube Youtube and brands Hell Pizza In 2010 Hell Pizza launched one of the first interactive campaigns. Under a zombie invasion, you are a pizza delivery man. At several points you are invited to make a decision changing the course of the video. Of note: one year of free pizza for the winner. The video generated 110 000 views in 4 days (10 million today), not a bad score for a small pizza chain from New Zealand! http://bit.ly/1atQQyD
  75. 75 Youtube Youtube and brands Burger King Burger King has launched an innovative campaign that makes fun of users weariness through pre-roll videos on Youtube by creating… 64 of them. These pre video adverts were adapted to the search of the internet user on Youtube. http://bit.ly/1dgDiHw
  76. 76 Youtube Youtube news Youtube changed its comments policy The system will be completely reviewed to highlight the most relevant comments, those of your friends on Google +, and those that have generated the most conversations.
  77. 77 Youtube, the interest for brands? Share brand vision Stage their story Engage their community Express creativity (interactive campaigns) Improve visbility (Google Adwords) Support events
  78. 78 2.2. Dailymotion
  79. 79 Dailymotion 31st most visited site 110 million unique visitors per month 16 million unique visitors in France 83 minutes spent each month on the site by users 18 videos seen by users each month 250 million videos watched on mobiles
  80. 80 Dailymotion Dailymotion and brands Traditional ads
  81. 81 Dailymotion Dailymotion and brands Speacial ads Danone made chefs from the program « Kitchen nightmares » interact with Dailymotion banners to accentuate them. A campaign that plays with the ad for Danette… http://bit.ly/1kgbxaU
  82. 82 Dailymotion Dailymotion and brands Special ads Dailymotion allowed Eram to put a carrousel into the video. Hovering over the carrousel meant that users could visualise the products in a larger format, and of course buy them. An integrated program for ERAM…
  83. 83 Dailymotion, the interest for brands? Share brand vision Stage their story Engage their community Express creativity (interactive campaigns) Support events
  84. 84 2.3. Instagram
  85. 85 Instagram 1st editing and photoshare site 150 million active users in the world 1,8 million unique visitors in France 16 billion shared 1 billion likes per day photos http://bit.ly/1cNppnx 1000 comments per second
  86. 86 Instagram The Instagram evolution June 2013 Instagram launches video capture to compete with Vine October 2013 Instagram launches the « native » ad on its social network December 2013 Instagram Direct : send photos to selected friends directly
  87. 87 Instagram Instagram and brands The« Jobs » trailer The JOBS film is the first to launch its trailer on Instagram thanks to the video function launched in June 2013. The Levi’s contest branding Levi’s launched a worldwide campaign« Iamlevis » to find a Levi’s ambassador.
  88. 88 Instagram Instagram and brands The spot TV of Confused A spot TV preview unveiled on Instagram Confused.com the first insurance comparison site in the United Kingdom, decided to modernise its communication by using Instagram in an innovative way. On the occasion of its new TV spot, Confused.com unveiled a preview of its ad on its Instagram account. The 10 second extract featured Brian, the robot mascot of the campaign. Liking the publication on Instagram, users gained the chance to win the enclosure which appears in the spot.
  89. 89 Instagram Instagram and brands Nike ID and PhotoID Nike launches PhotoID in partnership with Instagram The brand proposed to transpose 3 photos in 1 of their proposed Air Max (AM 1, AM 90 or AM 95) so that it absorbs the colours of the selected photo ! To do so, you access your photo gallery, select the right photo for your pair of shoes and the let’s go !
  90. 90 Instagram, the interest for brands? Share brand vision Stage their story Organise competitions Engage their community Focus on UGC
  91. 91 2.4. Pinterest
  92. 92 Pinterest 3rd social network to drive business traffic 48,7 million members worldwide 80 % of users are female 80 % of pins are repins 20 million active users in the world 157 000 in France http://bit.ly/19SnLQq + http://bit.ly/1aJYk0h 3rd social network that generates shopping traffic on a retailer website
  93. 93 Pinterest 3rd social network to drive business traffic In the United States, a report established by the research firm Piqora explains that Pinterest has helped to double the sales of certain retailers over Black Friday, even trippling them during Cyber Monday*. This proves that users not only use Pinterest for inspiration, but also to find products worth being bought. https://www.piqora.com/
  94. 94 Pinterest Pinterest is … A source of inspiration A tool for monitoring trends A sharing platform A shopping site, where internet users scroll and discover clothes, objects etc. which they want to buy.
  95. 95 Pinterest Pinterest is … • • • • Very involved communities on specific topics Sustainable content: content is regularly reassembled in searches. An opportunity to export: a Pin can pass from one country to another in a click, and with an adapted e-commerce site, the conversion can be quick. Traffic towards sites: 1 content pinned is on average repinned 3 times and generates 4 clicks. 5 million articles are pinned on a daily basis.
  96. 96 Pinterest Pinterest and brands Kotex – an operation of influence Kotex, the American female hygene brand selected 50 influencers on Pinterest and sent them each a custom package inspired by their table of inspirations. They simply had to take a photo and share it on Pinterest. The ROI of this campaign is complicated to put into figures but it generated a big buzz and meant that the brand was widely spoken about, it was therefore a success for the image of the brand.
  97. 97 Pinterest Pinterest and brands Topshop – competition Topshop launched a Christmas competition. Internet users were invited to pin a board of their ideal Christmas Day with clothes, decorations, food… After having sent off their board, the winners got the chance to win a look behind the scenes of the brand or even create their dream shoes.
  98. 98 Pinterest Pinterest and brands Peugeot – integrated treasure hunt The official account of Peugeot Panama rewarded users who successfully completed a puzzle on Pineterst. They had to find information on their facebook page or their website. This campaign shows both the contest system and the use of cross media.
  99. 99 Pinterest Pinterest and brands Oreo – creation of content On its account, Oreo showcased creativity in the long run by customising cakes according to current events. The brand thus increased its visibility as pictures of the creations were shared on Pinterest.
  100. 100 Pinterest Pinterest and brands Sephora – advice Sephora provides tips and tricks on its Pinterest account, a content that is highly shared on the social network: DIY, advice, tutorials.
  101. 101 Pinterest To come The network has announced that sponsored pins will be introduced to monetise its model. Ads A test phase will be the next step. It ensures the relevance of targeting and takes into account users’ feedbacks.
  102. 102 Pinterest, the interest for brands? Share brand vision Stage their story Engage their community Generate conversion and traffic on their e-shop
  103. 103 2.5. Tumblr
  104. 104 Tumblr The Tumblr craze 166 million active users in the world Source : tumblr of which 4.7 million are active users in France 141.4 million blogs 64 billion posts
  105. 105 Tumblr Tumblr is … • A platform that takes the codes of blogging, micro-blogging and photo sharing sites • A platform based on simplicity and sharing (thought to be relayed on social networks) • Humour and fashion are the topics most discussed by the users of Tumblr
  106. 106 Tumblr Tumbr and brands Ebay Ebay launched its Tumblr« The Inside Source » to highlight its experience in « trend chasing » and to go beyond the e-commerce site known to all. This Tumblr is managed by a lot of fashion influencers and vehicules a trendy image and upscales branding.
  107. 107 Tumblr Tumbr and brands RATP The RATP created a tumblr event which responded to a current event about the brand. RATP has shown its responsiveness and sense of humor.
  108. 108 Tumblr Tumblr news In January 2014, Tumblr launched the « sponsored trending blogs » on mobile : it highlights Sponsored blogs in the list of the most popular blogs. The little $ easily identifies the blog as sponsored.
  109. 109 Tumblr, the interest for brands? Share brand vision Stage their story Développer l’engagement de sa communauté Engage their community Generate conversion and traffic on their e-shop Generate traffic Improve referencing on search engines Support events
  110. 110 2.6. Vine
  111. 111 Vine The netowrk of 6 second videos, bought by Twitter 40 million users worldwide 2013 5 Vines are tweeted per second Vines are shared 4 times as much as online videos. In May, Vine was the most downloaded ap from the AppStore http://bit.ly/1dgIf2Q
  112. 112 Vine Vine and brands Ballantine’s To illustrate new ways of drinking Ballantine’s, the well known whiskey brand bet on the new trendy social network Vine. The brand launched “BallanVine’s”, cocktail recipes illustrated in 6 seconds : « They are so simple that they can be made in 6 seconds! »
  113. 113 Vine Vine and brands Airbnb Airbnb called upon its community to produce a branded film. For the “Hollywood and Vines“ film, users were invited to create a Vine video (of 6 seconds max) and relay it with the hashtag #AirbnbHV. The instructions are as follows: shoot a paper airplane and be creative to represent the Airbnb spirit. The lucky winners will have their spot in the next Vine TV spot.
  114. 114 Vine Vine et les marques Natwest To go beyond the constraint of 140 characters in response to consumers on Twitter, NatWest used Vine to create "tutorials", a kind of FAQ in images.
  115. 115 Vine Vine and brands Wolverine 20th Century Fox decided to be innovative by putting the first teaser of the film Wolverine on Vine… only 6 seconds worth!
  116. 116 Vine, the interest for brands? Share brand vision Stage the story Développer community de sa communauté Engage the l’engagement Organise competitions Tease Recruit
  117. 117 2.7. Snapchat
  118. 118 Snapchat Snapchat is… People are scared of sharing information, want more digital intimacy, to communicate without trace on the web, to try out new networks than the ‘colossus’ of the web (Facebook and Twitter)… plenty of reasons why internet users love SnapChat! • • The photo self destructs after a few seconds on SnapChat : no trace is left on social networks Many «copycat» apps have been launched follwing its success.
  119. 119 Snapchat Snapchat, the success of ghost photos More than 8 million members worldwide 200 million ghost images are sent via the application Thats 4 times more than the number of pictures published daily on Instagram. http://huff.to/1cqJizJ
  120. 120 Snapchat Snapchat and brands 16 Handles The New York based frozen yoghurt brand 16 Handles offered a discount to its fans who sent them a photo of themselves whilst trying to eat a frozen yoghurt. In order to do so they had to add the brand to their contact list. The results of the campaign were not disclosed but the transaction has enabled the brand to position itself with teenagers and to increase its visibility.
  121. 121 Snapchat Snapchat and brands MTV MTV used Snapchat to promote its new tv show by sending snapchats from behind the scenes to their fans.
  122. 122 Snapchat Snapchat and brands Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines randomly posts photos of cities that the company serves without naming them. The first Snapchat user to reply with the (correct) name of the city wins airplaine tickets to this destination.
  123. 123 Snapchat Snapchat and brands Karmaloop Karmaloop (online clothing store) made a bold move. By adding Karmaloop to contact lists, users recieved photos of models, without the clothes of the brand! (yes!).
  124. 124 Snapchat Snapchat news Snapchat has just launched: Stories It is a timeline allowing users to send photos or videos over a 24hr period to their contacts (or the public). This update allows to put for multiple content made of photos or videos to be put online. Thanks to these updates, advertisers can stage their speeches on Snapchat, even if it distorts the short lived character of Snapchat a little.
  125. 125 Snapchat, the interest for brands? Play on the ‘short lived’ aspect to create suspense Reach a young connected tartget Engage the community
  126. 126 3. Trends for 2014
  127. 127 Niche social networks
  128. 128 Path Only 150 friends allowed Path defines itself as the « network of real friends » whilst Facebook is well known for the 5000 friends limit, Path has set the limit at 150. The social network promises the security of information : the main issue with Facebook. In May 2013, Path, the most downloaded application in France, passed the milestone of 10 million global users (8,000,000 in just one year).
  129. 129 Social Number and Whisper Totally anonymous networks Social Number allows for ultimate anonymity. Each profile is reduced to a number and the freedom of speech is complete! Whisper is an anonymous social network where pictures accompanied by text can be shared. The service launched in 2013 has already won 2 million users and offers a freemium subscription model to send private messages.
  130. 130 Niche social networks The networks by interests or targets People are tired of big social networks and are looking for networks related to their affinities, they are attracted to specific social networks, niche networks. For example, « Foodspotting » for sharing photos of food, recipes and restaurant reviews… « Couple » for couples, « CafeMom » for mums, « Catster » for cat fans, « Wiser » for people interested in sustainable development…
  131. 131 Niche social networks Justin Bieber launches « Shots of me » dedicated to ‘selfies’ Justin Bieber takes part in the selfie trend by simplifying it through the creation of a dedicated social network. Here each user is voluntarily present to take a photo of themselves, and they cannot cheat: they cannot add a pre taken photo or modify one taken according to the application. This app aims to create a « positive » experience and therefore does not authorise comments (only likes), and users can make their accounts private.
  132. 132 All-in-on networks
  133. 133 Pheed The « all-in-one » social network that offers premium subscriptions Pheed (targets 15-35 year old artists) is a giant aggregate of all the functions that we can find on all existing networks. It is possible for users to create a premium account, that is to say make people pay in exchange for high-value content.
  134. 134 Line The « all-in-one » network from Japan Line is an application that competes directly with Skype, What’s App, Viber, but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… and aims to land in France in 2014. What makes Line stand out: its « stickers » gallery to customise its trade that is renewed every week thanks to the responsiveness of the developers.
  135. 135 Line The « all-in-one» network from Japan Line gained inspiration from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter by integrating a « Home » and a « Timeline». A true ecosystem evolves around Vine: With applications such as Line Brush and Line Camera (+ 25 others!) The application becomes an 'all-inone’ that allows certain users to move from other networks.
  136. 136 Line The «all-in-one » network from Japan Line offers brands to create their official accounts as well as sponsored stickers to encourage users to follow them.
  137. 137 A significant rise on 2013 300 million users worldwide! 100 million in the last 4 months! Line took 19 months to gain 100 million, 6 months for the next 100 million and only 4 more months to go from 200 million to 300 million users.
  138. 138 Line, a worldwide mobile app 47 million in Japan 18 million in Thaïland It is no longer a « Japanese » network, today 80% of traffic comes from outside of Japan. 17 million in Taïwan 15 million in Spain 14 million in Indonesia 10 million in India in only 3 months! Soon France?
  139. 139 Constantly increasing figures 7 billion messages are exchanged everyday 1 billion « sticker » per day 100 million downloads on Google Play An increase in users by 460% in August 2013 (only 13 applications have achieved this!) An objective of 500 million users in 2014 Line took 399 days to reach 50 million users. Facebook and Twitter took more than 1000 days.
  140. 140 WeChat WeChat has also landed in France WeChat, a chinese social network similar to Line already has more than 600 million users, and was launched in France with a TV campaign. To create its brand image, WeChat particularly wants to rely on the Chinese diaspora around the world to act as a relay. To monetise its service, WeChat relies heavily on brand accounts and geolocation to send for example, promotional offers and attract, amongst others, chinese tourists in Europe.
  141. 141 Secure networks
  142. 142 Secure networks Wickr and app.net Wickr Wickr wants to be the super-secure SnapChat : military encryption, autodestruction of messages etc. App.Net App.net the confidential social network ensures full ownership of published content, with the option to edit or delete them easily and instantly.
  143. 143 Social discovery to drive shopping traffic
  144. 144 Social discovery The « social discovery » is the discovery of products through social curation platforms. Users discover more items via their network and eventually buy. The website for online sales Play.com saw visits from sites of "social discovery" (like Pinterest) increase by 200% this year. Shopping based on common passions allow advertisers to reach their audience more accurately and at timely opportunities. Social discovery will play a more prominent role in the future.
  145. 145 Social TV
  146. 146 GetGlue Social TV check in applications GetGlue is like Foursquare only, instead of "check-in" at a place you “check-in” when you watch a program, read a book or play a video game. You can then see what your friends are watching, listening to or reading and discuss it. The application also has a system of rewards through stickers. Miso is based on the same concept but is only for series and shows.
  147. 147 Facebook TV-Synced Ads: Facebook to attack Social TV TV-Synced Ads Launched in the UK and the USA in September, the new Facebook tool arrived in France in October in partnership with Canal+ and TF1. The Keywords Insight : This tool allows chains to measure the number of occurrences (names of the show, tv presenter…) even if the statuses are private. The channel can therefore get to know the people watching the program and the people commenting on Facebook. The API PublicFeed : This API allows channels to obtain a real-time stream of Facebook publications, and possibly integrate them into its program (only for public posts).
  148. 148 Twitter The « See it » button Twitter and social TV In America, Twitter will next launch, the “See It” button in partnership with Comcast. Integrated into a tweet, the button will allow Comcast subscribers to change channels on their TV, record programs or access the VOD directly from the social network.
  149. 149 Watermarking The inaudible signal that sycnhronises TV and a second screen The Watermarking is a numerical tattoo which allows information to be added to content. This brand allows for more personalised and contextualised content thanks to HbbTV and the second screen. Once a program has been « tattooed » it is possible to know at what time the programme is viewed by the user and on which terminal, to adapt its advertising message.
  150. 150 Music, a means of expression
  151. 151 Music, a means of expression for brands The 2 giants : Spotify and Deezer In the world: In the world: 26 million active 12 million active 6 million paying accounts 5 million paying accounts http://bit.ly/1euF5dI
  152. 152 Music, a means of expression for brands Brands on music social networks Involve consumers through music Brands profit from the tools proposed by Spotify or Deezer to encourage participation or for example, ask their consumers to propose a piece of music that portrays the brand so that a collaborative playlist can be published. La Redoute created the application «La Redoute Playlist», in partnership with Deezer
  153. 153 Music, a means of expression for brands Brands on music social networks Be a « daily coach » brand Others use Spotify to add more value to their products: Reebok has generated numerous playlists dedicated to sport on the platform that please a large number of their consumers.
  154. 154 Music, a means of expression for brands Brands on music social networks Create a musical identity for a brand Equally, we see that many brands have taken to Spotify to communicate a more ‘artistic’ universe. Bergdorf Goodman, Pierre Balmain, Hugo Boss and Rebecca Minkoff have all created playlists to push their values and positioning.
  155. 155 Social networks… of brands
  156. 156 Brand social networks Social to increase consumer loyalty Urban Outffiters created its own Social Network To federalise its very active young target, UO created its own soial network. The application allows users to perform several actions which result in rewards: speak about the brand on other social networks, publish their ‘look’ photos on the app, check into a shop… The brand has access to a large amount of data concerning its customers while giving them benefits in return (promotions, previews ...)
  157. 157 What to remember…
  158. 158 Facebook, still the leader But a weariness is felt amongst users and the target is « aging »
  159. 159 Facebook & personal information A real problem which is pushing some to migrate towards other social networks that assure better protection or intimicy
  160. 160 Migrate and sort but not necessarily leave In France, according to the IFOP 40% are nostalgic for a society without social networks but only 6% consider unsubscribing to them, 38% wish to sort out their social presence. http://bit.ly/19vFUUn
  161. 161 Migrate towards: niche networks or all-inone networks? Emerging networks to closely monitor
  162. 162 Youtube, a must 90% of internet traffic will come from videos in 2017
  163. 163 Multiple opportunities for expressing brand identity Video, image, games and music…
  164. 164 To generate business: the ‘social discovery’ as a conversion method « Social discovery » sites like Pinterest, Wheretoget, the Fancy etc. will increasingly become business arms for brands.
  165. 165 To develop brand loyalty: Create a durable relationship with its clients
  166. 166 All social networks seek to monetise New oppportunities for brands that will have to adapt their message to a new advertising format with strong impact.
  167. 167 Time spent by internet users on social networks is increasing (2010 : 17,5% VS 2013 : 28,8% of time spent online) http://bit.ly/ISzGDV
  168. 168 Marketing expenditure on social media in Europe has increased from €1.4 billion in 2012 to €3.2 billion in 2017 according to Forrester http://bit.ly/1c9zPiD
  169. 169 For brands, being present on social networks has become indispensable for all types of targets
  170. 170 But in an innovative and effective way
  171. 171 Hence the need to follow the trends and changing habits on a daily basis in order to anticipate and act strategically
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