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  1. Public Opinion Research SUBMITTED BY: BUKYAVARDHANNAYAK 12101690
  2. What is Public Opinion Research? • Public opinion research is a field that studies the relationship between public opinion and policy. It involves using surveys, focus groups, or interviews to determine how people feel about specific issues and policies. • Public opinion research, sometimes referred to as opinion polling or public opinion research, is the process of collecting data on public attitudes and opinions. • A survey is a type of public opinion research where participants are asked to answer questions about their opinions or behaviors.
  3. Surveys can be done via phone calls, email surveys, web surveys, paper-and-pencil surveys, in-person interviews, and more. Surveys are typically done by phone or online using automated dialing machines (ADM). This method allows for such rapid deployment that it has become an established industry standard. The ADM operator calls the respondent at home or a place of business and asks them questions.
  4. The results are recorded by the ADM operator and later sent to researchers for analysis. Public opinion research can be used by researchers to study how people think about an issue or policy and what they want it to look like. Public opinion research is also useful for making decisions about which issues to address in public debates and campaigns. It can be done by asking people directly and by doing surveys, which are group interviews where interviewers ask participants questions and record their answers on paper or electronically. Usually, this is done through a computer program that records responses from individual participants or from multiple respondents in response to the same question.
  5. Importance of Public Opinion Research Public opinion research is the collection and analysis of information about public attitudes and beliefs. Public opinion research is also a way to get an understanding of the opinions and attitudes of people who are not directly involved in a topic. Public opinion research can help us understand what people think about a particular issue or event. Public opinion research is an important tool used in public policy and political research. Public opinion research can influence individuals to make decisions that they would not otherwise have made. The data collected from public opinion research can then be used to help inform policies and decisions that affect society as a whole.
  6. Factors Influencing Public Opinion The factors that influence public opinion include economic conditions, new scientific findings, technological change, interest groups, political activities, and NGOs. Economic Conditions: Economic conditions influence public opinion through changes in consumer spending patterns. When consumers feel more confident about their financial situation, they are more likely to purchase goods and services that support their preferred political views.
  7. New Scientific Findings: New scientific findings influence public opinion by providing new insights into an issue. These insights can cause people to feel concerned or angry about a particular issue, which will then lead them to be more likely to support a particular political party or candidate. Media: Public opinion is influenced by media and mass communication which plays an important role in shaping public opinion.
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