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GFI MAX MailProtection™

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GFI MAX MailProtection™ is a hosted email security and continuity solution with cutting-edge technology including highly accurate spam protection, zero-hour antivirus detection, integrated queuing and always-on email functionality to ensure customers have continued access to email - even when their own server is offline. Compatible with any email system, GFI MAX MailProtection can be implemented in just minutes.

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GFI MAX MailProtection™

  1. 1. 1Hosted email security and continuity
  2. 2. 2GFI MAX MailProtection overviewGFI MAX MailProtection is a cloud-based email security solution» Inbound email filtering» Outbound email filtering» Email continuity» Edge-based network defenseThe service is designed to be highly accurate, cost-effective, andeasy to use
  3. 3. 3About the servicePrimary component of service is spam and virus protection» Industry-leading technology detects a high percentage of junk mail» Inbound filtering activated by a simple DNS change □ Within minutes an organization can be protected from spam, viruses and other incoming email threats» Individual users can easily review detected spam messages □ Hosted web-based quarantine □ Daily spam/virus digest reports by email» Outbound filtering is similarly easy to implement □ Notification to administrators of any spammers or virus-infected workstations on their network attempting to send outbound junk mail
  4. 4. 4Email continuityIntegrated message queuing» All inbound messages are automatically queued if the customer’s mail server is unreachable» Typical scenarios include problems with mail server, network issues, planned server upgrades, and other outages» No bounce messages are generated when an outage occursOn-demand mail service» Users have access to all queued messages, and can respond to those messages, via a fully functional webmail in the control panel during any outage
  5. 5. 5GFI MAX MailProtection technologyAdvanced Software Architecture» Third-generation software designed for high capacity to manage rapidly growing message volume» Modular scanning techniques for maximum flexibility» High accuracy through multi-layered analysis» Multi-language and language-neutral tests» Customizable web-based control panel, designed for partnersOn-demand mail service» Five data centers in North America
  6. 6. 6Benefits for customersKey features of GFI MAX MailProtection» Highly accurate, adaptive system blocks emerging junk mail □ (historical examples include image spam and PDF spam)» Zero-hour virus protection» Email continuity» Outbound filtering» Message logging and search» Configurable user preferences and individual quarantines allow users the ability to manage their spam without administrator assistance
  7. 7. 7More benefits for customersOther advantages of service» No software or hardware to download, install, configure, or maintain» Better reliability and scalability than a hardware or software solution □ Eliminates single point of failure with on-premise solution □ Multiple systems in multiple data centers provide for much greater capacity to handle large spam runs and increasing message traffic» Threats are blocked before they reach the customer’s network» Rapid implementation in a matter of minutes» Service is compatible with any operating system(s) or mail infrastructure, and continues working even when there are changes to that infrastructure» Inexpensive and predictable pricing, with no capital investment
  8. 8. 8RoadmapAdditional integrated service offerings for GFI MAX MailProtection» Delivery Verification Service» Hosted Email Archive Service» Email Encryption» Integrated Email HostingIntegration of GFI MAX MailProtection with other GFI solutions» GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity integration in progress» Integration with GFI MAX RemoteManagementGFI’s vision is to provide software and cloud-based servicesso customers have a choice of hosted, on-premise or hybrid solutions
  9. 9. 9Advantages over hardware/software solutionsEarly solutions for spam protection included software products installed on acustomer’s mail server, or hardware appliances installed on a customer’s networkAdvantages of GFI MAX MailProtection service» Reliability» Scalability» Simple, rapid, remote deployment – and reduced management» Business continuity» No capital investmentUse of a premium hybrid solution with GFI MAX MailProtection
  10. 10. 10Selling against other servicesExamples include Postini, MessageLabs, MX Logic and othersFeature Advantages of GFI MAX MailProtection» Ease-of-use» Integrated queuing and email continuityStructural Advantages of GFI» Value-oriented, tiered pricing model» Quality of support
  12. 12. 12 SP/0002/v1.0/ENMore info and downloads» Click here to learn more about the product» Check out our competitive pricing» Download your FREE trial of GFI MAX MailProtection» Email: sales@gfi.com» Visit: http://www.gfi.com/max-family