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Marketting Brochure - Horizon Envormental

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Marketting Brochure - Horizon Envormental

  1. 1. s
  2. 2.  Population growth has been found to rise exponentially in Indian cities  solid waste generation is rising in the same ratio  It is no hidden fact that waste management is poorly controlled in most of the cities  The disposal of waste material by burying it or filling in excavated pits is landfill  Unsightly looks to the metropolis  Extremely hazardous to health humans and animals  Stinking smell  Polluted air, water and soil  The rotten food waste also generates Methane, which is worst greenhouse gas
  3. 3. Citizens would definitely prefer their cities and residential premises to look green, neat and clean.  One of the best options available to address this problem is composting the wet waste into organic fertilizers  Composting is the process of decomposition that turns organic materials like garden waste and vegetable food scraps into a dark, crumbly and earthy smelling material called compost.  Compost (often called ‘humus’) is rich in nutrients and full of life. When used in your garden and on your plants, it feeds the ecosystem of the soil and slowly releases nutrients that plants can absorb.
  4. 4. Horizon Environmental Research and Engineering Solutions Horizon’s Wet waste management system
  5. 5. The NIRMAL HERES_50 System The Nirmal Heres 50 system is designed and useful for housing societies, restaurants, canteens and malls. This mainly consists of a particlizor (Nirmal HERES 50), a screener (Vibro Screener_50) and a stacking system. Horizon’s HERES 704 microbial culture is a consortium of live aerobic micro- organisims specially developed for composting organic wastes. This ecofriendly culture helps to accelerate the organic decomposition and reduces the composting time to 8 to 12 days. Further, this bioculture is totally harmless to human beings, animals, birds and plants. The main features of this culture are:  Resolves the issue of stinking odour from the compost  Enhances activity of plant growth  Reduces considerably the time period of composting cycle
  6. 6. Major benefits of Horizon’s System
  7. 7. Add Parshwa Enterprises Name Product Range Horizon Environmental Research and Engineering Solutions We have the competency to design, manufacture and supply complete range of wet waste management systems, with processing capabilities ranging from 50 Kgs to 50 tonnes per day