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Vedran puclin diploma eng

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University diploma translated to english

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Vedran puclin diploma eng

  1. 1. This translation consists of 1 page / 1 sheet Number. 50/2016 Date: 18th February 2016 A Certified Translation from Croatian (Diploma)
  2. 2. Page: 1 of 1 No.: 50/2016 Date: 18th February 2016 P:prijevodiFakultetiVELEUČILIŠTEHE-019616-Vedran PuclinVedran Puclin-Diploma-PDF.docx /Croatian Crest/ THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA POLYTECHNIC OF VARAŽDIN DIPLOMA VEDRAN PUCLIN Born 10th April 1984 in Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia, on 25th March 2011 at the Polytechnic in Varaždin completed the Professional Study in Electrical Engineering lasting 6 semesters, passed all requisite examinations, met all other prescribed obligations and was awarded the professional title of ELECTRICAL ENGINEER and with it all appertaining rights in accordance with applicable regulations. Number: EL154/2011. Varaždin, 2nd April 2011 Dean /signature illegible/ Prof. Marin Milković, PhD. *** **** **** I, SNJEŽANA HUSNJAK PAVLEK, Licensed Court Interpreter for the English and French Languages, appointed by the Decision of the County Court in Varaždin No. 4 Su-320/14-4 of 1st September 2014, hereby certify that this is a true translation of the original Croatian text. Varaždin, 18th February 2016